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10 Nov 202204:15

TLDRPencil is a versatile tool designed to streamline the advertising process. It generates a variety of creative ideas for social media ads in different sizes and aspect ratios, complete with predictions for performance based on chosen objectives and metrics. Users can edit these ideas in real-time and export them for use or direct replacement of underperforming ads. Additionally, Pencil offers insights on successful ad elements and benchmarking features to compare and improve performance within one's sector.


  • 📝 Pencil is a tool designed to assist in the creation and optimization of advertising content.
  • ⏱️ The platform offers a quick two-minute overview of its features and functionalities.
  • 💡 Pencil generates ideas for advertisements in various sizes and aspect ratios suitable for social media.
  • 🎨 It produces both the creative content (image or video) and the accompanying caption for the ads.
  • 🔮 Each generated idea comes with a prediction on its performance based on chosen objectives and metrics.
  • 🖊️ Users can edit the generated ad ideas in real-time using a simple drag-and-drop editor.
  • 📥 Exporting and replacing ad ideas is straightforward, allowing for easy implementation into ad campaigns.
  • 📊 Pencil provides insights by analyzing winning and losing ads to identify effective angles and tactics.
  • 🏆 The benchmarking feature compares an user's ad performance with the broader sector, offering valuable industry insights.
  • 🔍 Pencil helps users understand which words and phrases work well across the sector, enhancing ad creation strategies.
  • 📈 It also offers an overview of sector performance, including live ads count and average spend per ad.

Q & A

  • What is the primary function of Pencil?

    -Pencil is a platform known for generating a wide range of creatives for different channels, including social media ads in various sizes and aspect ratios.

  • How does Pencil assist in the creative process?

    -Pencil streamlines the creative process by generating ideas, captions, and predicting the performance of each ad based on specific objectives and target metrics.

  • What is the three-step process to generate ideas on Pencil?

    -The three-step process to generate ideas on Pencil involves clicking the 'Generate Idea' button, selecting the desired topics and assets, and then refining the suggestions based on the platform's predictions and confidence levels.

  • How can users edit the ad ideas generated by Pencil?

    -Users can edit the ad ideas in real-time using Pencil's editor, which breaks down videos or images into scenes and allows for easy rearrangement through a drag-and-drop interface.

  • What options are available for exporting or replacing ad ideas?

    -Users can choose to download the ad ideas or export them to a library, or even launch them live into their chosen channel. Additionally, Pencil offers a 'replace' feature for quickly swapping underperforming ads with predicted higher-performing alternatives.

  • What kind of insights can Pencil provide on live ads?

    -Pencil automatically extracts words and phrases from winning and losing ads to help users understand which angles are effective. It also provides overviews of tags, captions, and creatives that work well, enhancing the user's understanding of successful ad strategies.

  • How does Pencil's benchmarking feature work?

    -Pencil's benchmarking feature aggregates data across the entire sector, providing insights into which words and phrases work in winning ads, and comparing the user's performance to the sector on chosen metrics.

  • What additional information does Pencil provide about the sector's advertising tactics?

    -Pencil offers insights into the sector's advertising tactics, including how many ads are live, the spending per ad, and the overall strategy and performance of the sector.

  • How does Pencil help in optimizing ad performance?

    -Pencil helps in optimizing ad performance by predicting which ads are likely to perform well based on the chosen objectives and metrics, allowing users to focus on and refine the most promising creatives.

  • What is the significance of Pencil's real-time editor?

    -The real-time editor is significant as it allows for quick and easy modifications to the generated ad ideas, enhancing the user's ability to create tailored and effective ads without needing extensive technical skills.

  • How does Pencil support the user in making informed decisions about ad content?

    -Pencil supports users in making informed decisions by providing predictions, insights, and benchmarking data that highlights what works and what doesn't, enabling users to make data-driven choices about their ad content.



