Create Professional-Quality Anime Art with AI: Guide to the Best Sites & Generators

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10 Jan 202325:46

TLDRIn this video, the host explores various AI text-to-image generators, focusing on their ability to create anime-style images. After testing different prompts, including characters from popular series and original concepts, the host compares the results and quality of images produced by each model. The video concludes with recommendations on which generator is best suited for different types of users, whether they are looking for detailed anime art or creating unique waifu characters.


  • 📺 The video is a review of four different AI text-to-image generators, focusing on their effectiveness in creating anime-style images.
  • 👤 Jack, the resident anime expert, leads the discussion and provides insights on the quality and accuracy of the generated images.
  • 🌟 The AI models reviewed include Hilera, Novel AI, Anything V3, and Niji Journey, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • 💰 Hilera offers both free and paid options, with a pricing plan that includes Hollow gems, their currency for generating images.
  • 🎨 Hilera's generator tends to produce more detailed backgrounds and often generates female characters, even when not prompted for them.
  • 🖼️ Novel AI provides a more accurate representation of anime characters, staying true to the art style of the original shows.
  • 🆓 Anything V3, the free model, generates images with less detail and accuracy, but is accessible for casual use and humor.
  • 🌈 Niji Journey, included with a Mid Journey subscription, offers dynamic and diverse image generation but does not always adhere to the anime style.
  • 👍 For users seeking to create anime-style waifu images, Hilera is recommended for its versatility and detail in backgrounds.
  • 🎭 For those looking for accurate anime character representations, Novel AI is the preferred choice.
  • 🤔 The video concludes with a reminder that AI-generated images can be used for fun and creative purposes, but users should be aware of the limitations and inaccuracies.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a comparison of four different AI text-to-image generators, focusing on their ability to create anime-style images based on user prompts.

  • Who is the guest in the video?

    -The guest in the video is Jack, who is introduced as the resident anime expert.

  • What are the different categories of AI text-to-image generators discussed in the video?

    -The video discusses completely free models, paid models, and some of the best AI text-to-image generators available.

  • What is the first AI generator the video takes a look at?

    -The first AI generator the video takes a look at is known as Hilera.

  • What are some of the features of Hilera?

    -Hilera offers different sizes for image generation, the ability to generate one to four images, various steps and scales, and quality tags to enhance the quality of generations.

  • What is the issue with the images generated by Hilera for the prompt 'Obama building a PC'?

    -The images generated by Hilera for the prompt 'Obama building a PC' do not closely resemble Obama and have some inconsistencies, such as incorrect hand details and a lack of direct relevance to building a PC.

  • How does the video describe the performance of Novel AI in comparison to Hilera?

    -The video describes Novel AI as performing better than Hilera, particularly in generating images that are more true to the art style of the characters and more coherent overall.

  • What is the verdict on Hilera for generating anime characters?

    -The verdict on Hilera for generating anime characters is that it seems to struggle with accurately reproducing the characters and tends to generate more waifu-style images with a focus on female characters.

  • What is the final assessment of the AI generators in the video?

    -The final assessment is that Hilera is great for generating waifu-style images, Novel AI falls in between the two with a good balance of quality and coherence, and Niji Journey, related to Mid Journey, provides a more diverse dataset and accurate character representation but doesn't focus solely on the anime style.

  • What advice does the video give to viewers interested in using these AI generators?

    -The video advises viewers to choose the AI generator that best fits their needs, whether they are interested in creating waifu-style images, anime-style art, or simply exploring the capabilities of AI-generated images.



📺 Introduction and Overview of AI Text-to-Image Generators

The paragraph introduces the video's focus on evaluating four different AI text-to-image generators. The host welcomes back Jack, an expert in anime, to help compare the models. The discussion includes both free and paid options, with a promise to provide a comprehensive review. The first model discussed is 'hilera', which is new and offers free 'Hollow gems' for image generation. The video sets the stage for a detailed analysis of the generators by discussing the options and settings available in 'hilera', including quality tags and different model selections.


🎨 Testing Hilera's Image Generation with Various Prompts

The host and Jack test 'hilera' with different prompts, aiming to compare the results between models later in the video. They start with a prompt featuring Obama building a PC, resulting in a mix of relevant and irrelevant images. The conversation highlights the generator's limitations and strengths, such as its inability to accurately depict Obama but its success in creating anime-style images. They also discuss the potential of 'hilera' to generate waifu characters and test it with prompts related to 'Demon Slayer' and 'Attack on Titan', noting the generator's tendency to produce more female characters.


🤔 Analyzing the Results and Comparing with Other AI Models

The discussion shifts to analyzing the results from 'hilera' and comparing them with other AI models. The host and Jack critique the images generated by 'hilera', noting its tendency to create female characters even when not prompted for them. They compare 'hilera' with 'Novel AI', discussing the pricing and subscription models of both. The comparison reveals that 'Novel AI' generates more accurate representations of requested characters like Jotaro from 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure', while 'hilera' produces more stylized, less accurate images.


