【ai绘画】Ipaint Anything 分隔万物 高效精准修改指定区域 | 商业换装 | 让AI穿上你喜欢的衣服

28 Jun 202316:23

TLDRIn this video, the presenter introduces the 'Inpaint Anything' plugin, an advanced tool for segmenting images with high precision. The plugin uses the Segment Anything model for element recognition and allows users to modify specific areas of an image with ease. The demonstration includes identifying and segmenting clothing from an image and then replacing it with a different piece, such as a gray shirt. The presenter also covers various installation methods, including using an extension from a URL, searching and installing directly from the extension page, cloning the plugin via terminal, and downloading a compressed package. The video further explains how to use the plugin's mask feature for precise editing and how to adjust parameters for optimal results. The plugin is particularly useful for tasks like e-commerce product imaging, interior design, and AI model customization. The presenter concludes by encouraging viewers to try out the plugin for its utility and ease of use.


  • 🎨 **Inpaint Anything Plugin Overview**: The Inpaint Anything plugin is designed for efficient and precise editing of specific areas in images, using the segment anything model for more accurate segmentation and element recognition.
  • 👕 **Clothing Segmentation**: The plugin can identify and segment clothing within an image, allowing users to select and manipulate clothing sections independently.
  • 🖌️ **Mask Creation**: Users can create masks for the selected areas with ease, which can be expanded or adjusted as needed for more precise editing.
  • 🔍 **Accuracy and Detail**: The plugin offers detailed segmentation, dividing elements like clothing into multiple sections for more nuanced control over the editing process.
  • 🛠️ **Installation Methods**: The script outlines four different methods to install the plugin, including using an extension, downloading a compressed package, and using terminal commands.
  • 📈 **Model Selection**: Depending on the video memory capacity of the user's device, different sizes of the segment anything model can be downloaded for optimal performance.
  • 👚 **Clothing Replacement**: The plugin enables users to replace clothing items in images with other colors or designs by creating a mask and using the inpaint function.
  • 🧑 **Figure and Clothing Separation**: For commercial applications like e-commerce or interior design, the plugin can separate clothing from figures and apply the clothing to new models.
  • 🖼️ **Image Retouching**: The plugin includes a face restoration feature to enhance the quality of facial features in images.
  • 📚 **Learning Resources**: The video description provides a link to the plugin's installation page and commands for users to follow and learn how to use the plugin effectively.
  • 🔄 **Advanced Options**: The plugin offers advanced options for users to fine-tune their edits, including control over the sampling method and iteration steps for more customized results.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the Inpaint Anything plugin?

    -The Inpaint Anything plugin is designed for segmenting and modifying specific areas of images with high precision. It can be used for tasks such as changing the clothes in a picture or making other selective modifications.

  • How does the Inpaint Anything plugin differ from the Segment Anything plugin?

    -While both plugins use the segment anything model, the Inpaint Anything plugin offers more accurate semantic segmentation and element recognition, allowing for finer control over the editing process.

  • What is the GroundingDINO feature used for in the plugin?

    -GroundingDINO is a feature within the plugin that helps identify specific elements within an image, such as clothing. It aids in the process of segmentation by recognizing and separating the desired elements.

  • How can one install the Inpaint Anything plugin?

    -The plugin can be installed through several methods, including installing it from a URL, loading it from an extension, cloning it from a repository using terminal commands, or downloading and extracting its compressed package into the extensions folder.

  • What are the different models available for the Segment Anything feature?

    -There are three models available for the Segment Anything feature: the largest model, a medium-sized one, and the smallest one. The choice of model depends on the video memory capacity of the user's system.

  • How does the mask creation process work in the Inpaint Anything plugin?

    -The mask creation process involves selecting the area of the image to be modified, adjusting the brush size, and combining or deselecting areas as needed. Once the desired area is selected, a mask is created, which can be expanded or adjusted for better precision.

  • What are the advanced options available for image editing in the plugin?

    -Advanced options include the ability to set the number of iteration steps, choose the sampling method, and use ControlNet Inpaint for more control over the inpainting process. Users can also set prompts for positive and negative aspects of the image to guide the AI.

  • How can the Inpaint Anything plugin be used for commercial purposes like e-commerce?

    -The plugin can be used to replace models in product images with new ones while keeping the clothes intact. This allows e-commerce companies to update their product presentations without needing to reshoot the entire catalog.

  • What is the process of changing the clothes in an image using the plugin?

    -To change the clothes, one would first segment the clothes using the plugin, create a mask for the selected area, and then use the inpainting feature to replace the clothes with a different color or pattern as desired.

  • How does the plugin handle the task of redrawing non-masked content?

    -The plugin allows users to choose whether to redraw the masked or non-masked content. For redrawing non-masked content, users can select the original image and set parameters such as the sampling method and the number of iterations to achieve the desired outcome.

  • What is the significance of the 'inpaint_only' function in the plugin?

    -The 'inpaint_only' function is used to focus the inpainting process on the masked area, ensuring that only the selected part of the image is modified while leaving the rest untouched.



🖼️ Introduction to Inpaint Anything Plugin

The first paragraph introduces the Inpaint Anything plugin, a tool for segmenting pictures with higher accuracy in semantic segmentation and element recognition compared to the Segment Anything plugin. It demonstrates the process of using the plugin to identify and segment clothing from an image using GroundingDINO and creating a mask for the selected area. The paragraph also covers different methods of installing the plugin from a URL, searching within the extension, cloning from a directory, and downloading a compressed package.


