DALLE 2 how to Create Better Prompts - Full Guide

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27 Jul 202213:07

TLDRThis video from the Matte Video Productions channel dives into creating effective prompts for DALLE 2, an AI image generator. The host showcases a variety of animal images generated by DALLE 2, emphasizing the consistency and quality of the outputs. The video then critiques the concept of buying and selling prompts, advocating for creativity and the use of free resources. The host introduces the DALLE Prompt Book, an 82-page guide that covers various aspects of prompt creation, including photo composition, emotional tone, lighting, and camera settings. The guide aims to help users refine their prompts and achieve more accurate results with DALLE 2. The video also discusses troubleshooting when prompts don't yield desired results and explores different categories of image generation, such as 3D artworks and illustrations. The host concludes by encouraging viewers to utilize the free resources provided and share their creations in the AI image generations section of the channel's Discord server.


  • 📸 The video discusses how to create better prompts for DALLE 2, an AI image generator model.
  • 🆓 The DALLE Prompt Book is a free resource that provides extensive information on crafting prompts for DALLE 2.
  • 📝 The script emphasizes the importance of detailed prompts, including aspects like composition, emotional vibe, lighting, and context.
  • 🚫 The video discourages buying prompts from a marketplace, arguing that the DALLE Prompt Book offers all the necessary tools to create prompts.
  • 💡 It's suggested to experiment with different prompt structures and to include as many relevant details as possible to achieve the desired image.
  • 🛠️ The video demonstrates how to troubleshoot prompts that don't yield the expected results, such as by adding commas or changing certain keywords.
  • 🎨 The DALLE Prompt Book covers various categories including 3D artworks, illustrations, and photography, each with its own set of examples and techniques.
  • 🔍 The script mentions other resources on the website, such as a prompt ideas section, alternatives to DALLE 2, a DALLE dictionary, and a prompt engineering document.
  • 📈 The video aims to help viewers improve their prompt creation skills and generate more accurate and creative AI images.
  • 👍 The creator encourages viewers to share their AI-generated images in a specific section of his Discord server.
  • ✅ The video is sponsored by Wondershare Repair, a tool for fixing corrupted video files, which is showcased as a valuable resource for content creators.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is exploring how to create better prompts for DALLE 2, a text-to-image generator model.

  • What is the purpose of showing the 3D low polygon animal collection at the beginning of the video?

    -The purpose is to demonstrate the consistency and quality of the generated images by DALLE 2 and to pique the viewers' interest in the topic of creating effective prompts.

  • What does the video suggest about the DALLE Plus GPT3 Prompt Marketplace?

    -The video suggests that the marketplace is unnecessary for creating good prompts, as the video itself provides free and comprehensive information on how to do so.

  • What is the name of the resource mentioned in the video that provides a guide on creating prompts for DALLE 2?

    -The resource is called the 'Dolly Prompt Book'.

  • What are some of the questions one should ask themselves when structuring a photo prompt according to the Dolly Prompt Book?

    -Questions include the composition of the photo, emotional vibe, distance and angle to the subject, depth of field, lighting conditions, color, time of day, camera or lens used, shooting location, and the context of the photo's publication or use.

  • What is the video's stance on buying and selling prompts?

    -The video is against buying and selling prompts, as it believes that doing so can hinder creativity and that the necessary tools and knowledge to create prompts are available for free.

  • How does the video demonstrate the process of creating a prompt for DALLE 2?

    -The video shows an example of creating a prompt for a 'never before seen alien creature' in nature photography with overcast lighting, and then refines the prompt by adding commas and specific terms to improve the results.

  • What is the name of the software mentioned that can repair corrupted video files?

    -The software is called Wondershare Repair.

  • What are some of the different art and illustration styles covered in the Dolly Prompt Book?

    -The book covers styles such as ballpoint pen, pencil sketch, digital media, airbrush, Chinese watercolor, oil painting, anime, pixel art, and styles inspired by specific illustrators or animations like Pixar, Family Guy, and Spirited Away.

  • What is the issue the video creator has been facing with DALLE 2's image generation?

    -The video creator has been experiencing a drop in quality with DALLE 2's image generation, where the results are not matching the text description and are often just stock-looking images.

  • What is the video's final message regarding the use of resources to improve prompt creation for DALLE 2?

    -The final message is that there are numerous free resources available, such as the Dolly Prompt Book and other guides, that can significantly enhance one's ability to create effective prompts without needing to purchase them.



😀 Introduction to Dolly 2 and AI Generated 3D Low Polygon Animals

The video begins with a welcome to the Matte Video Productions channel and an introduction to the topic of exploring useful assets for texture and image generator model users. The host showcases an AI-generated 3D low polygon animal collection by Dolly 2, emphasizing the consistency and potential for these assets to be used in the same media. The audience is encouraged to share their favorite animal from the collection. The script also mentions the simplicity of the prompt used to generate these images and expresses the host's intention to create a capybara image. The video discusses the Dolly Plus GPT3 Prompt Marketplace, where prompts can be bought and sold, which the host finds unnecessary given the freely available resources and knowledge on creating effective prompts. The host also highlights a sponsored product, Wondershare Repair, which is useful for fixing corrupted video files.


