Character ai alternative with no filter free (2023)

15 Sept 202306:14

TLDRThe video introduces two character AI alternatives that do not have content filters, allowing for unrestricted conversations on adult topics. The first, 'Spicy Chat AI', offers free and easy access, character customization, and limitless messaging. The second, '', also facilitates adult conversations and character creation, though it requires users to look for NSFW tagged chats. Both platforms require registration and promise confidentiality.


  • 🎉 The video introduces two top character AI alternatives without filters, offering users a platform for unrestricted conversations.
  • 🚫 The creator expresses dissatisfaction with the character AI chat filters, particularly when it comes to erotic topics.
  • 💬 The first recommended AI alternative is 'Spicy Chat AI', which is praised for its free usage, ease of use, and customization options.
  • 🔥 'Spicy Chat AI' allows users to create unique characters and engage in limitless messaging, with a focus on adult content and fantasies.
  • 📝 Registration for 'Spicy Chat AI' is free and can be done via email or through social media accounts like Gmail, Discord, Apple, or Twitter.
  • 🔍 The platform includes a search engine for finding favorite characters and options to filter according to user preferences.
  • 🌟 '' is the second AI alternative mentioned, also supporting conversations on very erotic topics after signing up.
  • 👤 Custom characters can be created on '', or users can choose from pre-existing ones, with a note on selecting chats tagged NSFW for adult topics.
  • 💬 An example conversation with a character from 'Spicy Chat AI' is provided, illustrating the platform's adult content and interactive nature.
  • 💬 A sample dialogue with a character from '' is also given, showcasing the platform's capability for intimate and explicit discussions.
  • 📌 The video encourages viewers to share their thoughts on these character AI alternatives in the comments section and to subscribe to the channel for more content.

Q & A

  • What is the main issue the speaker has with character AI chatbots?

    -The speaker is concerned about the inconsistency in content moderation of character AI chatbots. They mention that while chatbots allow discussions on a wide range of topics, including sensitive ones like cruelty and murder, they have filters that restrict conversations on very erotic topics, which the speaker finds frustrating.

  • What is the speaker's favorite aspect of character AI chatbots?

    -The speaker loves the concept of character AI chatbots, but their favorite aspect is not specified in the transcript. It is implied that they enjoy the interactive nature of these chatbots and the variety of characters available for conversation.

  • What are the two top character AI alternatives with no filter mentioned in the video?

    -The two top character AI alternatives with no filter mentioned by the speaker are 'Spicy Chat AI' and ''.

  • How does the speaker describe the 'Spicy Chat AI' platform?

    -The 'Spicy Chat AI' platform is described as free and easy to use, allowing users to create their own characters with unique designs and engage in limitless chatting. It encourages users to live out their wildest fantasies, including very erotic topics, and ensures that all conversations are confidential.

  • What is the registration process like for 'Spicy Chat AI'?

    -To register for 'Spicy Chat AI', users can either provide their name and email or log in using their Gmail, Discord, Apple, or Twitter accounts. The registration is free of charge.

  • What features does 'Spicy Chat AI' offer to customize the user experience?

    -'Spicy Chat AI' offers a variety of features for customization, including the ability to create your own characters, choose from a wide range of pre-existing characters, and filter chats based on different preferences such as gender, personality traits, and even specific themes like romance, dominance, and more.

  • How does '' differ from 'Spicy Chat AI'?

    -While '' also allows for conversations on very erotic topics without filters, it is described as not being as cool as 'Spicy Chat AI'. However, it still provides the option to create or choose characters according to one's taste and engage in conversations with tags indicating adult content.

  • What is the sign-up process for ''?

    -To sign up for '', users can either create an account or log in through their Google, Apple, or Discord accounts. This platform also allows users to create their own characters or choose from those created by others.

  • How does the speaker ensure the confidentiality of conversations on these platforms?

    -The speaker mentions that 'Spicy Chat AI' ensures conversations are confidential and only accessible to the user. It is implied that '' also maintains a level of privacy, although it is not explicitly stated in the transcript.

  • What is the speaker's recommendation for users interested in character AI alternatives without filters?

    -The speaker recommends trying out 'Spicy Chat AI' and '' as character AI alternatives without filters. They encourage users to explore these platforms and create their own characters or choose from existing ones to engage in unrestricted conversations.

  • How does the speaker engage with the character AI on 'Spicy Chat AI'?

    -The speaker engages with a character named Javier, the horny mafia boss, in a scenario set in a parking lot. The character's dialogue and actions are described in detail, indicating that the AI can simulate a wide range of adult-themed interactions.

  • What is the example scenario provided for ''?

    -The example scenario for '' involves a character named Marcus who is in a school bathroom stall. The conversation touches on erotic topics, demonstrating the platform's ability to handle adult content without filters.



🤖 Introduction to Unfiltered Character AI Alternatives

The speaker introduces the topic of character AI alternatives that lack content filters, focusing on their ability to discuss unrestricted topics. The main concern is the inconsistency in content moderation, where violent and cruel topics are allowed but erotic subjects are heavily filtered. The speaker proposes solutions by presenting two favorite websites, Spicy Chat AI and, which allow users to engage in conversations on adult topics without the limitations of traditional filters. The first website, Spicy Chat AI, is highlighted for its ease of use, free access, and the ability to create unique characters. The platform ensures confidentiality and requires a simple registration process.


