Corey Coyote
5 May 202310:26

TLDRIn this video, the YouTuber engages with their audience by creating AI-generated fursuit scenarios based on chat suggestions. The video is filled with humorous and absurd requests, such as a muscular lion fursuiter and a T-Rex making out with Queen Elizabeth, which lead to content warnings and the creator's ban from the service. The video also includes commentary on the challenges of creating content that adheres to platform guidelines while maintaining viewer engagement.


  • 🎥 The video is a sequel to a popular AI fursuit video, aiming to capitalize on its success.
  • 📢 The YouTuber engages with the audience by asking for their ideas and input in the chat.
  • 🎉 The video includes a variety of fursuit ideas, some humorous and over-the-top.
  • 🚫 Content warnings and potential bans are discussed due to the nature of some ideas.
  • 🦄 The script features a mix of different animal fursuit concepts, from realistic to fantastical.
  • 🎭 There's a focus on creating visually striking and unusual scenes with the fursuits.
  • 🤣 The video has a comedic tone, with jokes and playful banter throughout.
  • 📌 The YouTuber is attentive to community guidelines and tries to avoid controversial content.
  • 🌐 The video touches on the broader context of online content creation and its challenges.
  • 🎮 There's a mention of playing Fortnite, showing the YouTuber's other activities during the stream.
  • 🚫 The video ends with a mention of a ban, indicating the challenges of creating content that adheres to platform rules.

Q & A

  • What was the AI's initial reaction to the success of the AI fursuit video?

    -The AI decided to create another video with a similar concept, intending to capitalize on the success of the previous video by 'milking' the idea.

  • How did the AI engage with the audience during the video?

    -The AI encouraged audience participation by asking them to share their ideas in the chat and promised to include their suggestions in the video.

  • What was the AI's approach to selecting ideas from the chat?

    -The AI read out loud the ideas from the chat and provided immediate feedback, sometimes humorously adjusting or commenting on the suggestions.

  • Why did the AI change the term 'lap dance' to 'table dance' in one of the suggestions?

    -The AI changed the term to 'table dance' to avoid potential content restrictions that could lead to a temporary ban from using the service.

  • What was the AI's reaction when a suggestion involving Queen Elizabeth and a T-Rex was flagged?

    -The AI was surprised and speculated that the flagging was due to the inclusion of Queen Elizabeth, despite the absurdity of the suggestion.

  • How did the AI handle the flagged content warning for the T-Rex and Queen Elizabeth suggestion?

    -The AI revised the suggestion to involve the T-Rex and the Statue of Liberty instead, which surprisingly did not get flagged.

  • What was the AI's strategy when faced with repeated content warnings?

    -The AI tried to make adjustments to the suggestions to avoid content warnings, such as changing descriptions or removing certain elements from the images.

  • How did the AI address the issue of the video potentially being demonetized?

    -The AI asked viewers to support by purchasing gamma sups and subscribing on Patreon due to the anticipated slow week caused by the demonetization.

  • What was the AI's final action when it was banned from the air?

    -The AI decided to switch to a different language (Swenglish) and planned to return to the video after playing Fortnite for an hour.

  • What was the overall theme of the video content?

    -The overall theme was creating and discussing AI-generated images of anthropomorphic characters in various situations, often with humorous or absurd elements.



🎥 AI Fursuit Video Sequel

The video begins with the host discussing the popularity of a previous AI fursuit video and the intention to create another one to capitalize on its success. The host encourages viewer participation by asking them to share ideas in the chat. The conversation quickly turns to the topic of creating an AI-generated fursuit video, with various suggestions being thrown around, such as a super emo moose suit and a muscular lion fursuiter. The host also humorously addresses the potential for content warnings due to the bizarre nature of some of the proposed scenes, like a T-Rex making out with Queen Elizabeth or the Statue of Liberty.


🌊 Muscular Fursuit Shenanigans

In this paragraph, the host continues to engage with the chat, discussing more outlandish fursuit ideas. Suggestions include a muscular pitbull fursuiter surfing on a Mosasaur and a group of gray wolf fur scooters surrounding a Skinny Fox fursuiter. The host playfully critiques the AI's inability to accurately depict the requested characters, leading to a series of humorous adjustments and reactions. The segment also touches on the challenges of avoiding content warnings and the host's determination to make the video work despite the obstacles.