📚 Dolly Prompt Book: A Guide to Crafting Effective Prompts

The second paragraph delves into the Dolly Prompt Book, an 82-page free resource that educates users on how to create prompts for Dolly 2. It covers various aspects such as photo composition, emotional vibe, lighting, and context. The book provides examples of different camera angles, settings, and lighting prompts that can be used to refine prompts. The host attempts to generate an image using a complex prompt about a never-before-seen alien creature and discusses the challenges and results of using Dolly 2's text-to-image generation. The paragraph also touches on alternative text-to-image generation resources and the Dolly Dictionary, which helps users understand camera settings and associated tags for images.


🎨 Exploring Dolly 2's Capabilities with 3D Artworks and Illustrations

The final paragraph focuses on the diverse categories of 3D artworks and illustrations that can be generated using Dolly 2, such as sculptures, statues, hairstyles, and tattoos. It highlights the illustration category, which includes various styles like ballpoint pen, pencil sketch, and digital media. The host shares their experience with different styles, including Pixar and anime, and demonstrates the generation of isometric 3D lemons with low polygon characteristics. The paragraph emphasizes the unnecessary nature of purchasing prompts when the Dolly Prompt Book provides all the necessary tools for creating effective prompts. The host encourages viewers to utilize the available resources to enhance their prompt creation skills and generate impressive images, inviting them to share their creations on the host's Discord server.




DALLE 2 is a text-to-image generation model that uses artificial intelligence to create images from textual descriptions. In the video, it is used to generate various images such as 3D low polygon animal collections and is a central tool around which the video's content is structured.


A prompt is a textual description or a set of instructions given to an AI model like DALLE 2 to generate specific images. The video focuses on how to create better prompts to achieve more accurate and desired results from the image generation process.

💡Low Polygon

Low polygon, also known as low-poly, is a 3D modeling technique where a 3D model is created with a relatively small number of polygons, resulting in a geometric, stylized appearance. In the script, it is used to describe the style of the animal images generated by DALLE 2.

💡Isometric 3D

Isometric 3D refers to a type of three-dimensional visual representation where the viewer observes the object from a certain angle, often used in technical or gaming illustrations. The video discusses using isometric 3D in prompts to generate images with a specific perspective.


In the context of image generation and 3D modeling, texture refers to the surface details or appearance of an object, which can be applied to 3D models to give them a more realistic or stylized look. The video mentions texture in relation to the types of images that can be generated using DALLE 2.

💡AI Generation

AI generation refers to the process of creating content, such as images, using artificial intelligence. The video is centered around AI-generated images and how to improve the quality and relevance of these images through better prompts.

💡Dolly Plus GPT3 Prompt Marketplace

This is a platform mentioned in the video where users can buy and sell prompts for use in DALLE 2. The host expresses skepticism about the need for such a marketplace, advocating instead for creating prompts independently using freely available resources.

💡Wondershare Repair

Wondershare Repair is a software tool highlighted in the video that can repair corrupted video files. It is used as an example of a practical tool for creators, showcasing its ability to fix a video file that was previously unplayable.

💡Dolly Prompt Book

The Dolly Prompt Book is a free resource that the video recommends for learning how to create effective prompts for DALLE 2. It covers various aspects of prompt construction and is presented as an alternative to purchasing prompts.

💡Illustration Styles

The video discusses various illustration styles such as ballpoint pen, pencil sketch, and oil painting, which can be used as part of the prompt to guide DALLE 2 in generating images with specific artistic characteristics.

💡3D Artworks

3D Artworks refer to three-dimensional art pieces like sculptures and statues that can be created or represented in DALLE 2's image generation. The video touches on the different types of 3D artworks and how they can be described in prompts.


The video explores the use of DALLE 2, an AI image generator, and discusses how to create better prompts for it.

An interesting AI generation of a 3D low polygon animal collection is showcased, demonstrating the consistency of the generated images.

The importance of creating a simple and effective prompt is emphasized, such as 'low polygon render of an animal'.

The video introduces a marketplace for buying and selling prompts, but argues that it's unnecessary due to the availability of free resources.

The DALLE Prompt Book is introduced as a free resource that can help users understand how to create better prompts.

The Prompt Book covers various aspects of prompt creation, including photo composition, emotional vibe, lighting, and context.

Examples of different camera angles and settings are provided to help users refine their prompts.

The video demonstrates how to use the Prompt Book to generate a nature photography image of an alien creature.

Tips are given on how to troubleshoot and refine prompts if the generated images do not match the desired description.

The video showcases the generation of 3D artworks and provides examples of different 3D sculpture styles.

Illustration styles are explored, including ballpoint pen, pencil sketch, and digital media, with examples of how to prompt for each style.

The video attempts to generate isometric 3D lemons using different prompts and discusses the results.

The DALLE 2 Prompt Book's usefulness is reiterated, encouraging viewers to utilize it for improving their prompt creation skills.

Additional resources available on the website are mentioned, such as the Prompt Ideas section and the DALLE Dictionary.

The video emphasizes the value of free resources over purchasing prompts, encouraging creativity and self-sufficiency.

The host invites viewers to share their AI-generated images in the Discord server and provides a link for joining.

The video concludes with a reminder to subscribe to the channel and leave a like if the content was helpful.