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28 Oct 202256:20

TLDRIn this masterclass, Katrina Terias, the Adobe Express evangelist, guides viewers on how to create engaging presentations using Adobe Express. She starts by selecting a template and customizing it to fit the topic 'Why you should be using Adobe Express today.' Katrina emphasizes the importance of a solid presentation template for saving time and ensuring a visually appealing presentation. She demonstrates how to add and manipulate text, graphics, and photos, recommending the use of Adobe Express's outline feature for a unique text effect. She also discusses the benefits of Adobe Express, such as its design assets, templates, and the ability to create from scratch. The class concludes with tips on exporting the presentation as a PDF or sharing it as a URL, and the option to use Adobe Express web pages for a different presentation format. Katrina's interactive approach, with real-time feedback from the audience, makes the tutorial both informative and enjoyable.


  • 🎨 Use a solid presentation template in Adobe Express to save time and ensure a streamlined and visually appealing presentation.
  • 📈 Start with a clear topic for your presentation to engage your audience from the outset.
  • 📝 Customize your presentation by adding your logo, adjusting text styles, and manipulating graphics to fit your brand and message.
  • 📅 Include the date and your name on the presentation for easy reference and to establish credibility.
  • 💡 Utilize the multi-page feature in Adobe Express to duplicate pages and maintain consistent styles throughout your presentation.
  • 🌟 Highlight key phrases and make use of different text styles, such as outline or transparent text, to make your presentation more dynamic.
  • 📱 Consider the benefits of using Adobe Express, such as its mobile app for on-the-go content creation and its integration with other Adobe products.
  • 🔍 Filter through various presentation templates by use case and size to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.
  • 📈 Adobe Express offers a wide range of design assets and templates to kick-start your creative process and provide unlimited possibilities.
  • 📝 The platform allows for easy scheduling and planning of social media posts with templates designed for various social media assets.
  • 📚 Access to Adobe Stock and Adobe Fonts is included, providing users with a vast resource for high-quality images and typography for their presentations.

Q & A

  • What is the topic of the presentation being discussed in the masterclass?

    -The topic of the presentation is 'Why you should be using Adobe Express today'.

  • Who is the presenter of the masterclass?

    -The presenter of the masterclass is Katrina terias, who is the Adobe Express evangelist and a content creator.

  • What was the inspiration behind creating the presentation?

    -The inspiration behind creating the presentation was the speakers and presenters at Adobe Max and how they used presentations to captivate their audience.

  • What is the importance of having a solid presentation template?

    -A solid presentation template saves time and ensures that the presentation is more streamlined, visually appealing, and sets the presenter up for success in telling an effective story.

  • How can one filter the available templates in Adobe Express?

    -In Adobe Express, you can filter the available templates by use cases, such as Instagram stories, YouTube thumbnails, and different sizes for various purposes like resumes.

  • What is the suggestion made by the user for improving the template display in Adobe Express?

    -The user suggested displaying the templates one by one instead of in a grid format, or by dimensions, to avoid confusion and make it easier to choose the right template.

  • What feature in Adobe Express allows you to create an outline effect for text?

    -You can create an outline effect for text in Adobe Express by toggling the 'outline' feature and using the 'transparent text' option to remove the fill.

  • What is the presenter's suggestion for the first slide of a presentation?

    -The presenter suggests starting with a title slide that includes the topic of the presentation, the date, and the presenter's name.

  • How can you add a background image to a slide in Adobe Express?

    -You can add a background image to a slide in Adobe Express by using the 'remove background' feature and then cropping the image to fit the slide as desired.

  • What is the presenter's recommendation for the second slide of a presentation?

    -The presenter recommends an 'About Me' slide for the second slide, which introduces the presenter and provides some background information.

  • What is the benefit of using Adobe Express for presentations?

    -Adobe Express benefits users by saving time, focusing on the creative parts of the presentation, and not the technical parts that can slow you down, providing an express lane to creativity.



🎉 Introduction to Adobe Express Masterclass

Katrina Terias, the Adobe Express evangelist, welcomes viewers to a master class on Adobe Express, inspired by the presentations at Adobe Max. She engages with the audience in the chat, discusses her new camera setup, and expresses excitement about the upcoming Halloween weekend. Katrina also reflects on her learnings from Adobe Max presenters and shares her intent to improve her presentation skills.


📈 Building a Presentation from Templates

The session focuses on creating visually appealing presentations using Adobe Express templates. Katrina discusses the importance of having a solid template, explores different presentation templates available, and decides to build a presentation on why one should use Adobe Express. She also interacts with the audience, taking suggestions on improving the template viewing experience.


🖼️ Customizing Templates and Adding Personal Touch

Katrina demonstrates how to customize a template by adding a photo, removing the background, and adjusting the layout. She emphasizes the practice of including the date and presenter's name on the presentation for reference. The paragraph also includes a playful moment where she suggests the idea of 'Adobe Espresso' as a branding concept.


📝 Adding an 'About Me' Section in Presentations

The paragraph discusses the importance of introducing oneself in a presentation. Katrina shares her approach to the 'About Me' section, preferring to use the second person for a more approachable tone. She also explains how to use the highlight feature in Adobe Express for creating subheadings and includes her social media handles in the presentation.


🤳 Social Media and Online Presence in Presentations

Katrina moves on to adding social media handles and icons in the presentation. She discusses the option of using shapes to represent social media platforms and the possibility of sourcing logos from the internet. She also touches on the different ways to present completed slides, such as exporting as a PDF or using web pages for a scrolling presentation format.


🌐 Sharing and Exporting Presentations

The focus is on sharing and exporting presentations. Katrina explores the possibility of sharing a URL of the presentation and discusses the limitations of animations in exported PDFs. She also experiments with different shapes and design elements to enhance the visual appeal of the slides.


