Selling AI Generated Images | Easy Way To Earn Money Online | Step-by-Step Tutorial 🤖📸

Mr Lemon
3 Oct 202311:43

TLDRThis video script outlines methods for generating income by selling AI-created images online. It introduces market research for popular image trends, and two methods for image creation: a paid tool called Mid Journey and a free tool, Leonardo AI. The script also explains the use of Wirestock for efficient uploading of images to multiple stock websites, emphasizing the potential for passive income growth over time.


  • 🌐 The video discusses methods to make money online by selling AI-generated images.
  • 🔍 Market research is crucial to determine popular image types for selling purposes.
  • 🖼️ Adobe Stock can be used as a reference for identifying popular images to emulate.
  • 🚀 Method one involves using a paid AI tool called Mid Journey, which comes with a commercial license.
  • 🤖 Mid Journey operates on Discord and can generate images based on prompts derived from reference images.
  • 🆓 Method two leverages a free AI image generator, Leonardo AI, which also provides commercial licenses.
  • 🎨 Both Mid Journey and Leonardo AI can produce images similar to a reference image from Adobe Stock.
  • 📈 Upscaling and refining AI-generated images is important for better quality and sales potential.
  • 🔄 Wirestock is a platform that allows uploading images to multiple stock websites with ease.
  • 📸 Images generated through Wirestock's own AI can also be instantly sold on their platform.
  • 💡 Regularly uploading new images is compared to investing in a retirement fund, growing the asset base over time.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about making money online by using free AI tools to generate and sell images.

  • What are the two methods discussed in the video for selling AI-generated images?

    -The two methods discussed are using a paid AI tool called Mid Journey and a completely free method using Leonardo AI.

  • How does market research play a role in this process?

    -Market research is essential for determining what type of images to create and sell. It involves looking at what images are popular and selling well on platforms like Adobe Stock.

  • What is the significance of the commercial license in the context of selling AI-generated images?

    -A commercial license is very important because it allows the images to be used for commercial purposes, which is necessary if you want to sell the images for profit.

  • How does the Mid Journey tool work in relation to generating images?

    -Mid Journey works on Discord and uses a bot to generate images based on prompts or references provided by the user. It can analyze an existing image to suggest prompts or can create images based on text prompts entered by the user.

  • What is the advantage of using Leonardo AI for generating images?

    -Leonardo AI provides a free-to-use platform for generating AI images, and each image comes with a commercial license, allowing users to sell the generated images and make money from them.

  • How can one increase their chances of selling their images online?

    -One can increase their chances by uploading their images to multiple stock websites. Using a service like Wirestock can help automate this process and make the images available on several platforms at once.

  • What is the role of the Wirestock platform in this process?

    -Wirestock is a platform that allows users to upload their images and automatically make them available on multiple stock websites such as Adobe Stock, Getty Images, and Shutterstock. It also handles adding captions and keywords, simplifying the process for the user.

  • How does the video suggest one should approach building their image asset base?

    -The video suggests making it a daily practice to upload stock images, comparing it to investing in a retirement fund. By consistently expanding the asset portfolio with new images, the potential for generating income increases over time.

  • What is the significance of upscaling images in the process?

    -Upscaling images is important to meet the resolution requirements of stock websites. Tools like BigJPG can be used to increase the size of images while maintaining quality, ensuring they are acceptable for upload and sale on platforms like Wirestock.

  • What additional feature does Wirestock offer besides uploading images?

    -Wirestock also offers a feature to generate images directly on the platform using AI, which can then be instantly sold, and comes with a premium plan that offers additional benefits like more AI generations and upscaling capabilities.



💰 Making Money Online with AI-Generated Images

This paragraph introduces the concept of earning money online by using free AI tools to generate and sell images. It emphasizes the importance of market research to understand which images are popular and selling well. The paragraph outlines two methods for generating AI images, one involving a paid tool called Mid Journey and the other a completely free method. It also explains how to use Adobe Stock to find popular images and use them as a reference for creating and selling AI-generated images.


🎨 Utilizing Mid Journey and Leonardo AI for Image Generation

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of using Mid Journey, a paid AI image generator tool, and Leonardo AI, a free alternative, to create AI-generated images. It explains the process of setting up a private Mid Journey server on Discord and using Adobe Stock images as prompts for image generation. The paragraph also covers the steps for using Leonardo AI to generate images with commercial licenses, highlighting the importance of prompts and aspect ratios in creating desired images.


