Pawn Stars: Signed Picasso Book Leaves Rebecca SPEECHLESS (S14, E13) | Full Episode

Pawn Stars
4 Apr 202421:02

TLDRIn this episode of Pawn Stars, Adam brings in a rare 1934 book illustrated by Picasso, featuring his etchings for the Greek comedy 'Lysistrata'. The team debates whether to sell it as a complete book or separate the etchings for higher value. Meanwhile, a collector offers a fully restored amphibious Jeep, the Ford GPA, which is as rare as it is unique. The team takes it for a spin on land and water, and negotiations begin for its high asking price. Later, a 'ThunderCats' fan presents two rare toys from the 80s cartoon, sparking nostalgic memories and haggling over their worth.


  • 🎨 Adam brings in a 1934 Picasso illustrated book, 'Lysistrata', with six original etchings and a signature, seeking $5,000.
  • 🖌️ Picasso is renowned as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, known for his unique and influential works.
  • 📚 The Limited Editions Club published the book, combining famous literature with artwork from renowned artists like Picasso.
  • 🏛️ 'Lysistrata' is an Ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, focusing on the historical wars between Athens and Sparta.
  • 👵 The plot of 'Lysistrata' involves women withholding sexual privileges from men to force an end to war, a novel concept at the time.
  • 🚜 Corey and Rick discuss an amphibious Jeep called a Seep, which is incredibly rare and has been fully restored.
  • 💰 The Seep is valued at $240,000 due to its rarity, full restoration, and dual functionality as both a car and a boat.
  • 🛠️ The Seep was originally used as a reconnaissance vehicle during World War II and was also used as a radio Jeep due to its 12-volt system.
  • 🏍 The 'ThunderCats' toys presented to the shop include a Thundertank Pedal Power Cycle and a Tongue-A-Saurus figure, both sought-after by collectors.
  • 🤝 A deal is eventually made for the Picasso book at $6,000, after Rebecca emphasizes the historical value of keeping the book intact.

Q & A

  • What did Adam bring to the shop, and what is its significance?

    -Adam brought a book with original etchings by Picasso, which was published by The Limited Editions Club. The book is a special edition, containing Picasso's illustrations for the Ancient Greek comedy 'Lysistrata' by Aristophanes, making it highly valuable and significant in the art world.

  • What is the historical context of 'Lysistrata'?

    -'Lysistrata' is an Ancient Greek comedy written by Aristophanes, which is set during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. The play humorously depicts a woman named Lysistrata who attempts to end the war by withholding sexual privileges from the men, highlighting the power dynamics between the sexes and commenting on the futility of war.

  • How did the seller acquire the Picasso book?

    -The seller obtained the Picasso book while searching for treasures in various estates. The book was found among the items in an estate in Wisconsin, and the seller recognized its value as a rare and significant piece of art.

  • What is the process of creating etchings?

    -Etchings are created by covering a copper plate with wax and drawing on it with a pen. Acid is then poured onto the plate to etch the drawn lines into the metal. This etched plate is then used as a printing plate to create prints, which can be collected in books or sold individually.

  • What is the rarity and value of the Seep, and why is it so special?

    -The Seep, an amphibious Jeep, is incredibly rare and was primarily used as a reconnaissance vehicle during World War II due to its ability to traverse various terrains. It is special because it can function both on land and in water, and the Seep in the script is particularly valuable due to its complete restoration to factory condition.

  • What is the significance of the Seep being 12-volt and having two titles?

    -The Seep's 12-volt electrical system was unique during World War II, making it an ideal radio Jeep. Having two titles signifies that the Seep is legally registered both as a car and a boat, allowing it to be used on both roads and in waterways.

  • What is the estimated value of the Picasso etchings if sold separately, according to Chad?

    -According to Chad, the art dealer, each etching could retail for between $1,500 and $2,000, depending on the gallery. The signature on the book could be worth an additional $500.

  • What does Rebecca suggest as the best course of action for the Picasso book?

    -Rebecca, an expert in books, suggests that the best course of action is to keep the book intact because of its historical significance and its condition. She estimates the book's value at around $10,000, which aligns with Chad's valuation if the etchings were to be sold separately.

