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31 Mar 202416:56

TLDRThe video script introduces a variety of AI music generation tools that have become increasingly sophisticated, offering musicians and enthusiasts new ways to create music. Tools like Refusion, Sunno, Mubert, and Soundraw allow users to generate riffs, full tracks, and even separate vocals from existing songs. These platforms provide a range of features, from simple genre selection to detailed customization, and some offer royalty-free music. The script emphasizes the ease of use and the potential of these AI tools to inspire creativity and streamline the music creation process.


  • 🎵 AI has made significant advancements in the field of music generation, offering a variety of tools to assist musicians and creators.
  • 🔍 Refusion is an AI tool that serves as a riff-creating assistant, helping musicians by generating riffs based on typed lyrics and sound descriptions.
  • 🎤 Sunno is a music generator that excels at creating both music and lyrics, with options for simple or detailed customization, and has recently been updated to version 3.
  • 🖼️ Mubert is a platform that generates music not only from text but also from images, providing a unique and creative way to produce music based on visual input.
  • 🎶 AI tools like Mubert and others have expanded the possibilities of music generation, including the ability to create background music for various types of content, such as YouTube videos.
  • 🔊 Isa is a vocal remover tool that allows users to separate music and vocals in a song, which can be useful for editing and creating new tunes.
  • 🎹 Soundraw offers a straightforward method for generating AI music by selecting parameters from a list, focusing mainly on commercial content creation.
  • 🎼 Ava provides users with four ways to generate a track, including using a style as a reference point and customizing chord progressions, and allows for the generation of longer tracks.
  • 🚀 Boomie is an AI music generator that offers customization options such as adding vocals, rewriting the track, and editing instruments and sounds after the track is generated.
  • 🎧 Soundful is a more advanced tool that requires customization from real musicians, offering a high level of control and the ability to generate high-quality, mastered tracks.
  • 🥁 Beatoven and Music Effects are AI tools that allow users to generate music with various options for customization and emotional elements, with Music Effects being particularly beginner-friendly and offering quick edits.

Q & A

  • What is the primary function of Refusion?

    -Refusion is an AI tool that primarily assists musicians in creating riffs. It simplifies the process by allowing users to input lyrics and describe the desired sound, thereby generating riffs that are typically challenging for musicians to compose.

  • How does Refusion handle lyrics input?

    -Refusion offers three options for lyrics input: users can write their own lyrics, use AI to generate the lyrics, or record lyrics using their computer's microphone. The AI-generated lyrics, interestingly, do not include timestamps, which is an aspect that users should be aware of.

  • What is the significance of the song description in Refusion?

    -The song description in Refusion is crucial as it guides the AI in generating the desired sound and feel of the song. Users provide a prompt describing how they want the song to sound, which the AI then uses to create the riff.

  • How does the AI in Sunno differ from Refusion in terms of music generation?

    -Sunno's AI is notable for its capability to generate both music and lyrics. It offers a simple method where users describe a song and press a button, or a detailed custom mode where users can tweak the lyrics and music style extensively. Sunno's AI is also updated to version 3, enhancing its music generation capabilities.

  • What are the main features of Mubert?

    -Mubert is an AI tool that generates music from text and images. It provides a royalty-free music library and allows users to create tracks by entering a prompt or selecting from mood or genre options. Mubert's unique feature is its ability to generate music based on uploaded images, offering a new dimension in music creation.

  • How does the AI in Soundraw differ from other AI tools mentioned in the script?

    -Soundraw distinguishes itself by offering a highly customizable interface primarily targeted at musicians. It does not have a simple 'generate music' button and instead requires users to select genre, style, BPM, and other parameters to create a song. The AI then generates a preview, which, if satisfactory, can be mastered into a full track.

  • What is the main limitation of Music Effects in comparison to other AI music generators?

    -Music Effects, developed by Google, primarily generates tunes without lyrics and does not allow users to sample existing tracks. This means it cannot recreate a specific song or use well-known jingles, focusing instead on creating entirely unique music from scratch.