📱 Discussing Adobe Express and Its Benefits

Katrina invites the audience to describe Adobe Express in a one-liner, aiming to capture its essence. She uses humor and audience interaction to define Adobe Express as a multifaceted tool within the Creative Cloud suite. The paragraph also includes a discussion about using stock photos and the importance of visuals in presentations.


🎨 Creativity and the Importance of Tools

The paragraph emphasizes the importance of using the right tools to foster creativity. Katrina stresses that the choice of tool should align with one's comfort and creativity. She also discusses the concept of 'Free Flow Friday' and her first experience with an Adobe Live tutorial, highlighting the enjoyment of the class.


🚀 Benefits of Using Adobe Express

Katrina delves into the benefits of Adobe Express, discussing how it can save time and allow users to focus on the creative aspects of their work. She encourages audience participation to discuss the benefits and uses visual elements to make the presentation more engaging. The paragraph also includes a creative exercise in changing the presentation's visual layout.


📌 Listing Key Features and Closing the Presentation

The session concludes with listing key features of Adobe Express that aid in creativity, social media, and content creation. Katrina provides tips for using Adobe Express effectively and creating a compelling 'Thank You' slide to end the presentation. She also gives a browser tip for users experiencing lag in Adobe Express and invites viewers to follow her for more content.


👋 Wrapping Up the Adobe Express Masterclass

Katrina wraps up the masterclass by thanking the audience for their participation. She encourages them to subscribe to the channel for more content and looks forward to their presence in future masterclasses. She bids everyone a good weekend and signs off.



💡Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a versatile online tool by Adobe Inc. used for creating various forms of visual content such as social media graphics, web pages, and video templates. In the video, it is the central focus, with the presenter demonstrating how to use the platform to create a presentation, highlighting its ease of use and the efficiency it brings to the content creation process.


A presentation in this context refers to a visual display of information, often used to convey a message or tell a story in a structured format. The video is a tutorial on creating presentations using Adobe Express, emphasizing the importance of visually appealing and effective presentations for idea communication.


A template in Adobe Express is a pre-designed layout that users can customize for their specific needs. Templates save time by providing a structured starting point for various design projects. The script mentions using templates to build a presentation, showcasing the convenience they offer.

💡Content Creator

A content creator is an individual who generates original content, often for platforms like social media, blogs, or websites. Katrina, the presenter, identifies herself as a content creator, indicating that she produces material for various digital platforms, including Adobe Express.

💡Adobe Max

Adobe Max is Adobe's annual creativity conference where professionals and enthusiasts gather to learn, share, and celebrate all things related to creative software. The video mentions Adobe Max as an inspiration for the presentation, indicating that the presenter was inspired by the quality of presentations at the event.

💡Design Assets

Design assets refer to the elements used in creating visual content, such as images, icons, shapes, and typography. The video discusses the abundance of design assets available in Adobe Express, which can be utilized to enhance presentations.

💡Social Media

Social media is a term used to describe websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or participate in social networking. The script mentions the use of Adobe Express for creating social media assets, indicating the tool's relevance for content creation across various social platforms.

💡Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a subscription-based service that provides access to a large collection of stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos. The video mentions access to Adobe Stock as one of the benefits of using Adobe Express, highlighting the resource as a valuable addition to the creative process.

💡Hardware Accelerator

A hardware accelerator is a feature in some browsers that uses the computer's GPU to speed up graphics rendering. The presenter mentions turning off the hardware accelerator in Chrome for better performance in Adobe Express, demonstrating a troubleshooting tip for users experiencing lag.

💡CTA (Call to Action)

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt designed to encourage viewers to take a specific action, such as subscribing to a channel or visiting a website. The video script discusses including a CTA on the final slide of a presentation, which is a common practice to engage the audience beyond the presentation itself.


Duotone is a printing technique where two colors are used to create a gradient effect on an image. In the context of the video, the presenter uses the term to describe a design feature in Adobe Express where two colors can be applied to an image for a visually appealing effect.


Katrina Tserias, Adobe Express evangelist, shares insights on creating captivating presentations inspired by Adobe Max speakers.

Adobe Express offers a variety of presentation templates, including flow charts and title slides, to enhance visual storytelling.

The presenter emphasizes the importance of a solid presentation template for saving time and ensuring a streamlined narrative.

Adobe Express allows users to customize and build upon a single template to create a cohesive slide deck style.

The live session demonstrates how to use Adobe Express tools to edit photos and remove backgrounds for presentation visuals.

Katrina discusses the strategic use of text styles, such as outlines and highlights, to draw attention to key points in a presentation.

The session covers the effective use of social media handles and icons within presentations to connect with the audience.

Exporting presentations as a PDF or sharing a URL for a non-editable version is demonstrated using Adobe Express features.

The presenter explores the option to add text animations in presentations, with the caveat that they may not work when exported as a PDF.

Adobe Express's multi-page feature is highlighted for its ability to duplicate pages and maintain consistent styles across a presentation.

Katrina provides tips for personalizing presentations with an 'About Me' section and including social media handles using shapes and icons.

The session includes a creative exercise where participants are invited to come up with a one-liner describing Adobe Express.

The benefits of using Adobe Express are discussed, focusing on how it can save time and enhance the creative process.

The presenter shows how to use Adobe Express to create a structured presentation with clear sections, including an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Katrina shares her personal experiences and challenges with mobile content creation and the use of Adobe Express on different devices.

The session concludes with a thank you slide, emphasizing the importance of a clear call-to-action in the final presentation slide.

Adobe Express is praised for its ability to create presentations quickly and efficiently, with the session's presentation being completed in under an hour.