🚀 Introduction to Pencil: A Creative Advertising Tool

The video script introduces Pencil, an innovative advertising tool designed to assist in the creation and optimization of ads. The founder explains that Pencil will be used to demonstrate its functionalities, such as generating new ad ideas, making real-time edits, exporting and replacing ads, and providing insights and benchmarking against the sector. The tool is known for its ability to generate ideas in various sizes and aspect ratios suitable for social media, and it includes both the creative (image or video) and the accompanying caption. Each generated idea comes with a prediction related to the chosen objective and metric, allowing users to focus on ideas with high confidence of success. The video emphasizes the ease of use and the comprehensive nature of Pencil's features.




Pencil is the name of the platform being discussed in the video, which is a tool designed to assist in the creation and optimization of advertisements. It is the central theme of the video, with all other concepts revolving around its features and functionalities. The script mentions various capabilities of Pencil, such as generating ideas, making predictions, and providing insights, to help users improve their advertising strategies.

💡Generate Ideas

The process of 'Generate Ideas' refers to the initial step in using Pencil, where the platform creates a variety of advertisement concepts for different social media channels. This feature is vital for kickstarting an advertising campaign and provides users with a diverse set of creative options to choose from, tailored to various sizes and aspect ratios required for social media platforms.


Predictions in the context of the video relate to Pencil's ability to forecast the performance of generated ad ideas based on specific targeting objectives and metrics. These predictions help users to identify which ad concepts are likely to be successful, thereby enabling more informed decision-making in the advertising process.

💡Real-Time Editor

The 'Real-Time Editor' is a feature within Pencil that allows users to make edits to the generated ad ideas. This editor is user-friendly and enables adjustments through a drag-and-drop interface, providing flexibility and control over the creative elements of the ads, such as videos or images, without the need for technical expertise.

💡Export and Replace

The 'Export and Replace' feature of Pencil facilitates the process of taking the predicted ad ideas and making them live. Users can export the ideas for further use or directly launch them into their chosen channels. Additionally, Pencil allows for quick replacement of underperforming ads with new creatives, streamlining the logistics of ad management and optimization.


Insights in the video refer to the valuable information and data extracted by Pencil from both winning and losing ads. This includes identifying patterns in words and phrases that work or don't work, providing an overview of successful angles, and helping users understand what resonates with their audience. These insights are crucial for refining future ad campaigns and improving overall performance.


Benchmarking is a feature in Pencil that compares an individual's ad performance with the aggregated data of the entire sector. This comparison provides a broader perspective on what works across the industry, allowing users to understand their relative performance and identify potential areas for improvement or new strategies to explore.


In the context of the video, 'Sector' refers to a specific industry or market segment within which the user operates. Pencil's benchmarking feature allows users to analyze and compare their advertising performance and strategies with others in the same sector, providing a competitive edge and a better understanding of industry trends.


Creatives in the video pertain to the visual and textual content used in advertisements, such as images, videos, and captions. Pencil generates these creatives and provides users with the ability to edit and optimize them for better ad performance. The term encompasses all the elements that contribute to the appeal and effectiveness of an ad.

💡Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics are the quantifiable measures used to evaluate the success of advertising campaigns. In the video, Pencil uses these metrics to predict the potential success of ad ideas and to benchmark the user's performance against the sector. These metrics help users understand which aspects of their ads are working well and which need improvement.


Introduction to Pencil, a tool for generating and managing ad creatives.

Pencil generates ideas for new Adidas campaigns.

Pencil's prediction capabilities for ad performance.

Real-time editing of ad ideas within Pencil.

Exporting and replacing ad ideas with ease.

Insights on what works and what doesn't in ad campaigns.

Use of tags in creatives for better ad performance.

Benchmarking feature to compare performance with the sector.

Aggregated data analysis for sector-wide ad performance.

Identification of effective words and phrases across sectors.

Tactics and spending insights from sector benchmarking.

Pencil's suite of tools for ad creation, export, and analysis.

Effortless setup of new ads with Pencil's hot swap feature.

Customization of ad creatives with Pencil's real-time editor.

Pencil's ability to generate creatives in various sizes and aspect ratios.

Automatic extraction of words and phrases from ads for insights.

Pencil's guidance on creating varied ad content for testing.