The Jaw-Dropping AI App You Need to Use, FreePik Pikaso

5 Apr 202420:00

TLDRThe video introduces 'Free Pick,' an AI-driven platform that offers a range of tools for image generation and editing. The presenter highlights the AI photo generation feature, which allows users to create a variety of images using different styles and color schemes based on a single prompt. The 'Reimagine' tool is also showcased, demonstrating its ability to analyze and transform existing images, as well as generate multiple variations. The video emphasizes the platform's ease of use and the impressive speed at which it generates high-quality, customizable images.


  • 🤯 The introduction of Free Pick, a new AI-driven platform that offers a variety of tools for image generation and editing.
  • 🎨 AI Image Generator within Free Pick allows users to create images using various styles like photo, low poly, cyberpunk, cartoon, and comic.
  • 🌈 Users can select different color themes for their images, ranging from black and white to vibrant and dramatic.
  • 💡 The AI tool provides a lighting selection feature to enhance the look of the generated images.
  • 🔄 Free Pick's Text to Image feature offers an extensive array of options for generating images from text prompts, with real-time population of images.
  • 🎭 Reimagine tool automatically analyzes uploaded images and provides a variety of style transformations and prompt suggestions.
  • 📸 The Photo Editor within Free Pick enables users to edit and enhance their AI-generated images with ease.
  • 🚀 Free Pick's Beta section offers a glimpse into new and upcoming features, including advanced image generation capabilities.
  • 🔑 Prompt Generators can be utilized to create unique and specific image prompts based on user inputs and preferences.
  • 🌐 The platform's resources include a vast database of prompts for various AI art creation platforms, updated regularly.
  • 💻 Free Pick's interface is designed to be user-friendly, allowing even beginners to generate high-quality images with minimal effort.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the introduction and review of an AI-powered app or website called Free Pick, which has impressive new features and tools for image generation and editing.

  • What are some of the AI applications mentioned in the video that have impressed the speaker before Free Pick?

    -The speaker mentions Chad GPT, Leonardo AI, Mid Journey, Canva, and Claw as some of the AI applications that have previously impressed them.

  • What are the primary focuses of the video regarding Free Pick's AI tools?

    -The primary focuses of the video are the AI photo generation and the Reimagine tool within Free Pick.

  • How does the AI image generator work in Free Pick?

    -The AI image generator in Free Pick works by allowing users to input a prompt and select various styles, colors, and lighting options to generate a range of images. Users can also download AI-generated images from the platform.

  • What is the purpose of the prompt generator mentioned in the video?

    -The purpose of the prompt generator is to create a variety of unique image prompts based on the user's subject and chosen style, which can then be used in Free Pick's AI tools to generate images.

  • How does the Reimagine tool in Free Pick analyze and transform images?

    -The Reimagine tool analyzes the uploaded image and automatically provides a variety of transformations based on different styles, imagination levels, and other parameters selected by the user, without requiring any additional input or prompt.

  • What is the significance of the tip shared by the Twitter account in the video?

    -The tip from the Twitter account demonstrates a method to craft multiple versions of a prompt by inserting options within parentheses and separating them with a separator, which results in a vast array of visual combinations for image generation.

  • What are some of the styles that can be applied to images in Free Pick?

    -Some of the styles that can be applied to images in Free Pick include photorealistic, low poly, cyberpunk, cartoon, and comic styles.

  • How does the video demonstrate the real-time generation of images in Free Pick?

    -The video demonstrates the real-time generation of images by showing the continuous population of new images as the user scrolls down, with the AI generating row after row of images based on the selected prompt and style.

  • What is the speaker's overall impression of Free Pick after exploring its AI features?

    -The speaker is extremely impressed with Free Pick, especially its AI photo generation and Reimagine tools, noting that they offer incredible convenience and a vast array of image options, making it a standout contender among AI applications.



🤖 Introduction to AI Tools and Free Pick

The speaker expresses amazement over the AI tools that have recently impressed them, citing examples like GPT, Leonardo AI, and Canva. They introduce a new contender, Free Pick, which has released unexpected updates and features. The focus of the video is on Free Pick's AI features, specifically AI image generation, reimagine, and a prompt generator. The speaker guides the viewer to Free Pick's website and highlights the variety of AI tools available, with a particular emphasis on the AI photo generation and reimagine tools.


🖼️ AI Photo Generation and Style Options

The speaker delves into the AI photo generation tool, demonstrating its capability to produce a multitude of images based on a single prompt. They discuss the tool's ability to generate unlimited images in real-time and the option to change styles, such as cartoon or cyberpunk, with a single click. The speaker also mentions the convenience of the tool in finding the perfect image and the excitement of exploring the vast possibilities it offers.