  • How does Beatoven allow users to customize the emotions within a track?

    -Beatoven provides an innovative feature that lets users create additional emotions within a track by moving the playhead to a specific moment, hitting 'create emotion', and selecting from a list of emotions. This allows for a more nuanced customization of the track without disrupting the overall flow.

  • What is the main advantage of Ava's music generation process?

    -Ava's main advantage is its generous offering that allows users to download three tracks per month. It provides various ways to generate music, including picking a style, using a core progression, a step-by-step approach, or from an influence. The generated tracks are of decent quality and can be used in various settings.

  • What is Boomie's unique offering in terms of track generation?

    -Boomie's uniqueness lies in its post-generation customization options. After generating a track, users can add vocals, rewrite the track, rearrange it, and edit instruments and sounds. This level of customization allows for a more personalized final product.

  • What is the primary purpose of Sound Draw as a music generation tool?

    -Sound Draw is primarily designed as a commercial instrument. It focuses on generating music for commercial content, with themes like corporate, cooking, broadcasting, and vlogs. It offers a straightforward process of selecting genre, mood, and theme, and allows for some editing of the generated music.



🎵 AI Music Generation Tools Overview

This paragraph introduces the concept of AI in music generation, highlighting the advancements in AI tools that can create music, sounds, or assist musicians in writing new tracks. It discusses the tool Refusion, which aids musicians in generating riffs by inputting lyrics and describing sounds. The paragraph also touches on the ease of use and the options provided by Refusion, such as writing lyrics, recording lyrics using a computer's microphone, and the importance of providing a song description for AI to generate appropriate lyrics. The paragraph concludes with a brief mention of other AI music generators and their capabilities.


🚀 Advanced AI Music Generators

The second paragraph delves into more advanced AI music generation tools like Sunno, which has been updated to version 3 and can create both music and lyrics. It describes the simple and detailed approaches to music generation with Sunno, including the customization options and the ability to remix tracks. The paragraph also introduces Mubert, a tool that generates music from images, showcasing the versatility of AI in understanding and translating visual elements into unique sounds. Additionally, it mentions the platform's royalty-free music library and the conditions for downloading tracks.


🎼 Exploring Unique AI Music Creation Platforms

This paragraph discusses various AI music creation platforms, including Soundraw, Ava, and Boomie, each with their unique features and customization options. Soundraw allows users to create music by selecting parameters from a list, while Ava offers a range of track styles and the ability to generate longer tracks. Boomie provides options to add vocals, rewrite tracks, and edit instruments and sounds. The paragraph also touches on the limitations and paywalls of some platforms, and how certain tools are more suited for commercial use or musicians looking for unique compositions.


🎹 Professional AI Music Tools for Musicians

The final paragraph focuses on professional-grade AI music tools like Soundful and Beatoven, which offer more sophisticated interfaces and customization options. Soundful requires a deeper understanding of music genres and styles and provides high-quality tracks after a mastering process. Beatoven allows users to create both short and long tracks with the ability to add additional emotions at specific moments in the track. The paragraph concludes by mentioning Google's Music LM and Synth ID, which generates unique tunes and lyrics, and emphasizes the potential of AI in revolutionizing music creation for beginners and experienced musicians alike.



💡AI tools

AI tools refer to artificial intelligence-based software applications designed to assist or automate tasks in various fields. In the context of the video, AI tools are specifically created for music generation, helping musicians and creators produce new tracks by generating riffs, beats, and even lyrics. These tools can range from simple generators to more complex assistants that provide a comprehensive music creation experience.

💡Music generation

Music generation is the process of creating new musical compositions using AI algorithms. This can involve generating melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and lyrics, often tailored to specific styles or moods. The video highlights how AI tools have advanced to the point where they can assist in creating original music pieces, providing a new avenue for creativity in the music industry.


Refusion is an AI tool specifically designed to assist musicians by generating riffs, which are short, repetitive musical phrases. It serves as a creative assistant, allowing users to input lyrics and describe the desired sound, after which the AI generates a riff. This tool is particularly useful for overcoming creative blocks and enhancing the songwriting process.


