10 ChatGPT Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind!

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26 Feb 202410:23

TLDRDiscover 10 innovative ways to utilize ChatGPT for business enhancement, productivity, and efficiency. Learn how to use custom instructions for tailored responses, AI for work's prompt library, and prompt engineering techniques. Unleash ChatGPT's potential to summarize texts, navigate language nuances, and support your presentations with credible evidence. Streamline your workflow with tools like Cider for multitasking and improve your communication skills with ChatGPT's assistance. Repurpose content effectively and leverage LinkedIn networking opportunities with this powerful AI tool.


  • 📝 Use custom instructions to provide context and set the stage for ChatGPT, resulting in more personalized and relevant responses.
  • 🛠️ Leverage AI for Work's prompt library to create high-quality prompts for various business needs, including entrepreneurship.
  • 📊 Utilize ChatGPT for prompt engineering guidance by consulting the AI's documentation on platform.open.com.
  • 📜 Summarize lengthy texts or content by using ChatGPT with specific instructions, such as 'TL;DR' and 'in two sentences'.
  • 🗣️ Assist with language nuances by using ChatGPT to understand colloquial language, slang, and uncommon definitions.
  • 🔄 Reverse your prompt to have ChatGPT provide evidence for a fact or idea you already have, enhancing credibility and accuracy.
  • 📱 Multitask efficiently with the Cider Google Chrome extension, which offers a ChatGPT sidebar on any tab.
  • 🎥 Maximize productivity by recording and transcribing meetings with Microsoft Teams, then using ChatGPT to extract minutes and action items.
  • ✍️ Refine your thoughts and writing with ChatGPT's ability to make content more concise, clear, and to the point.
  • 🔄 Repurposing content is made easier with ChatGPT's assistance in transforming long videos into shorter formats and adapting content for various platforms.
  • 💼 Craft personalized networking messages with ChatGPT's help in generating introductions, ice breakers, and follow-ups for professional outreach.

Q & A

  • What is the new feature introduced by Chaty BT that can enhance the responses from Chat GPT?

    -The new feature introduced by Chaty BT is called 'custom instructions', which allows users to provide specific context about their business, target audience, and product offerings, thus enabling Chat GPT to deliver personalized and relevant responses.

  • How can AI for work assist in creating effective prompts for Chat GPT?

    -AI for work is a Chat GPT prompt library for businesses that offers pre-structured prompts for various roles and situations, such as entrepreneurship. This tool helps users to save time and craft A-level prompts without needing to become experts in prompt engineering themselves.

  • What is the significance of prompt engineering in getting better responses from generative AI?

    -Prompt engineering is the strategic structuring of text to generate better responses from AI. The quality of the prompt directly influences the quality of the AI's response, making it a crucial skill for effective interaction with generative AI.

  • How can Chat GPT help with summarizing text?

    -Chat GPT can summarize long articles, emails, or content by copying and pasting the text or by providing a link. Users can request a summary in a specific format, such as two sentences, to save time and stay productive.

  • What is the role of Chat GPT in assisting with language nuances and colloquialisms?

    -Chat GPT can help users understand and navigate interactions with colloquial language, slang, uncommon definitions, meanings of local phrases, acronyms, and conjugations. It provides more context and understanding than traditional translation tools, which might not capture these nuances.

  • How can Chat GPT support fact-checking and adding credibility to presentations?

    -Chat GPT can be used to find supportive evidence for facts or ideas that users already have. By reversing the prompt, users can present a fact and ask Chat GPT to provide proof or additional information, which enhances the credibility of their work.

  • What is the Cider extension for Google Chrome and how does it benefit multitasking with Chat GPT?

    -Cider is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to open a Chat GPT sidebar on any tab, facilitating multitasking. It supports not only Chat GPT but also other major platforms, enhancing productivity by allowing users to easily switch between tasks and conversations.

  • How can Chat GPT help in transcribing and extracting key points from a recorded meeting?

    -By transcribing a recorded meeting and pasting the text into Chat GPT, users can request minutes and action items. This process helps in efficiently understanding what happened during the meeting and identifying the next steps to be taken.

  • What is the importance of clear communication and how can Chat GPT assist in refining thoughts?

    -Clear communication is vital for conveying confidence, demanding respect, and building trust. Chat GPT can help refine thoughts and make them more eloquent and concise. By asking Chat GPT to make a message more clear and to the point, users can effectively distill their ideas into easily understandable formats.

  • How can Chat GPT aid in repurposing content for different platforms and formats?

    -Chat GPT can provide ideas on how to repurpose existing content for various platforms or formats. By describing the original content, users can ask Chat GPT for suggestions on transforming it into suitable content for different channels, maximizing the value of the content.

  • What role can Chat GPT play in crafting networking messages on LinkedIn?

    -Chat GPT can act as a virtual networking assistant, generating personalized introductions, ice breakers, and follow-up messages based on the user's industry, goals, and networking preferences. This assistance helps users stand out and make meaningful connections on LinkedIn.



🚀 Enhancing Productivity with Chat GPT Features

This paragraph discusses the evolution of Chat GPT and its advanced capabilities that can significantly improve business efficiency. It introduces the custom instructions feature, which allows users to provide context about their business and desired response structure, thus personalizing interactions with Chat GPT. The speaker also highlights the Prompt Engineering and AI for Work tools that assist in creating effective prompts for various business needs. Additionally, the paragraph covers the ability of Chat GPT to summarize text and its utility in understanding colloquial language and local phrases, offering a more nuanced understanding than traditional translation tools.