📚 Using the Inpaint Anything Plugin

The second paragraph explains how to use the Inpaint Anything plugin after installation. It discusses downloading the appropriate model based on video memory capacity and using the plugin to segment and select different parts of an image. The summary includes details on adjusting brush size, combining selections, creating and editing masks, and using prompts for inpainting. It also touches on advanced options and the limitations of using large models, as well as the utility of the plugin's mask feature for precise editing.


🎨 Customizing and Redrawing with Inpaint Anything

The third paragraph delves into the customization and redrawing capabilities of the Inpaint Anything plugin. It shows how to replace parts of an image, such as changing a white shirt to a gray one, and the utility of the plugin in interior design or e-commerce for modifying specific image areas. The process of keeping the clothing while replacing the person in an image is also explained, demonstrating the creation of a new mask and the use of various tools to refine the image. The paragraph concludes with the use of ControlNet and inpainting to achieve the desired outcome.


🔍 Advanced Usage and Final Thoughts on Inpaint Anything

The fourth and final paragraph discusses advanced usage of the Inpaint Anything plugin, including the generation of multiple batches and the option to restore face details in images. It emphasizes the effectiveness of the plugin in transferring clothing to new characters and the potential to enhance full-body images with face restoration. The summary concludes with an encouragement to experiment with the plugin and a note on adding personal touches, such as favorite clothes or styles, to the images.



💡Inpaint Anything

Inpaint Anything is a plug-in designed for the precise segmentation and editing of specific areas within images. It operates by using the segment anything model and is highlighted for its accuracy in semantic segmentation and element recognition. In the video, it is used to modify and replace elements such as clothing in pictures with a high degree of precision, which is crucial for tasks like commercial dressing or interior design.

💡Segment Anything

Segment Anything is a model referenced by the Inpaint Anything plug-in, which is used for segmenting images into different elements. It plays a foundational role in the plug-in's functionality, allowing for the identification and separation of various parts of an image, such as clothing, which can then be modified or replaced.


GroundingDINO is a feature within the plug-in that is used to identify and segment specific elements within an image. In the context of the video, it is enabled to recognize clothing, which is then isolated for further editing or replacement. It is a crucial tool for achieving the desired outcome of modifying specific parts of an image without affecting the rest.

💡Semantic Segmentation

Semantic segmentation is a process that involves the identification and classification of different elements within an image into their respective categories. In the video, the Inpaint Anything plug-in is noted to perform semantic segmentation more accurately than other plug-ins, which is essential for tasks that require precise editing of specific image areas.


Masking in the context of the video refers to the process of isolating a specific part of an image for editing or modification. It is a key step in using the Inpaint Anything plug-in, allowing users to select and work on particular elements, such as clothing, without impacting the rest of the image.

💡Plug-in Installation

The term 'plug-in installation' describes the process of adding the Inpaint Anything functionality to an existing software platform. The video provides detailed steps for installing the plug-in, which includes methods such as installing from a URL, loading from a self-contained file, and using terminal commands for direct installation. This process is essential for users to begin utilizing the plug-in's features.

💡Model Selection

Model selection within the video refers to the choice of different segment anything models that can be used with the Inpaint Anything plug-in. The models vary in size and are chosen based on the user's hardware capabilities, particularly video memory. The selection impacts the plug-in's performance and the accuracy of the image segmentation.

💡Brush Tool

The brush tool is a feature within the plug-in that allows users to manually select and adjust the areas they wish to edit within an image. It is used for fine-tuning the selection process, ensuring that only the desired parts of the image are targeted for modification. This tool is crucial for achieving precise control over the editing process.

💡Inpaint Upload Mask

The Inpaint Upload Mask feature is used to apply a previously created mask to an image for editing purposes. In the video, it is demonstrated how this feature can be used to replace parts of an image, such as changing the color of clothing. The mask ensures that only the designated area is affected by the inpaint process.


ControlNet is a feature mentioned in the video that allows for additional control over the inpaint process. It is used in conjunction with the Inpaint Anything plug-in to refine the editing process, particularly when re-drawing or modifying specific parts of an image. It is an advanced tool that helps in achieving more natural and seamless edits.


E-Commerce is mentioned in the context of using the Inpaint Anything plug-in for commercial purposes, such as changing the model in a product image without altering the clothing. This application demonstrates the plug-in's utility in industries where image editing is a critical component of marketing and sales strategies.


Inpaint Anything is a plug-in for segmenting pictures with high precision and accuracy in element recognition.

The plug-in uses the segment anything model for more accurate semantic segmentation.

Users can identify and segment clothing with GroundingDINO by specifying 'clothing' and dividing the selected area.

Inpaint Anything allows for the selection and combination of different sections of clothing for detailed segmentation.

The plug-in provides a convenient way to create masks for specific sections of an image.

There are multiple methods to install the plug-in, including from a URL, loading self, and using a terminal command.

Different models of the segment anything plug-in are available, catering to varying video memory capacities.

The plug-in enables users to adjust brush size for precise selection and offers options to undo or clear selections.

Users can replace parts of an image with different colors or elements, such as changing a white shirt to a gray shirt.

Inpaint Anything is useful for interior design and e-commerce, allowing for the replacement of specific image parts.

The plug-in can maintain clothing while replacing the person in an image, useful for model changes in e-commerce.

Inpaint Anything provides a mask function to refine and adjust the selection areas.

The plug-in offers advanced options for image processing, including forward and reverse prompts for content creation.

ControlNet Inpaint is a feature that allows for the input of positive and negative prompt words for detailed image editing.

The plug-in can be used to generate multiple batches of images with different variations.

Face restoration is a feature that can enhance the quality of facial features in images.

The plug-in allows for the AI to 'wear' clothes chosen by the user, offering a new level of customization.

Inpaint Anything is a versatile tool that can be experimented with for various image editing needs.