🚀 Streamlining Image Uploading and Selling with Wirestock

This paragraph discusses the process of uploading and selling AI-generated images on stock websites using Wirestock, a platform that simplifies the distribution of images across multiple stock sites. It explains how to upscale images for better quality, add captions and tags, and the benefits of using Wirestock, such as automatic availability on major stock websites and the convenience of not having to manually upload images to each site individually. The paragraph also mentions the potential of generating images directly on Wirestock and the benefits of its premium plan.



💡AI tools

AI tools refer to artificial intelligence software applications that can perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence. In the context of the video, AI tools are used to generate images which can be sold online for profit. These tools are highlighted as a means to make money online, emphasizing their role in creating and selling digital assets.

💡Online selling

Online selling refers to the process of selling goods or services over the internet. In the video, the focus is on selling AI-generated images through online platforms, turning a passion or skill into a source of income. The concept is central to the video's theme, which is about leveraging AI technology to generate income online.

💡Market Research

Market research is the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about a market, its competitors, and its potential customers. In the video, market research is emphasized as an essential step to understand which images are popular and selling well, guiding the type of AI-generated images to create for better market success.

💡Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a platform that offers a collection of licensed photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos. In the video, Adobe Stock is used as a reference point for market research and as a place where AI-generated images can be sold, indicating its importance as both a research tool and a marketplace.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is a paid AI image generator tool mentioned in the video. It is used to create AI-generated images by analyzing existing popular images and generating similar ones. The tool is presented as a valuable resource for generating high-quality images for online selling, emphasizing its role in the content creation process.


Discord is a communication platform used by the speaker to organize and manage the process of generating AI images with Mid Journey. It is highlighted as a tool for integrating with AI services and creating a private server for the purpose of generating and organizing images.

💡Commercial license

A commercial license is a legal permission that allows the user to use a product, in this case, AI-generated images, for commercial purposes such as selling them online. In the video, the commercial license is crucial for the business model being discussed, as it enables the selling of the generated images without legal restrictions.


Wirestock is a platform mentioned in the video that allows users to upload their images once and have them distributed across multiple stock websites. It simplifies the process of selling images online by eliminating the need to upload images individually to each website, thus saving time and effort.

💡Image upscaling

Image upscaling is the process of increasing the resolution of an image without losing quality. In the context of the video, upscaling is necessary to meet the requirements of stock websites like Wirestock, ensuring that the AI-generated images are suitable for selling by meeting specific resolution standards.

💡Digital assets

Digital assets refer to online resources or properties that have value and can generate income. In the video, AI-generated images are considered digital assets because they can be sold and earn money for the creator. The concept is used to encourage viewers to build a portfolio of such assets as a long-term investment strategy.

💡Online income

Online income refers to the money earned through activities on the internet. The video's main theme revolves around generating online income by creating and selling AI-generated images, presenting various methods and platforms that can be used to achieve this goal.


The video teaches how to make money online using free AI tools for generating and selling images.

Two methods are presented for selling AI-generated images, one involving a paid AI tool and the other being completely free.

Market research is crucial before starting, which involves looking at popular and selling images on platforms like Adobe Stock.

The paid method uses a tool called Mid Journey, which is hosted on Discord and costs $10 a month or $8 per month annually with a commercial license.

Mid Journey can generate images based on prompts derived from analyzing popular images on Adobe Stock.

The free method involves using Leonardo AI, which also provides a commercial license for the generated images.

Images generated by Leonardo AI can be upscaled and improved using the free tool Big JPG.

Wirestock is introduced as a platform to upload images and automatically distribute them to multiple stock websites without manual effort.

Images uploaded to Wirestock can be reviewed and sold on various stock sites, potentially earning money from multiple sources.

Wirestock also offers an AI image generation feature and allows instant selling of generated images.

The video emphasizes the importance of daily image uploads to expand the asset portfolio and increase income potential.

A premium AI plan on Wirestock offers additional benefits such as more monthly submissions and AI generations, as well as an upscaling feature.

A special discount code, 'Mr Lemon', is mentioned for a 20% discount on any Premium plan.

The video concludes by encouraging viewers to start building their image asset base for potential significant financial returns.