The Greatest AI Video EVER?! (Available Now!)

Matt Wolfe
30 Jun 202420:00

TLDRThe video explores Gen 3 from Runway, an AI video tool generating mesmerizing content. It showcases impressive abstract videos and creative scenes like humanoid robots and first-person perspectives. Despite minor inconsistencies with hands and text, Gen 3 excels in abstract concepts and time-lapse shots. The tool is not yet public but is expected to be released soon, offering a significant leap from last year's AI capabilities.


  • 😲 Gen 3 from Runway is an AI video tool that has generated impressive and mesmerizing videos that are being shared by creators.
  • 🎨 The tool excels at creating abstract concept videos, with color palettes and visual effects that are particularly striking.
  • 🤖 It can simulate scenarios like a humanoid robot dancing in a nightclub, showcasing its ability to handle dynamic and detailed scenes.
  • 🕊️ Gen 3 struggles with rendering human hands and complex interactions involving people, which can result in glitches and inconsistencies.
  • 🔍 The video generation process can be hit or miss, requiring multiple attempts to achieve the desired outcome, especially with more complex prompts.
  • 📅 Gen 3 is not yet publicly available but is expected to be released to the general public within a few weeks after the creative partner program testing phase.
  • 🔄 The tool offers a feature to enable desktop notifications, alerting users when a video generation is complete, allowing for multitasking.
  • 🎬 There are instances where the AI struggles with text generation in videos, often resulting in errors or misinterpretations of the prompts.
  • 🚫 Runway's terms prevent the generation of content featuring certain IPs and celebrities, which limits the creative scope in some areas.
  • 📹 The tool can create time-lapse and cinematic-style shots, which can be very useful for video b-roll or specific scenes.
  • 🤔 Despite the impressive capabilities, there are still areas where Gen 3 needs improvement, such as handling human figures and complex text prompts.
  • 🌐 The video demonstrates the current state of AI video generators, where the best results are often cherry-picked from multiple attempts.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI video tool discussed in the script?

    -The AI video tool discussed in the script is called Gen 3 from Runway.

  • What type of content does Gen 3 from Runway specialize in generating?

    -Gen 3 from Runway specializes in generating videos, with a focus on abstract concepts and creative visualizations as showcased in the script.

  • How does the speaker describe the videos generated by Gen 3 from Runway?

    -The speaker describes the videos generated by Gen 3 as mesmerizing, cool looking, and impressive, with some being very good compared to what was available just six months prior.

  • What is the 'creative partner program' mentioned in the script?

    -The 'creative partner program' is a program by Runway that allows creators to access tools like Gen 3 early, play around with them, test, and offer feedback before the general public gets access.

  • How long does it typically take for the general public to get access to Runway tools after the creative partners?

    -Typically, it takes a week or two after the creative partners get access for the general public to gain access to the tools.

  • What is the speaker's experience with Gen 3 in terms of video generation time?

    -The speaker demonstrates that it takes about the duration of a song snippet to generate a 10-second video, indicating a relatively quick generation time.

  • What are some of the abstract concepts that Gen 3 does well with according to the script?

    -According to the script, Gen 3 does well with abstract concepts such as flying through a colorful cosmos, a colorful RGB world, a trippy kaleidoscope mirror, and colorful lasers and particles.

  • What issues does the speaker find with Gen 3 when generating videos with people?

    -The speaker finds that when generating videos with people, especially when hands are involved, the video can become wonky, with hands disappearing or becoming a blur, indicating a struggle with rendering human elements accurately.

  • What advice does the speaker give regarding the use of Gen 3 for b-roll?

    -The speaker advises that for b-roll, one should find the best 4-5 seconds from the 10-second video generated and use that portion, as it may contain the most coherent and usable visuals.

  • What is the speaker's overall impression of Gen 3's capabilities compared to AI video generators from the previous year?

    -The speaker's overall impression is that there has been significant progress in AI video generation capabilities compared to the previous year, with Gen 3 producing much more impressive and detailed videos.



🎨 Gen 3's Creative Potential

The script introduces Gen 3 from Runway, an AI video tool generating impressive and mesmerizing videos. It showcases creative videos from users like bavo sidu and Nicholas Newbert, highlighting the tool's capabilities in abstract and light manipulation. Gen 3 is not yet publicly available, being accessible through a creative partner program, and the general release is expected within weeks. The speaker has generated several videos, noting the tool's strengths and weaknesses, and demonstrates the generation process with a prompt for a humanoid robot dancing in a nightclub.


🦄 Abstract Mastery and B-Roll Potential

The speaker delves into Gen 3's proficiency with abstract concepts, providing examples of generated videos like flying through a colorful cosmos and a colorful RGB world. These videos are praised for their color palettes and abstract styles, suitable for b-roll. The script also mentions the tool's ability to generate time-lapse and cinematic shots, though it notes issues with text generation and longer prompts, suggesting a hit-or-miss result with text inclusion.


