Adobe Express Mobile Beta - 1st Look

Terry Lee White
7 Mar 202408:09

TLDRTerry White introduces Adobe Express Mobile Public Beta, a mobile version of the popular web-based design tool. The app, available on iPhone and Android, offers a familiar interface and new features such as generative AI capabilities powered by Firefly. Users can create and customize projects on-the-go, including templates for various occasions. White demonstrates creating a 'Happy Anniversary' card, replacing stock images with a personal photo, and customizing text. He also shows how to replace and enhance backgrounds using AI, and create animated videos for social media platforms like Instagram Reels. The app allows users to download or directly share their creations to social accounts, and even schedule posts for future dates, making it a versatile tool for quick and creative content creation.


  • 🎉 Adobe Express Mobile Public Beta has been released, bringing the familiar web interface to mobile devices.
  • 📱 The mobile app offers on-the-go editing with generative AI capabilities powered by Firefly.
  • 🔍 Users can search for templates and customize them easily, including changing text and uploading personal photos.
  • 🖼️ The app allows for background customization, with options to delete, change color, or replace with a user-uploaded or generative AI image.
  • 🌟 Generative AI can create unique, non-stock images based on simple prompts, offering a personalized touch to projects.
  • 🎨 The app provides effects and blending options, such as dual tone, to enhance the visual appeal of the design.
  • 📹 Users can transform static graphics into videos, with the ability to resize for specific social media formats like Instagram Reels.
  • 🕒 Animation features let users bring elements into the scene at different times, creating a dynamic and engaging video.
  • ✅ Adobe Express Mobile Beta is compatible with both iPhone and Android, providing a seamless cross-platform experience.
  • 📤 The app facilitates easy sharing of creations directly to social media platforms or downloading to the camera roll.
  • ⏰ A content scheduler is available for planning and automating the posting of creations on various social channels.
  • 📝 Feedback is encouraged, allowing users to contribute to the improvement of the Adobe Express Mobile app.

Q & A

  • What is Adobe Express Mobile Public beta?

    -Adobe Express Mobile Public beta is a new mobile application that brings the interface of Adobe Express, previously available only on the web, to mobile devices. It allows users to create and customize designs on the go.

  • What is the generative AI capability in Adobe Express Mobile?

    -The generative AI capability in Adobe Express Mobile is powered by Firefly and enables users to generate new images or designs based on simple prompts, offering unique and customizable results.

  • How does the interface of Adobe Express Mobile differ from the web version?

    -The interface of Adobe Express Mobile is similar to the web version, providing a familiar experience for users. However, it is optimized for mobile use, allowing for on-the-go design creation and customization.

  • What is the process of starting a new project from scratch in Adobe Express Mobile?

    -To start a new project from scratch, users can search for a template, select one they like, and then customize it by replacing images and text with their own content.

  • How can users customize a template in Adobe Express Mobile?

    -Users can customize a template by replacing the default images with their own photos, changing the text to their desired content, and adjusting the design elements such as background colors or styles.

  • What are the options for changing the background of a project in Adobe Express Mobile?

    -Users can change the background by deleting the existing one, choosing a different color, or uploading their own photo. Additionally, they can use the generative AI to create a new background based on a prompt.

  • How does Adobe Express Mobile help with creating content for social media?

    -Adobe Express Mobile offers features like resizing for specific social media formats, such as Instagram Reels, and allows users to animate their designs to create videos. It also has built-in support for sharing directly to social media platforms or scheduling posts for future dates.

  • What is the purpose of the three-dot menu in Adobe Express Mobile?

    -The three-dot menu in Adobe Express Mobile provides additional options and controls for the user's project, such as resizing the canvas for different formats or accessing the animation controls.

  • How can users animate their designs in Adobe Express Mobile?

    -Users can animate their designs by selecting elements like text or images and choosing from various animation options, such as fading in or drifting. They can also control the timing of each animation layer to create a sequence.

  • What is the Content Scheduler feature in Adobe Express Mobile?

    -The Content Scheduler is a feature that allows users to schedule their social media posts for future dates and times, ensuring that they can plan and automate their content sharing.

  • Is Adobe Express Mobile available on both iOS and Android platforms?

    -Yes, Adobe Express Mobile Public beta is available on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing users with different mobile devices to access the app.



📱 Introduction to Adobe Express Mobile Public Beta

Terry White introduces the Adobe Express Mobile Public beta, highlighting its availability on mobile devices. He demonstrates the app's interface on an iPhone, noting its similarity to the web version. The app offers generative AI capabilities powered by Firefly, allowing users to start projects from scratch by searching for templates. White selects a 'happy anniversary' template, customizes it with a photo of a couple, and edits the text to include their names. He also shows how to delete and replace backgrounds, use generative AI to create a new background, and adjust text and background colors for better readability.


