Pixverse AI Tutorial πŸ”₯ Free AI Video Generator

Sejin AI
3 Feb 202403:40

TLDRDiscover Pixverse, a new AI video generation platform offering a range of creative tools. With a user-friendly Discord interface and a web platform, it allows users to transform images and text into videos, and even upscale or regenerate content. Features include a variety of animation styles, character creation, and meme face generation. The platform is currently free, with plans for future updates and features.


  • πŸŽ‰ Introduction to Pixverse, a new AI video generation platform with various features.
  • πŸ†“ Currently, Pixverse is available for free, with plans to introduce new features.
  • 🌐 Access Pixverse through two platforms: Web and Discord Community.
  • πŸ”— To sync assets, ensure using the same email address on both platforms.
  • πŸ€– Start creating with Discord by using the /ANIMATE command for Image to Video.
  • πŸŽ₯ Adjust motion strength and add prompts for more dynamic video results.
  • πŸ“Έ Upscale, Regenerate, or Delete videos with ease using Pixverse's options.
  • 🎬 Text to Video feature allows creation from prompts in various styles.
  • 🎨 Choose from different character styles for anime character generation.
  • πŸ˜„ Generate a Meme Face by inputting a photo and a prompt.
  • πŸ” On the Web platform, manage and filter generated videos through My Videos.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI video generation platform introduced in the transcript?

    -The AI video generation platform introduced is called Pixverse.

  • How can one access Pixverse?

    -Pixverse can be accessed through two platforms: the Web platform by visiting PIXVERSE.AI and the Discord Community.

  • What is required for syncing assets between the two Pixverse platforms?

    -To sync assets between the Web and Discord platforms, the same email address must be used for both.

  • What is the process for creating an Image to Video in Pixverse's Discord channel?

    -To create an Image to Video, one needs to click on one of the Generate Rooms, type /ANIMATE, select the parameters, and input a prompt to guide the motion.

  • What are the options available after generating a video in the Discord channel?

    -After generating a video, users can Upscale the video, Regenerate it, Reprompt the prompt, or Delete the video.

  • How does one create a Text to Video in Pixverse?

    -To create a Text to Video, type /CREATE, input the prompt, choose from three styles (Realistic, Anime, and 3D Animation), input a Negative Prompt, select an Aspect Ratio, and choose a Character option if desired.

  • What is the role of the 'Inspiring Prompt to Dual Clips' feature in Text to Video creation?

    -The 'Inspiring Prompt to Dual Clips' feature helps enhance the user's original prompt with additional AI-generated suggestions.

  • How can users help Pixverse improve?

    -Users can help Pixverse by Liking one of the generated videos, which contributes to the platform's development.

  • What is the process for managing generated videos on the Pixverse web platform?

    -On the web platform, users can view, search, and manage their generated videos in the 'My Videos' section using various filters.

  • How does the Meme Face feature in Pixverse work?

    -The Meme Face feature allows users to generate a video with a meme face by typing /MEME_FACE, uploading a photo, inputting a prompt, selecting an Aspect Ratio, and hitting Enter.

  • What are the different styles of anime characters available in Pixverse?

    -Pixverse offers 11 different styles of anime characters for users to choose from when creating an anime character for their video.



🌟 Introduction to Pixverse AI Video Generation

The paragraph introduces the audience to Pixverse, a new AI video generation platform that offers a range of features for creating videos. The platform is currently available for free, with plans to introduce new features. The speaker, Sejin, invites viewers to subscribe to the channel for more content like this. To begin using Pixverse, users are directed to the website, PIXVERSE.AI, where they can choose between two platforms: Get Started in Web and the Discord Community. The key point is that as long as the email address is the same on both platforms, all assets will be accessible in the My Video section.



πŸ’‘AI video generation

AI video generation refers to the process of creating videos using artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, it highlights the main feature of Pixverse, which is the ability to generate videos from images or text inputs. This technology is showcased as a 'gem' with 'cool AI features', emphasizing its novelty and appeal to those interested in AI and content creation.


Pixverse is the name of the AI video generation platform being discussed in the video. It represents a digital space where users can engage with AI tools to create various types of videos, such as those generated from images or text. The platform is described as having a user-friendly interface with options to get started either through a web platform or a Discord community.

πŸ’‘Discord Community

The Discord Community mentioned in the script refers to a platform within Discord, a popular communication app, where users of Pixverse can interact and utilize AI video generation tools. It is one of the two platforms offered by Pixverse for users to get started with their video creation journey.

πŸ’‘Generate Rooms

Generate Rooms is a feature within the Pixverse Discord Community that allows users to create specific rooms for generating videos. It is a key component of the user interface that facilitates the process of video creation, as it directs users to the appropriate channels for different types of video generation tasks.


Parameters in the context of the video refer to the specific settings or options that users can adjust to control the output of the AI video generation. These might include the strength of motion, the style of animation, or other customizable aspects that allow for personalization of the video content.


A prompt in this context is a piece of text or a command that users input to guide the AI in creating the desired video. It serves as a direction for the AI to follow when generating the content, allowing users to specify the theme, actions, or other elements they want to see in the final video.


Upscale in the video refers to the option for users to enhance the quality or resolution of their generated videos. This feature allows for the improvement of the video's visual clarity and detail, ensuring that the final product meets a higher standard of quality.

πŸ’‘Text to Video

Text to Video is a functionality within Pixverse that enables users to convert textual descriptions into visual video content. This feature leverages AI to interpret the text and create corresponding video clips, offering users a creative avenue to bring their textual ideas to life through video.

πŸ’‘Anime character

Anime character refers to a style option within the Pixverse platform for creating videos. Users have the ability to generate a video featuring an anime-style character by selecting from a range of character styles. This feature adds a layer of customization and artistic flair to the video generation process.

πŸ’‘Meme Face

Meme Face is a feature in Pixverse that enables users to generate a video with a specific facial expression or characteristic associated with internet memes. This tool allows for the creation of humorous or recognizable content by incorporating a person's face into a meme context.

πŸ’‘My Videos

My Videos is a section within the Pixverse web platform where users can view and manage all the videos they have generated. This area serves as a personal library for users to access their content, apply filters, and organize their creations.


Introduction to Pixverse, a new AI video generation platform.

Currently 100% free to use, with plans for new features.

Offers two platforms: Web and Discord Community.

Assets synced across platforms with the same email address.

Discord platform has all options and tools.

Creating an Image to Video with /ANIMATE command.

Adjusting motion strength and adding motion guidance.

Options to Upscale, Regenerate, or Delete videos.

Text to Video creation with /CREATE command.

Selecting styles: Realistic, Anime, and 3D Animation.

Customizing with Negative Prompt and Aspect Ratio.

Creating an anime character with 11 different styles.

Generating a Meme Face with /MEME_FACE command.

Customizing Meme Face with a prompt and Aspect Ratio.

Accessing generated videos on the web platform with Google account.

Creating videos on the web platform with Text to Video or Image to Video options.

Using Inspiring Prompt to Dual Clips for AI assistance.

Process for Image to Video on the web platform with motion strength.