🎉 Returning to the Spotlight

The final paragraph of the script features a return to a more structured format with music and applause, indicating a shift in the video's focus. However, the exact content of this segment is not detailed in the script, leaving it open to interpretation. It suggests a transition from the chaotic fursuit discussions to a potentially more organized or planned segment, possibly a performance or a different type of viewer engagement.



💡AI fursuit video

The term 'AI fursuit video' refers to a video content that involves the use of artificial intelligence to generate or manipulate images or animations of fursuiters, which are costumes worn by people to represent anthropomorphic animal characters. In the context of the video script, it indicates a previous video that became very popular among viewers, leading the creator to consider making another similar video to capitalize on its success.


YouTubers are individuals who create and publish video content on the YouTube platform. They often have a following of subscribers who regularly watch and engage with their content. In the script, the term is used to refer to the video creator and their peers who are known for leveraging successful content ideas to attract more views and engagement from their audience.


In the context of the video script, 'redeems' likely refers to redeemable codes or tokens that the viewers can use to gain access to certain benefits or features, such as exclusive content or participation in a video. It is a way for content creators to reward their audience or incentivize certain behaviors, such as watching live streams or participating in chat interactions.


The term 'chat' in this context refers to the live chat feature on platforms like YouTube, where viewers can send messages in real-time during a live stream or video premiere. It is a way for the content creator to interact with their audience directly and in a public forum. In the script, the creator is encouraging the chat to share ideas for the AI fursuit video.


A 'fursuiter' is a person who wears a fursuit, which is a costume designed to look like an anthropomorphic animal or creature. Furries, as they are often called, may wear these suits for various reasons, including role-playing, performance, or simply for the enjoyment of embodying a character. In the video script, the creator is discussing the creation of AI-generated images of fursuits, which is the central theme of the video.

💡Content warning

A 'content warning' is a notice or label used to inform viewers that certain content may be sensitive, offensive, or potentially triggering. It is often used in the context of online media to provide a heads-up to viewers before they encounter potentially disturbing material. In the script, the creator is concerned that some of the AI-generated images might receive a content warning due to their unusual or provocative nature.


In the context of the video, 'democratized' refers to the process of making something accessible to everyone, regardless of their status or expertise. It implies that the creation and sharing of AI-generated fursuit content is becoming more open and available to a wider audience, allowing more people to participate and engage with it.

💡Profile picture

A 'profile picture' is an image that represents a user on various online platforms. It is a visual way to identify oneself and can be personalized to reflect one's interests, personality, or sense of humor. In the script, the creator jokes about using an AI-generated image of a T-Rex as their profile picture on an alternate gaming account.


Fortnite is a popular online video game known for its battle royale mode, where players fight against each other until only one player or team remains. It is mentioned in the script as the game that the video creator and their friends are playing during the live stream, indicating a casual and entertaining aspect of their interaction with the audience.

💡Steam account

A 'Steam account' refers to a user profile on the Steam platform, which is a digital distribution service for video games. The term is used in the script to discuss the creator's alternate account, often used for specific games or separate from their main account. This can be for various reasons, such as privacy, experimentation, or to avoid negative reputation from their main account.


AI fursuit video craze continues with Gamer's creative sequel.

YouTubers' tendency to capitalize on successful content is discussed.

Community engagement is emphasized by inviting chat's ideas for the video.

The concept of 'redeems' is mentioned, possibly referring to redeeming moments or content.

A variety of fursuit ideas are presented, from a simple Fox dress to more complex scenarios.

Content moderation and the risk of temporary bans are humorously addressed.

The challenge of creating a sexy species fursuit is proposed by the chat.

A muscular lion fursuiter is envisioned in a dramatic setting.

Dark territory is explored with daring and potentially controversial content.

The Queen Elizabeth and T-Rex scenario leads to a content warning discussion.

The video's monetization is affected, prompting a call for support through Patreon.

A creative and humorous take on the Tony the Tiger character is suggested.

The video's content is deemed not suitable, leading to a ban from the air.

The importance of community input and the collaborative nature of content creation is stressed.

The video showcases the unpredictable and experimental nature of AI-generated art.

The video serves as a commentary on the balance between creative freedom and platform restrictions.

The video ends with a return to playing Fortnite, showing the multifaceted nature of content creation.