Create Consistent Characters in Midjourney (AI Influencer FULL PROCESS) CREF

AI Samson
12 Mar 202407:39

TLDRThe video introduces a new feature in Mid Journey that allows for character consistency, using a 'dash-CF' command with image references. This feature is particularly useful for creating and maintaining consistent characters in various scenes within Mid Journey, and can be used to craft narratives, stories, and even AI filmmaking. The tutorial demonstrates how to use the feature, including changing character weight with 'dash-CW' and blending multiple character references. It emphasizes the feature's potential for creative productions while acknowledging its limitations.


  • πŸŽ‰ The highly anticipated 'Character Consistency' feature in Mid Journey is now available for everyone to use.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ To utilize this feature, users simply append 'D-CF' to their prompt and provide an image reference to maintain the character's characteristics.
  • 🌟 The feature works best with characters that have been previously generated in Mid Journey, ensuring consistency in their appearance and personality.
  • πŸ“Έ Users can change the aspect ratio and add new prompts to create different scenes with their characters, expanding their narrative possibilities.
  • πŸ‘— With 'CW' (Character Weight), users can adjust the reference strength on a scale of 0 to 100, allowing for variations in clothing and style while keeping the character's face consistent.
  • πŸ”„ The 'CF' command can also work with multiple URLs, blending information from several images to create a more nuanced character.
  • 🚫 It's important to note that the precision of this technique is limited; it won't replicate every detail such as dimples, freckles, or specific logos.
  • 🎨 Both 'niji' and 'normal' Mid Journey models can benefit from the CF feature, and it can be combined with 'sref' and 'srf' for consistent styles across images.
  • πŸ“Ή The introduction of character consistency opens up possibilities for AI filmmaking, where these images can be animated to craft entire stories or narratives.
  • 🌐 The Mid Journey community has responded positively to the CF feature, recognizing it as a significant advancement in AI art.
  • πŸ’» Users can access this feature both on the Mid Journey Alpha website and the Discord version, with straightforward methods for inputting prompts and references.

Q & A

  • What is the new feature introduced in Mid Journey that focuses on character consistency?

    -The new feature introduced in Mid Journey is the character consistency feature, which allows users to recreate and maintain the characteristics of a generated character across different situations and images.

  • How does one use the character consistency feature in Mid Journey?

    -To use the character consistency feature, users need to enter '--CF' at the end of their prompt and paste in an image reference. This image reference is used by Mid Journey to maintain the characteristics of the character.

  • What kind of results can be expected from using the CF command in Mid Journey?

    -Using the CF command in Mid Journey allows for the generation of images that maintain the features, eye color, look and feel of a character, thus creating a consistent personality and appearance across various scenes and contexts.

  • Is the character consistency feature limited to certain types of characters?

    -The character consistency feature works best for characters that have been generated in Mid Journey itself. It is not designed for real people and will likely treat them as regular image prompts.

  • How can the character weight be adjusted in Mid Journey using the --CW command?

    -The character weight can be adjusted by adding '--CW' at the end of the prompt, followed by a number between 0 and 100. The default is 100, which tries to recreate the character in the exact same outfit and costume. Lowering the weight can change the character's appearance, such as clothing and hairstyle.

  • What is the significance of using multiple URLs for character referencing in Mid Journey?

    -Using multiple URLs for character referencing allows the blending of information from multiple images, creating a more complex and detailed character with features from different sources.

  • Can the CF feature be combined with other Mid Journey features?

    -Yes, the CF feature can be combined with style reference features like 'sref' and 'srf', enabling the creation of consistent styles between images and enhancing the overall creative workflow.

  • How does the CF feature open up new possibilities for creative productions?

    -The CF feature allows for the creation of stories, entire worlds, and fully-fledged narratives within Mid Journey, which can then be used for AI filmmaking or the creation of AI influencers by placing characters in various situations.

  • How is the CF feature received by the Mid Journey community?

    -The response to the CF feature from the Mid Journey community has been overwhelmingly positive, with users appreciating its ability to maintain character consistency across different images.

  • What are the limitations of the CF technique?

    -The precision of the CF technique is limited; it won't copy exact details like dimples, freckles, or specific logos onto every single edition of the generated images.

  • How can the CF feature be accessed if not using the Discord version of Mid Journey?

    -If not using the Discord version of Mid Journey, the CF feature can be accessed through the Mid Journey Alpha website by dragging or pasting an image into the 'Imagine' bar and selecting the appropriate category for the image.



🎨 Introducing Character Consistency in Mid Journey

This paragraph introduces the highly anticipated feature of character consistency in Mid Journey, which allows users to recreate and maintain the unique attributes of a character across various scenarios. The process is straightforward, requiring users to input 'D-CF' at the end of their prompt and provide an image reference. This reference guides Mid Journey in preserving the character's features, akin to image prompting but with adjusted parameters. The feature excels with characters originally generated in Mid Journey, enabling the development of a comprehensive personality and appearance. The tutorial demonstrates this by using an influencer-style character, showing how the feature maintains facial features and hair colors, and allows for modifications such as aspect ratio changes and scene variations. Additionally, the 'CW' parameter lets users adjust the character weight, influencing the reference strength and allowing for diverse outputs. The paragraph emphasizes the potential of this feature for creative storytelling and world-building within the AI art community, while noting its limitations regarding intricate details.