  • What is the final agreed-upon price for the Picasso book?

    -The final agreed-upon price for the Picasso book is $6,000, which is $1,000 more than the seller initially expected to receive.

  • What items from the 'ThunderCats' cartoon does the seller have, and what is their rarity?

    -The seller has a 'ThunderCats' Thundertank Pedal Power Cycle and a Tongue-A-Saurus figure. Both items are considered rare, with the Tongue-A-Saurus being one of the rarest production figures from the line, especially since the original prototypes had arms, which were not included in the final design.

  • What is the estimated value of the 'ThunderCats' toys, and was a deal made?

    -The estimated value for the 'ThunderCats' toys is $1,800 for the pair, with the Tongue-A-Saurus figure being worth around $700 and the Thundertank Pedal Power Cycle worth $1,100. However, a deal was not made as the seller was looking for $2,000, and the shop could only offer $1,100.



🎨 Picasso's 'Lysistrata' Illustrated Book

Adam, a regular customer, brings in a 1934 Pablo Picasso illustrated book of the Ancient Greek comedy 'Lysistrata' by Aristophanes. The book contains original etchings by Picasso, published by The Limited Editions Club. Adam asks for $5,000, claiming it's one of the most famous illustrated books in America. Rick consults his art expert, Chad, who suggests that the etchings alone could be worth more if sold separately, but Rebecca advises keeping the book intact due to its historical value and condition, ultimately settling on a purchase price of $6,000.


🚗 Rare Ford Seep Amphibious Jeep

Cory, a collector, sells his restored Ford Seep, an amphibious Jeep from WWII. He spent 3,000 hours restoring it to factory condition and has it registered as both a car and a boat. The Seep is a rare vehicle, with only a few known examples worldwide. Rick consults an expert, Alex, who confirms the authenticity and rarity of the vehicle. Despite its uniqueness and excellent condition, Rick faces a challenge in determining the right price, with Alex suggesting a value of $225,000. However, the seller is firm on his asking price of $240,000, and no deal is made.


🏎️ Collectible 'ThunderCats' Toys

A collector brings in two rare 'ThunderCats' toys from the 1980s cartoon series: a Thundertank Pedal Power Cycle and a Tongue-A-Saurus figure. He asks for $1,000 each, totaling $2,000. Rick is unsure about the value and calls in his toy expert, Steve, who confirms the rarity and desirability of the items among collectors. Steve appraises the bike at $1,100 and the Tongue-A-Saurus at $700, but the seller is unwilling to negotiate from his asking price. Despite some haggling, no deal is reached, as the seller believes his price is fair based on the expert's appraisal.


😄 Nostalgia for 'ThunderCats' and Childhood Memories

The conversation takes a nostalgic turn as Corey and Rick reminisce about the 'ThunderCats' cartoon and Corey's childhood fascination with the show, including his memorable 'ThunderCats' underwear. They joke about Corey's devotion to the series and his belief that 'ThunderCats' were superior to 'He-Man'. The lighthearted banter highlights the personal connections people form with popular culture and the lasting impact of cherished childhood memories.




Picasso, referring to Pablo Picasso, was a renowned Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, and ceramicist who is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. In the video, a book illustrated by Picasso is brought in for appraisal, highlighting his significance in the art world and the potential value of his works.


Lysistrata is an ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, which is the subject of the book brought into the pawn shop in the video. The play is known for its humorous and satirical take on the events of the Peloponnesian War, particularly the story of a woman named Lysistrata who attempts to end the war by withholding sexual privileges from the men.

💡Limited Editions Club

The Limited Editions Club is a company mentioned in the video that published the book with Picasso's illustrations. This organization is known for producing limited edition, fine press books that often feature artwork from famous artists, connecting the edition's rarity with the artistic value of the illustrations.


Etchings are a type of printmaking process mentioned in the video, where a design is incised into a metal plate, covered with wax, and then printed. In the context of the video, Picasso's original etchings in the book are considered valuable and contribute to the book's overall worth.

💡Amphibious Jeep

An Amphibious Jeep, also known as a Seep, is a vehicle that can function both on land and in water. In the video, a restored Seep is brought into the shop for sale, showcasing its unique capabilities and historical significance as a World War II-era reconnaissance vehicle.