🧠 Leveraging Chat GPT for Credibility and Organization

The second paragraph emphasizes the importance of using Chat GPT not only as a source of information but also as a tool for supporting existing ideas with evidence. It suggests reversing the prompt to validate facts and enhance the credibility of work. The introduction of Cider, a Google Chrome extension that manages Chat GPT interactions across tabs, is presented as a productivity booster. The paragraph also mentions the application of Chat GPT in multitasking scenarios, such as handling meetings and personal responsibilities simultaneously, and the value of clear communication in professional settings.


🎯 Maximizing Content Value and Networking

In the final paragraph, the focus is on content repurposing and the role of Chat GPT in optimizing content for various platforms. It discusses the trend of transforming long videos into shorter formats and leveraging Chat GPT for editing and refining content. The paragraph also touches on the use of Chat GPT as a virtual networking assistant, particularly for crafting personalized introductions and messages on LinkedIn. The speaker concludes by encouraging viewers to make the most of their professional networks and offers a link for signing up for Shopify in the description.




A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet. In the context of the video, the chatbot is referred to as 'ChatGPT', which is a sophisticated language model developed by OpenAI. It is used to provide personalized responses, generate content, and even assist in business tasks, as demonstrated by the various 'hacks' shared in the video.

💡Custom Instructions

Custom Instructions is a feature that allows users to set specific parameters or context for the AI to follow when generating responses. In the video, it is mentioned as a way to tailor the chatbot's answers to the user's particular needs, such as acting as a consultant or structuring responses with different topics in bold. This feature enhances the user experience by providing more relevant and targeted information.

💡Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is the process of strategically structuring text to generate desired responses from AI models like ChatGPT. It involves crafting prompts that guide the AI in producing high-quality, relevant outputs. The video emphasizes the importance of well-structured prompts and introduces 'AI for Work', a tool that offers a library of prompts for various business needs, including entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing.


Summarization refers to the process of condensing longer pieces of text or content into shorter, more digestible versions while retaining the main ideas or points. In the video, the chatbot is used to summarize lengthy articles or videos by typing 'TL;DR' followed by a request for a summary, which helps users save time and stay productive without losing essential information.

💡Language Nuances

Language nuances are the subtle differences in meaning, usage, or expression within a language that may not be captured by standard translations or dictionaries. The video discusses how ChatGPT can help users navigate these nuances, such as colloquial language, slang, uncommon definitions, and local phrases, by providing context and understanding that goes beyond the literal translation offered by tools like Google Translate.

💡Reverse Prompting

Reverse prompting is a technique where instead of asking the AI to generate a fact or idea, the user provides the fact or idea, and the AI is tasked with finding supporting evidence or proof. This method is highlighted in the video as a way to add credibility and support to the user's work, ensuring that the information presented is accurate and well-substantiated.


Cider is a Google Chrome extension mentioned in the video that serves as a chatbot sidebar, allowing users to interact with ChatGPT across any tab without switching between windows. This tool enhances productivity and multitasking by keeping chatbot interactions readily accessible and also supports other platforms, providing more options for insights and information.

💡Meeting Transcription

Meeting transcription involves recording and converting spoken language during meetings into written text. The video suggests using this feature in Microsoft Teams, then pasting the transcription into ChatGPT to generate meeting minutes and action items. This technique allows users to efficiently review and act on the content of meetings, even if they were unable to fully focus during the actual meeting.

💡Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is the process of adapting and reusing existing content for different platforms or formats to maximize its reach and impact. In the video, it is suggested that ChatGPT can assist in this process by generating ideas for repurposing content, such as turning long videos into shorter clips or transforming blogs into tweets. This strategy helps to reduce the workload of creating new content while increasing the content's value across various channels.


Networking refers to the process of building and maintaining professional relationships for mutual benefit. In the context of the video, ChatGPT is presented as a virtual networking assistant that can generate personalized introductions, ice breakers, and follow-up messages. This tool helps users to effectively connect with mentors, collaborators, and clients, enhancing their professional and entrepreneurial endeavors.


ChatGPT can now provide better answers by setting the context through custom instructions.

Custom instructions feature allows you to inform ChatGPT about your business and target audience for personalized responses.

Prompt engineering is crucial for getting the best out of ChatGPT, and AI for Work offers a prompt library for businesses.

AI for Work's prompt library includes sections for entrepreneurship and various business-related issues.

ChatGPT can summarize long articles or videos, saving time and increasing productivity.

For non-English interactions, ChatGPT can provide nuanced understanding beyond standard translation tools.

Reverse your prompts to have ChatGPT support your facts and ideas with additional evidence.

Cider, a Google Chrome extension, allows for a ChatGPT sidebar on any tab, simplifying multitasking.

Use ChatGPT to efficiently convert meeting transcriptions into minutes and action items.

Clear communication is vital in professional settings, and ChatGPT can refine thoughts into concise, eloquent messages.

Content repurposing is made easier with ChatGPT's assistance in adapting content for different platforms.

ChatGPT can act as an editor, correcting grammar, spelling, and improving the delivery of your writing.

LinkedIn networking can be enhanced with ChatGPT's help in crafting personalized introductions and messages.

ChatGPT hacks can revolutionize the way you run your business, save time, and increase efficiency.

The power of ChatGPT lies in its ability to understand and respond to context, making it a versatile tool for various tasks.

From summarizing content to providing nuanced translations, ChatGPT's capabilities extend beyond basic AI responses.

With the right prompts and tools, ChatGPT can be a game-changer in productivity and efficiency for professionals and entrepreneurs.