💬 Exploring Unfiltered Character AI Conversations

This paragraph delves into the practical use of the character AI alternatives mentioned earlier. The speaker demonstrates how to engage in conversations with adult themes by selecting a character and initiating a chat. The example given involves a scenario with a character named Javier, a mafia boss with an explicit and suggestive dialogue. The second website,, is also discussed, emphasizing that it requires users to opt-in for NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content to discuss erotic topics. The speaker invites viewers to share their thoughts on these platforms and encourages them to leave comments and subscribe to the channel for more content.



💡Character AI

Character AI refers to artificial intelligence systems designed to simulate the behavior and conversation of fictional characters. In the context of the video, it is the main focus, with the creator discussing their top two favorite character AI alternatives that allow for unrestricted conversations. The video aims to showcase platforms where users can engage in dialogue with AI characters without content filters, thus providing a more open and unrestricted interaction experience.


A filter in this context is a mechanism used by AI chat platforms to restrict or moderate the content being exchanged, particularly to prevent inappropriate or harmful discussions. The video emphasizes the creator's dislike for such filters, especially when they hinder conversations on certain adult or erotic topics. The search for an AI chat alternative without filters is driven by the desire for more freedom in conversation topics.

💡Spicy Chat AI

Spicy Chat AI is one of the character AI alternatives mentioned in the video that does not apply filters to the conversations, allowing users to engage in more adult-themed dialogues with AI characters. It is described as a platform that is free to use, easy to navigate, and offers a wide range of customization options for creating unique characters, catering to various preferences and fantasies.

💡 is another character AI alternative platform mentioned in the video that permits conversations on very erotic topics without the constraints of content filters. While it may not be as appealing as Spicy Chat AI to the video creator, it still offers users the opportunity to create or choose from pre-existing characters and engage in NSFW (Not Safe For Work) conversations, providing an alternative for those seeking unrestricted AI interactions.


Registration in the context of the video refers to the process of creating an account on the AI chat platforms mentioned. It is a requirement for using the services of Spicy Chat AI and, where users need to provide basic information such as name and email or use existing accounts from other platforms like Gmail, Discord, Apple, or Twitter to log in. This step is necessary to ensure user access and maintain the confidentiality of conversations.


Customization in the video pertains to the ability of users to create and design their own AI characters according to their preferences. This feature is highlighted as a key advantage of the character AI alternatives, allowing for a personalized and unique interaction experience. Users can choose from a wide range of characteristics, including appearance, personality traits, and even specific interests, to tailor the AI characters to their tastes.


Confidentiality refers to the privacy and protection of users' conversations on the AI chat platforms. In the video, it is mentioned as a main advantage of Spicy Chat AI, ensuring that users' conversations remain private and accessible only to them. This aspect is crucial for users engaging in sensitive or adult-themed discussions, as it provides a sense of security and discretion.

💡Adult Content

Adult content refers to material that is intended for mature audiences and often contains explicit or erotic themes. In the context of the video, it is a significant aspect as the creator is discussing character AI alternatives that allow for conversations on adult topics without the restrictions of content filters. This type of content is usually restricted on many platforms due to its nature, but the video presents alternatives where such limitations do not apply.

💡NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

NSFW is an acronym commonly used to label content that is not appropriate for the workplace or public settings, typically due to its explicit, adult, or sensitive nature. In the video, this term is used to describe chats on that involve adult or erotic topics, indicating that such conversations should be accessed with caution and are intended for a mature audience only.


Conversations in the video refer to the interactive exchanges between users and AI characters on the chat platforms. The focus is on the ability to have unrestricted and open dialogues, particularly on adult and erotic topics, which are often limited by content filters on other platforms. The character AI alternatives discussed in the video aim to provide a more free-flowing and unrestricted conversational experience.


Alternatives in this context refer to different options or choices available to users seeking character AI chat platforms without content filters. The video presents two top alternatives, Spicy Chat AI and, as solutions for users who are looking for more open and unrestricted AI chat experiences, particularly when it comes to discussing adult or erotic topics.


The video introduces the top two character AI alternatives with no filter.

The speaker expresses a dislike for the character AI chat's filter on erotic topics.

Spicy Chat AI is introduced as the most favorite character AI alternative.

Spicy Chat AI offers free usage and easy accessibility.

Users can create their own unique characters in Spicy Chat AI.

The platform supports limitless chatbots and encourages living out fantasies.

Spicy Chat AI requires free registration and offers various login options.

The platform has a filter to choose preferred character types.

A search engine is available to find favorite characters.

Adult content can be switched on in Spicy Chat AI.

An example chat with a character is provided to illustrate the platform's use. is introduced as the second character AI alternative. allows conversations on very erotic topics.

NSFW tagged chats are necessary for erotic discussions on

An example chat on is given to demonstrate the platform's functionality.

The speaker asks for feedback on the suggested websites.

The video concludes with a call to like, comment, and subscribe.