While not explicitly mentioned in the video, the concept of the Renaissance, a period of great artistic and cultural change in Europe, is relevant to the discussion of Picasso's work. Picasso, though not a Renaissance artist, was heavily influenced by the artistic styles and movements that began during the Renaissance, and his work continues to be studied and admired in the context of art history.

💡Art Appraisal

Art appraisal is the process of determining the value of a piece of art, which is central to the video's narrative. In the case of the Picasso-illustrated book, the characters discuss its potential worth, involving factors like the artist's reputation, the rarity of the edition, and the condition of the etchings.


Collectibles refer to items that are gathered and sought after by enthusiasts, such as the 'ThunderCats' toys featured in the video. These items often hold nostalgic or sentimental value and can be prized for their rarity or connection to popular culture.

💡Pawn Shop

A pawn shop is a type of business where people can sell or pawn valuable items for quick cash. In the video, the pawn shop serves as the main setting where various unique items, like the Picasso book and the Amphibious Jeep, are brought in for evaluation and potential purchase.

💡Historical Artifact

A historical artifact is an object that has significance because of its association with a particular event or period in history. In the video, the Picasso-illustrated book is considered a historical artifact, emphasizing its importance beyond its monetary value and the decision of whether to preserve it or sell its parts separately.

💡Cultural Icon

A cultural icon is a person or artifact that is widely recognized and symbolizes a particular culture or era. Picasso is a cultural icon in the art world, and his work, including the etchings in the book featured in the video, represents the creativity and innovation of 20th-century art.


Adam brings in not one, but six original Picasso etchings in a book.

The book was published by The Limited Editions Club, a renowned publisher known for producing limited edition books.

Picasso's etchings are of the Ancient Greek comedy 'Lysistrata' by Aristophanes, a significant work in literature.

The story of 'Lysistrata' revolves around women withholding sexual privileges to end the war between Athens and Sparta.

Adam, the seller, asks for $5,000 for the Picasso book, considering it one of the most famous illustrated books in America.

The etchings in the book are technically done in the artist's hand, making them original and valuable.

The book is a limited edition, with only 1,500 copies, and has Picasso's signature at the back.

Picasso is known as one of the greatest painters of the 20th century, and his works usually fetch high prices.

The seller found the book while searching for treasures in estates, highlighting the serendipitous nature of collecting.

The episode also features an amphibious Jeep called a Seep, a rare vehicle that can function both on land and water.

The Seep was restored to factory condition, a testament to the dedication of the collector who brought it in.

The Seep is a collector's dream, being in mint condition and incredibly rare, with only a few known to exist.

The Seep was used primarily as a reconnaissance vehicle during World War II due to its ability to go almost anywhere.

The Seep is registered both as a boat and a car, with two titles, making it a unique collector's item.

The seller of the Seep asks for $240,000, a price that reflects its rarity and restoration.

An expert is brought in to authenticate the Seep, confirming its originality and potential value.

The Seep impresses with its ability to function as a boat, going faster than expected on water.

The expert suggests that the Seep could be worth $225,000, based on its functionality and rarity.

The seller of the Picasso book is advised to sell the etchings separately for maximum value, but Rebecca suggests keeping the book intact.

Rebecca, an expert in books, values the Picasso book at $10,000, arguing that it's a historical artifact.

The final deal for the Picasso book is $6,000, a fair price that respects the book's historical significance.

A collection of 'ThunderCats' toys from the 1980s is brought in, showcasing the enduring popularity of the cartoon.

The 'ThunderCats' toys include a rare Tongue-A-Saurus figure and a Thundertank Pedal Power Cycle.

The seller asks for $1,000 each for the 'ThunderCats' toys, reflecting their rarity and good condition.

An expert is called in to evaluate the 'ThunderCats' toys, providing insight into their potential value and collector interest.

The expert suggests the 'ThunderCats' toys could be worth $1,800 together, with the Tongue-A-Saurus being particularly sought after.

The final deal for the 'ThunderCats' toys is $1,100, showing that there is a market for nostalgic and rare collectibles.