🤖 Humanoid Challenges and Creative Solutions

The script discusses the challenges Gen 3 faces when generating videos with people, particularly with hand movements, which often result in inconsistencies. Despite this, it highlights successful examples, such as a rapper on stage and a man entering a virtual reality world. The speaker recommends using only select portions of the generated videos for b-roll to avoid these issues and shares tips for generating text in videos, noting the mixed results.


🚀 AI Video Generation Progress and Future Accessibility

The speaker reflects on the progress of AI video generation, comparing past outputs to the current capabilities of Gen 3. They acknowledge that while Gen 3 has shown significant improvement, it still has areas that need refinement. The script concludes with anticipation for the public release of Gen 3, suggesting it will be available soon, and expresses excitement for the wave of new AI tools emerging in the market, inviting viewers to follow for more insights.



💡AI video tools

AI video tools refer to software or applications that utilize artificial intelligence to create or manipulate video content. In the context of the video, these tools are capable of generating mesmerizing and creative videos based on textual prompts. An example from the script is gen 3 from Runway, which produces videos that play with light and abstract art, showcasing the capabilities of AI in video generation.


Runway is the name of the company mentioned in the script that has developed an AI video generation tool called gen 3. It is significant in the video's narrative as it represents the platform where creators can experiment with AI to produce innovative video content. The script discusses the impressive results and the limitations encountered while using Runway's gen 3 tool.

💡gen 3

Gen 3 is the third generation AI video generation tool from Runway. It is highlighted in the script as a tool that allows creators to generate videos with unique and creative visuals. The video's theme revolves around exploring the capabilities of gen 3, including its strengths in abstract concepts and its occasional struggles with generating human figures and text accurately.

💡Abstract Art

Abstract Art is a form of art that does not depict external reality but instead emphasizes the use of form, color, and composition for expressive effect. In the script, it is mentioned in relation to the creative videos generated by gen 3, which are described as 'really cool looking' and 'mesmerizing,' indicating that AI can effectively engage with abstract concepts to produce visually appealing content.

💡Creative Partner Program

The Creative Partner Program is a term used in the script to describe a program by Runway that grants early access to their AI tools to selected creators. This program allows creators to test and provide feedback on tools like gen 3 before they are released to the public, which is an important aspect of the video's discussion on the development and testing phase of AI video tools.


B-roll refers to supplementary footage that is edited into a video production to establish a scene or to provide visual context. In the script, the term is used to discuss how certain 10-second videos generated by gen 3 can be utilized as B-roll in other video projects, emphasizing the practical application of the AI-generated content.


Time-lapse is a photographic technique that captures an event at a much slower rate than it unfolds in real time, and then plays it back at a standard speed, creating a fast-motion effect. The script mentions time-lapse as a type of shot that gen 3 is particularly good at generating, such as a time-lapse of cars on a freeway or the northern lights over the Arctic snow.

💡Text Generation

Text Generation within the context of the video refers to the AI's ability to incorporate text into the generated video content. The script discusses the hit-or-miss results when trying to generate videos with specific text prompts, indicating that this is an area where the AI tool still needs improvement.


Cherry-picked means to select the best examples or most favorable data from a set. In the script, the term is used to address the viewer's potential skepticism about the impressive videos shown, suggesting that while the examples may be the best outcomes, there are still many instances where the AI fails to meet expectations.

💡Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are the rules and guidelines that govern the use of a service or product. The script mentions that attempts to generate videos with certain copyrighted characters or celebrities were blocked due to Runway's terms and conditions, illustrating the legal and ethical constraints within AI content creation.


Introduction of Runway's Gen 3, a new AI video tool generating mesmerizing videos.

Showcasing creative videos by bavo sidu and Nicholas Newbert using Gen 3.

Gen 3 is not publicly available yet, with a 'creative partner program' for early access.

The general public usually gets access to Runway tools a couple of weeks after the creative partners.

Demonstration of Gen 3's video generation process with a humanoid robot prompt.

Abstract concepts like 'colorful Cosmos' and 'colorful RGB world' generate impressive results.

Gen 3 performs well with prompts like 'wolf howling at the moon' and 'monkey on roller skates'.

Time-lapse and cinematic shots, such as a car race in Tokyo, are rendered effectively.

Inclusion of text in videos can be hit or miss, with shorter words like 'Runway' working better.

Celebrities and IP characters like Will Smith or Mario are restricted due to terms of service.

Use of chat GPT or Claud to help generate prompts for Gen 3.

Comparison of Gen 3's capabilities to other AI video generators like Luma or Pika.

AI-generated videos are often cherry-picked to show the best results.

Runway's Gen 3 is expected to become publicly available within a few weeks.

Discussion on the rapid advancement of AI video generation from the previous year.

Encouragement for viewers to subscribe for more AI tool exploration and updates.