🎨 Customizing and Animating the Anniversary Greeting

After customizing the greeting, White explores additional features of Adobe Express on mobile. He removes the textured background and replaces it with a new one generated by generative AI, specifically a portrait style image of roses and hearts. He then adjusts the background's tone to make the text more readable. White also resizes the project for Instagram Reels and adds animations to the text, photo, and the newly added reef element. He details how to control the timing of each animation layer and suggests the possibility of downloading the video directly or sharing it to social media platforms, including scheduling future posts.



💡Adobe Express Mobile

Adobe Express Mobile is a mobile application developed by Adobe Inc. that allows users to create and edit visual content on-the-go. It is an extension of the Adobe Express platform, which was previously accessible only through a web browser. In the video, the host demonstrates the app's interface and features on an iPhone, highlighting its convenience for creating projects like greeting cards or social media posts directly from a mobile device.

💡Public Beta

A Public Beta refers to a pre-release version of a software application that is made available to the general public for testing and feedback. It is an important phase in the development process where developers gather user experiences to identify and fix issues before the official release. In the context of the video, Adobe Express Mobile is in its Public Beta stage, which means it is open for users to download, test, and provide feedback.


The term 'interface' in the context of software refers to the point where the user interacts with the application. It includes elements like menus, buttons, and other visual components that allow users to navigate and use the software. The video mentions that the interface of Adobe Express Mobile is similar to that of the web version, providing a familiar experience for users transitioning from the web to the mobile app.

💡Generative AI

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create new content, such as images, music, or text, based on existing data. It uses machine learning algorithms to generate new, original outputs that did not previously exist. In the video, the host uses generative AI powered by Firefly to create a unique background image for a greeting card, demonstrating the creative potential of this technology within the app.


A template in the context of design software like Adobe Express is a pre-designed layout or format that users can customize for their specific needs. Templates save time by providing a starting point for design projects. The video script describes the host searching for and selecting a 'happy anniversary' template, which he then personalizes with a photo and text for a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary.


Customization refers to the process of modifying or adapting a product or service to better suit the individual needs or preferences of a user. In the video, customization is a key feature of Adobe Express Mobile, as demonstrated by the host who changes the template's photo, text, and background to create a personalized greeting for a wedding anniversary.

💡Social Media

Social media are digital platforms that allow users to create and share content or participate in social networking. The video highlights the ability to share creations from Adobe Express Mobile directly to social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, which is a significant feature for users who want to post their designs on these channels quickly and easily.


In digital design, animation refers to the process of creating a sequence of images or frames that give the illusion of motion when played in order. Adobe Express Mobile allows users to add animations to their static designs, bringing them to life. The host in the video animates the text and images in his project to create a dynamic video that can be shared on social media platforms like Instagram Reels.

💡Content Scheduler

A content scheduler is a tool that allows users to plan and schedule the posting of content to social media at specific times and dates in the future. This feature is beneficial for managing social media presence and ensuring that posts are published even when the user is not online. The video mentions the ability to schedule posts in Adobe Express Mobile, which can be particularly useful for remembering and celebrating events like anniversaries.


Firefly is a reference to Adobe's generative AI technology used within Adobe Express Mobile to create unique images or designs. The host uses Firefly to generate a custom background for his project, which is a demonstration of how AI can assist in the creative process by generating original content that fits the user's prompt, in this case, a portrait style image of roses and hearts.

💡Dual Tone

Dual Tone is a design effect that applies two different colors to an image or background to create a visually appealing and stylized look. In the video, the host uses the Dual Tone effect to adjust the background of his project, darkening it or colorizing it to make the text more readable and the overall design more aesthetically pleasing.


Adobe Express Mobile Public beta is now available, offering a mobile interface for the popular web-based design tool.

The mobile app provides a familiar interface similar to the web version, accessible on-the-go from a smartphone.

Generative AI capabilities are integrated into the app, powered by Firefly, for creating unique designs.

Users can start a new project from scratch by searching for templates and customizing them to their needs.

The app allows for easy photo replacement within templates, maintaining the original shape and layout.

Custom text can be added or modified, with the ability to maintain the original font and design aesthetics.

The app enables users to remove or change backgrounds, and even upload their own photos or generate new ones using AI.

Generated AI images are unique and not found elsewhere, offering a personalized touch to designs.

Express on mobile includes features to adjust the background, such as dual tone effects and colorization, for better contrast and aesthetics.

The app supports animation and video creation, allowing users to transform static graphics into dynamic content.

Users can easily resize and format their creations for specific social media platforms, like Instagram Reels.

The animation feature provides control over the timing and sequence of each element in the design.

Adobe Express Mobile Public beta allows direct downloading of creations to the camera roll and sharing to social accounts.

The app includes native support for scheduling posts to social media channels at a future date and time.

The beta version is available for both iPhone and Android, inviting users to test and provide feedback.

The app is designed to be user-friendly, enabling even those without professional design experience to create compelling content.

Adobe Express Mobile Public beta represents a significant step towards more accessible and creative mobile design tools.