🌐 Expanding Creative Horizons with Character Consistency

This paragraph discusses the broader implications of character consistency in Mid Journey, highlighting its ability to enhance creative productions by enabling the creation of stories, worlds, and narratives. The feature is not limited to character appearance but also extends to maintaining stylistic consistency, which is crucial for AI filmmaking and the development of AI influencers. The paragraph explains how users can utilize the CF command to place characters in different situations, thereby creating a dynamic visual narrative. It also addresses the availability of the feature on both the Discord version and the Mid Journey Alpha website, providing instructions on how to use the image, style, and character references. The community's positive response to the CF feature is acknowledged, and the tutorial concludes with an invitation for viewers to engage with more AI updates and follow the creator, Samson Vols.



πŸ’‘Character Consistency

Character Consistency refers to the ability to maintain a character's distinct features and personality across multiple images or situations. In the context of the video, it is a newly introduced feature in Mid Journey that allows users to recreate a character with consistent attributes such as eye color, look, and feel. This feature is pivotal for creating narratives and stories where the same character appears in various scenes, thus enhancing the coherence and immersion of the creative work.

πŸ’‘Mid Journey

Mid Journey is a platform or tool that enables users to generate images, particularly characters, through AI technology. It is the central subject of the video, where the tutorial focuses on explaining the new feature of character consistency and how to use it within the Mid Journey environment. The platform is used to create and visualize characters in various settings, making it a significant tool for artists and content creators.

πŸ’‘Dash-Dash CF (-CF)

Dash-Dash CF (-CF) is a command or function used within Mid Journey to ensure character consistency. By appending this command to a prompt along with an image reference, the AI can generate images that adhere to the specified character's traits. It is a crucial aspect of the video, demonstrating how users can create and maintain a character's identity throughout different scenes or contexts.

πŸ’‘Image Reference

An image reference is a specific visual input used to guide the AI in Mid Journey to generate images that match or are inspired by the provided example. This reference is essential for maintaining character consistency, as it allows the AI to understand and replicate the desired characteristics of a subject. In the video, image references are used to ensure that the generated characters maintain their defined features and style across various images.

πŸ’‘Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image. In the context of the video, changing the aspect ratio (for example, to a vertical 9 by 16) allows users to generate images that fit different formats or aesthetic preferences while maintaining the character's features. It is an important parameter for ensuring that the generated images align with the creator's vision and the intended use of the content.

πŸ’‘Character Weight (-CW)

Character Weight (-CW) is a parameter that adjusts the strength of the reference used in generating an image in Mid Journey. It operates on a scale from 0 to 100, with 100 being the default and focusing on replicating the character's face, hair, and clothing exactly. Lowering the character weight allows for more variation in the character's appearance, such as changing clothes or hairstyles without altering the facial features, providing flexibility in the creative process.

πŸ’‘Advanced Character Referencing

Advanced Character Referencing is a technique that involves using multiple URLs as references to blend information from several images. This feature enhances the creativity and diversity of the generated content by combining different visual elements from various sources to create a new image. It is a sophisticated method for users who wish to incorporate a broader range of influences into their characters.

πŸ’‘AI Filmmaking

AI Filmmaking refers to the utilization of artificial intelligence tools and technologies in the creation and production of films. In the context of the video, AI Filmmaking is suggested as a potential application of the character consistency feature in Mid Journey, where the generated images can be animated and crafted into entire films using additional tools like Hyper or Runway. This concept represents a significant advancement in the integration of AI in creative storytelling and film production.

πŸ’‘Social Media

Social Media refers to the platforms that allow users to create and share content or participate in social networking. In the video, social media is mentioned as a platform where users can post the images generated with character consistency, showcasing their creative work to a broader audience. It highlights the practical use of Mid Journey's feature for enhancing social media presence and content creation.

πŸ’‘Mid Journey Community

The Mid Journey Community refers to the collective group of users and enthusiasts who engage with and around the Mid Journey platform. In the video, the community's response to the new character consistency feature is mentioned, indicating a positive reception and highlighting the importance of user feedback in the development and improvement of AI tools.

πŸ’‘AI Influencers

AI Influencers are virtual characters or personalities created using AI technology, designed to have a presence and impact on social media and other digital platforms. In the context of the video, AI Influencers are mentioned as one of the potential applications of character consistency in Mid Journey, allowing users to create and maintain virtual characters that can be placed in various situations and used for content creation or marketing purposes.


The introduction of the most requested mid Journey feature, character consistency.

The ability to recreate characters in various situations while maintaining their unique characteristics.

The simple process of using the CF command by entering 'D-CF' at the end of a prompt and pasting an image reference.

The capability of the mid Journey AI to fully flesh out an entire personality of a character based on the image reference.

The compatibility of the CF feature with both characters generated in mid Journey and those created in different scenarios.

The option to change the aspect ratio of the output image, providing more flexibility in the creative process.

The ability to add prompts that describe the character or desired differences in the new image.

The use of the --CW command to modify the character weight and adjust the reference strength on a scale of 0 to 100.

The potential for creating a collection of images for social media by exploring different scenes with the character.

The advanced approach of including multiple URLs to blend information from several images for character referencing.

The CF feature's applicability to both niji and normal mid Journey models and its combinability with style references.

The opportunity to create stories, entire worlds, and fully-fledged narratives with mid Journey and AI filmmaking.

The process of putting a character in different situations to enhance creative productions.

The availability of the CF feature on the mid Journey Alpha website through image dragging and dropping.

The mid Journey community's overwhelmingly positive response to the CF feature.

The tutorial's encouragement for viewers to explore their creativity with the new character consistency feature.