🎨 Reimagine Tool and Prompt Generator

The speaker introduces the Reimagine tool, which allows users to upload an image and receive various stylistic interpretations. They explain how the tool automatically suggests a prompt that was likely used to create the uploaded image. The speaker also discusses the use of a prompt generator, which, when combined with chat GPT or Claude, can produce a variety of prompts based on a given subject and style. This feature is highlighted as particularly impressive for its ability to generate unique images and uncover the original prompts behind existing AI art.


🖌️ Sketch to Image and Additional Features

The speaker briefly touches on the sketch to image feature, comparing it to Leonardo AI's canvas tool, and demonstrates how items can be moved or removed from an image. They then share a tip for creating endless visual combinations using Free Pick by inputting options with braces and separators. The speaker concludes by encouraging viewers to explore the myriad of features offered by Free Pick and to stay tuned for future videos that will delve deeper into these tools.



💡AI apps

AI apps refer to software applications that utilize artificial intelligence to perform tasks, often with the ability to learn and adapt over time. In the context of the video, the narrator is discussing various AI apps that have impressed them, highlighting their innovative features and capabilities.

💡Free Pick

Free Pick is an app or website mentioned in the video that offers a variety of AI-driven features and tools. It is presented as a new contender in the realm of AI applications, with a focus on its game-changing updates and features that have surprised the narrator with their effectiveness.

💡AI photo generation

AI photo generation refers to the process of creating images using artificial intelligence, where the AI system can generate new, unique photos based on given prompts or styles. In the video, this concept is showcased as a core feature of Free Pick, allowing users to produce a wide range of images with different styles and characteristics.


Reimagine, in the context of the video, refers to a feature within Free Pick that allows users to upload an existing image and then transform it with different styles, creating new variations of the original image. This tool enables users to explore diverse visual interpretations without starting from scratch.

💡Prompt generator

A prompt generator is a tool that creates suggestions or starting points for content creation, often used in AI applications to help users begin their creative process. In the video, the prompt generator is used to produce a list of potential image prompts based on a user's chosen subject and style, streamlining the process of starting a new project.


In the context of the video, 'style' refers to the visual aesthetic or design approach that an AI-generated image or artwork will adopt. Styles can range from photorealistic to abstract, and they guide the AI in producing images that align with the desired artistic direction.

💡Beta version

The beta version of a software refers to a pre-release version that is still undergoing testing and refinement. It is typically made available to a wider audience for feedback and bug identification before the final release. In the video, the narrator explores the beta version of Free Pick, which offers real-time image generation and other advanced features.

💡Text to image

Text to image is a feature that converts textual descriptions into visual images using AI. This functionality enables users to generate images by simply inputting a description or prompt, without the need for manual graphic design skills. In the video, this feature is part of the AI tools offered by Free Pick, allowing for diverse image generation from text inputs.

💡Image editing

Image editing involves the manipulation or alteration of digital images using various tools and techniques to enhance or modify their appearance. In the context of the video, image editing is one of the AI capabilities of Free Pick, allowing users to adjust and refine their AI-generated images to achieve the desired look.

💡Infinite image generation

Infinite image generation refers to the ability of an AI system to produce a vast, potentially limitless number of unique images based on a single prompt or set of parameters. This concept is central to the video's discussion of Free Pick's capabilities, emphasizing the app's capacity to provide users with a continuous stream of creative options.

💡Visual combinations

Visual combinations refer to the various ways in which elements within an image can be arranged or modified to create new and different visual outcomes. In the video, the narrator discusses a trick for generating endless visual combinations using Free Pick, by inputting options within parentheses and separating them with a separator.


The introduction of a new AI tool called Free Pick that has impressive AI features.

Free Pick's AI features have game-changing updates that caught the narrator by surprise.

The AI image generator within Free Pick allows users to create a variety of images from a single prompt.

The tool offers different styles such as photo, low poly, cyberpunk, cartoon, and comic.

Users can download AI-generated images from the platform, and the tool provides helpful prompts for beginners.

The AI photo generation feature provides real-time image generation based on user input.

The text to image feature offers options to enhance and edit the generated images.

Reimagine feature automatically analyzes and provides variations of any image uploaded by the user.

The prompt generator tool can create unique and specific prompts based on user-provided subjects and styles.

Chat GPT and Claude can be used in conjunction with the prompt generator for enhanced creativity.

Free Pick's beta version provides an interface for real-time, unlimited image generation.

The platform offers a variety of AI tools including a mockup generator and photo editor.

AI-generated images can be downloaded and used for various purposes, showcasing the practical applications of the technology.

The AI tools within Free Pick can be used to generate consistent characters across different environments and styles.

Free Pick's prompt generator can be used with other AI platforms, demonstrating its versatility.

A tip for creating endless visual combinations using braces and separators in the prompt is shared by the narrator.

The video invites viewers to explore and utilize the powerful features of Free Pick for their own creative projects.