Sunno is an AI music generation platform that has been updated to version 3, as mentioned in the video. It stands out for its capability to create both music and lyrics, offering a simple way for users to generate tracks by briefly describing a song or utilizing a more detailed custom mode for greater control over the creative process.


Mubert is an AI music generation platform that not only creates music from text prompts but also hosts a library of royalty-free music. It allows users to generate music based on mood, genre, or by uploading images, providing a unique approach to music creation that can inspire new ideas and fresh tunes.

💡AI-generated lyrics

AI-generated lyrics are verses or phrases created by artificial intelligence algorithms based on user input or specific prompts. These tools can help musicians come up with ideas for songwriting by providing lyrics that match the desired theme, mood, or style. The video illustrates how AI tools can facilitate the creative process by generating lyrics that align with the user's vision for a song.

💡Musical styles and moods

Musical styles and moods refer to the various genres and emotional tones that a piece of music can convey. In the context of AI music generation, these tools allow users to specify the type of music they want to create, such as retro wave, gangster rap, or epic soundtrack, and set the mood of the track, like happy, fearful, or peaceful. This customization helps in tailoring the generated music to fit specific creative needs or preferences.

💡Royalty-free music

Royalty-free music is a term used to describe music that can be used without paying ongoing royalties or fees to the original creator once it has been purchased or licensed. This type of music is often used in commercial projects, such as videos, advertisements, and other media productions, where there is a need for cost-effective and reusable music content.

💡Musical visualization

Musical visualization involves the graphical representation of music, such as through animated lyrics or other visual elements that correspond to the audio. This can enhance the listening experience and provide a visual component that aligns with the music's rhythm, melody, or overall theme.

💡Vocal remover

A vocal remover is a tool or software that isolates and removes the vocal parts from a piece of music, leaving behind the instrumental track. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as creating karaoke versions of songs, remixing music, or using the instrumentals in new creations.


Soundraw is an AI music generation platform that focuses on creating commercial content, offering a wide range of genres and moods to choose from. It allows users to generate music by selecting parameters such as genre, mood, theme, tempo, and instruments, and provides the option to edit parts of the generated melody.


Ava is an AI music generation tool that provides users with multiple ways to create tracks, including picking a style, customizing chord progressions, and even uploading media for AI to analyze and create a new track based on that. It offers a balance between simplicity and customization, allowing users to generate music that can be used in various settings, such as nightclubs or as background music for videos.


AI tools have made significant advancements in the field of music generation, making it easier for musicians to create new tracks.

Refusion is an AI assistant that excels at creating riffs, a common challenge for musicians.

Refusion offers three options for generating lyrics: writing everything yourself, using AI to write the lyrics, or recording lyrics using your computer's microphone.

Sunno is a powerful music generator that can create both music and lyrics, with a recent update to version 3.

Sunno provides a simple way to generate music by briefly describing a song and pressing one button.

Mubert is a unique AI tool that generates music not only from text but also from images, providing a new dimension to music creation.

Mubert's ability to generate music from images allows for a more intuitive and inspiring approach to music creation.

Ava is an AI music generator that lets you download three tracks per month and offers various ways to generate a track.

Boomie provides options to add vocals, rewrite the track, rearrange it, and even edit instruments and sounds, offering a high level of customization.

Soundful is designed for more experienced musicians, allowing for detailed customization of the music generation process.

Beatoven allows users to create additional emotions within a track, enhancing the depth and complexity of the music generated.

Music Effects, Google's AI music generator, offers a simple and intuitive interface for beginners who want full control over their songs.

Music Effects generates unique music from scratch, without sampling existing tracks, providing a completely original composition.

The advancements in AI music generation tools are opening up new possibilities for musicians and content creators alike.

AI music generators are becoming increasingly accessible, offering a range of options from simple to complex, catering to various levels of musical expertise.

The future of music creation is being shaped by AI, with tools that can understand and translate a wide range of inputs into original music.