🖌️ Exploring the Capabilities of Niji Journey and Other Free Models

The conversation moves to exploring 'Niji Journey', a model included with a 'Mid Journey' subscription. The host and Jack discuss the model's capabilities and compare it with other generators. They note 'Niji Journey's' ability to produce high-quality images and accurately depict characters like Goku from 'Dragon Ball'. The paragraph also includes a brief look at a free model, 'Anything V3', which, while slower and lower quality, offers versatility for generating unique and humorous content.


📊 Final Comparison and Recommendations

The video concludes with a final comparison of the AI models discussed. The host and Jack summarize their findings, providing recommendations based on the video's tests. 'Hilera' is praised for its potential in generating waifu characters, 'Niji Journey' for its detailed and accurate character depictions, and 'Novel AI' for its balance between quality and versatility. The host playfully warns viewers about the potential temptations of using these generators, emphasizing the technology's impressive capabilities.



💡AI text to image generators

AI text to image generators are artificial intelligence systems capable of creating visual images based on textual descriptions provided by users. In the context of the video, these generators are used to produce anime-style images from textual prompts, showcasing the technology's ability to interpret and render text into visual content accurately.


Anime refers to a style of animation that originated in Japan, characterized by vibrant characters, fantastical themes, and exaggerated expressions. In the video, the main theme revolves around generating anime-style images using AI text to image generators, with the hosts testing various models to see which one best captures the essence of anime characters and scenes.


Jack is a character in the video who is introduced as the resident anime expert. His role is to provide insights and opinions on the AI-generated images, especially in terms of their adherence to the anime style and the accuracy of the character representations.


Hilera is one of the AI text to image generators discussed in the video. It is described as a relatively new model that offers both free and paid options for users. The video explores its features, such as the ability to generate images in different sizes and aspect ratios, and its use of 'Hollow gems' as a form of currency for image generation.

💡Novel AI

Novel AI is another AI text to image generator mentioned in the video. It operates on a subscription model where users purchase 'analyst packs' instead of a monthly subscription. The video compares Novel AI's output with other generators to determine its effectiveness in creating anime-style images and its ability to capture the details and essence of the characters and scenes described in the prompts.


A 'waifu' is a term used in anime and manga fandom to refer to a fictional female character that a fan is attracted to or considers as a virtual girlfriend. In the context of the video, the hosts discuss the tendency of some AI generators to produce images of female characters that cater to the 'waifu' demographic, often sexualizing the characters.

💡Anime expert

An 'anime expert' is someone with extensive knowledge and understanding of anime, its various styles, genres, and characters. In the video, Jack is introduced as the anime expert, indicating that his opinions and evaluations of the AI-generated images carry weight due to his familiarity with the anime genre.


In the context of AI text to image generators, 'prompts' are the textual descriptions or phrases that users input to instruct the AI to generate specific images. The quality and creativity of the prompts can significantly influence the output of the AI.

💡Image quality

Image quality refers to the resolution, detail, and overall visual appeal of the images produced by the AI generators. The video discusses the image quality in terms of how well the AI captures the essence of the anime style and the accuracy of the characters and scenes.

💡Niji Journey

Niji Journey is an AI model collaboration with Mid-Journey, which allows users to generate a variety of images, not limited to anime style. It is mentioned in the video as a model that has a more diverse dataset and can produce more accurate representations of characters like Goku from Dragon Ball.


The act of comparing involves evaluating and contrasting different items or models to determine their relative merits, effectiveness, or characteristics. In the video, the hosts compare different AI text to image generators to find out which one is the most suitable for users interested in anime-style image generation.


The video features a review of four different AI text to image generators, focusing on their effectiveness in creating anime-style images.

The AI expert Jack provides his insights and opinions on the generators, adding a personal touch to the evaluation.

The generators being reviewed include both free and paid models, offering a range of options for viewers.

Hilera is introduced as a new model with a unique currency system called Hollow gems.

Jack humorously critiques the generators, providing an entertaining perspective on their capabilities.

The video includes a direct comparison of the generators using consistent prompts for a fair assessment.

Novel AI is highlighted for its accuracy in generating anime characters, particularly Jotaro.

Hilera is noted for its tendency to generate more detailed backgrounds and its versatility in creating waifu-style images.

The video touches on the potential copyright issues with generating images of copyrighted anime characters.

Jack's commentary adds a layer of humor and relatability, especially for those familiar with anime culture.

The video concludes with recommendations on which generator to use based on specific interests, such as waifu creation or accurate anime art style.

The review process is transparent, showing the generators' interfaces and the thought process behind the prompts.

The video provides a unique blend of entertainment and informative content, appealing to both anime enthusiasts and tech-savvy audiences.

The review includes a variety of prompts, from famous personalities to popular anime characters, to test the generators' range.

The video concludes with a humorous warning about the potential for generating inappropriate content with the AI generators.

The video's format encourages viewer interaction, inviting them to share their thoughts in the comments section.