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Olivio Sarikas
13 Jan 202413:09

TLDRThe video introduces an upscaler tool that enhances images by up to 16 times the original resolution, with options for various optimizations and creative settings. The speaker shares their experience using the tool, demonstrating its ability to add intricate details and transform photos into paintings. Despite the high price, aimed at professional users, the tool's potential to produce stunning results makes it a worthwhile investment. The video also presents three free workflows for upscaling portraits and landscapes, showcasing the tool's versatility and impressive output.


  • 🎨 The video introduces an upscaler tool that enhances images by adding details and improving resolution.
  • 🖼️ The tool can be used online and offers various settings for different types of images and desired outcomes.
  • 📸 Users can upload images, choose a scale factor, and select optimization settings tailored to portraits, illustrations, and other categories.
  • ✍️ A prompt can be written to guide the AI in creating the image, with creativity and detail settings adjustable for the final result.
  • 💡 The upscaler is capable of hallucinating new details, which can lead to highly realistic or artistic outcomes, depending on the settings.
  • 💰 The pricing for the upscaler is on the higher side, targeting professional users who can pass the cost onto their customers.
  • 🏆 The video showcases impressive results, including transforming low-resolution images into high-detail artworks.
  • 👤 The tool is particularly effective at enhancing portraits, landscapes, and images from the game 'Mid Journey'.
  • 🛠️ The presenter has created three different workflows for upscaling and creative enhancement, which are available for free download.
  • 📊 The video provides a detailed comparison between the original and upscaled images, highlighting the added details and improvements.
  • 📈 The presenter emphasizes the value of the tool for professional artists and designers, who can utilize it to create unique and high-quality content.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is an introduction and review of an image upscaler tool called Magnific, including its features, settings, and results.

  • How does the upscaler tool work?

    -The upscaler tool works by uploading an image to its online platform, where users can adjust various settings such as scale factor, optimization type, and creativity level. Users can also input a prompt and choose the engine they want to use for processing the image.

  • What types of optimizations are available on Magnific?

    -Magnific offers optimizations for portraits, illustrations, film and photography, and science fiction, allowing users to tailor the upscale process to their specific needs.

  • What are some of the settings available for adjusting the upscale process?

    -Some of the settings available for adjusting the upscale process include creativity, HDR, resemblance, and fractality, each with a specific function to enhance or alter the image details according to the user's preferences.

  • What is the pricing structure for using Magnific?

    -Magnific has a pricing structure that is on the higher side, targeting professional users. It offers a yearly option that is slightly cheaper, with two additional months for free. Professional users can pass the cost onto their customers.

  • What are the speaker's thoughts on the pricing of Magnific?

    -The speaker acknowledges that Magnific is not cheap but justifies the pricing by stating that professional tools are typically more expensive and that professionals can pass the cost onto their customers.

  • How does the speaker demonstrate the capabilities of Magnific?

    -The speaker demonstrates the capabilities of Magnific by upscaling various images, including a portrait, images from Mid Journey, and a library scene, showcasing the detailed results and the tool's ability to add or enhance features.

  • What are the workflows provided by the speaker for free download?

    -The speaker has created three different workflows for upscaling portrait photos, creative portrait upscales from Mid Journey, and reimagination of landscapes. These workflows can be downloaded for free and used by the viewers.

  • What is the speaker's overall opinion on Magnific?

    -The speaker is highly impressed with Magnific, particularly with its ability to hallucinate and create new details in images. However, they also note that the tool can lead to strange results if the settings are too high.

  • What is the speaker's comparison between Magnific and the free upscaling tool?

    -While the speaker appreciates the detailed results produced by Magnific, they also acknowledge that the free upscaling tool, despite not being as good, can produce pretty good results, especially considering it can be rendered on one's own computer without any cost.

  • What additional feature does the speaker wish the website had?

    -The speaker wishes that the website had a feature to zoom into or view the complete image without having to download it, to better examine the upscaled results.



🎨 Introduction to Image Upscaling with Magnific

The speaker introduces the video by expressing excitement about an image upscaler called Magnific. They mention that the video will showcase the tool's capabilities and provide free workflows for viewers. The tool is described as amazing, with options to upload images, adjust scale factors, and optimize for different types of content. The speaker also warns about the pricing, which is higher but justified for professional users. The results section highlights the impressive details achieved through upscaling, especially in portraits, and the ability to turn photos into paintings with creative settings.


🖼️ Demonstrating Magnific's Upscaling and Creative Potential

The speaker demonstrates the use of Magnific by upscaling various images, including a portrait and scenes from a journey. They emphasize the tool's ability to add intricate details, transform photos into paintings, and reimagine low-resolution images. The speaker also discusses the potential of the tool to hallucinate new details and create a sense of a new universe within the images. The results are described as mind-blowing, with the speaker expressing amazement at the level of detail and realism achieved.


🛠️ Custom Workflows and Ultimate Upscaling Techniques

The speaker presents three custom workflows for upscaling portrait photos, creative portrait upscales, and landscape reimagination. Each workflow is detailed, explaining the process from low-resolution input to high-quality output. The speaker uses different models, settings, and techniques such as D noise, depth maps, and case samplers to achieve various effects. The results are compared to the original images, showcasing the significant improvement in detail and quality. The speaker encourages viewers to download the workflows for free and share their thoughts in the comments.




The process of increasing the resolution or detail of an image or video. In the context of the video, it refers to the use of an online tool to enhance the quality of images, particularly by increasing their size while maintaining or improving detail. The speaker is amazed by the level of detail achieved through upscaling, especially with the 'magnific' tool, which is capable of transforming low-resolution images into high-quality, detailed works.


A series of structured steps or processes designed to achieve a specific outcome. In the video, workflows refer to the speaker's custom sets of instructions or parameters for the upscaling tool, which can be downloaded and used by viewers to achieve similar results. These workflows are tailored for different purposes, such as upscaling portraits or landscapes, and are designed to be free for users to utilize.

💡scale factor

A multiplier used to increase or decrease the size of an object or image. In the context of the video, the scale factor is a setting within the upscaling tool that allows users to determine how much they want to increase the size of their images, with the option to go up to 16 times the original size.


The process of improving the performance, efficiency, or effectiveness of a system or process. In the video, optimization refers to the specific settings within the upscaling tool that are tailored for different types of images, such as portraits, illustrations, and photographs, to enhance their quality when upscaling.


A statement or question that elicits a response or action. In the context of the video, a prompt is a text input provided by the user to guide the upscaling tool in generating specific details or styles in the output image. The prompt influences the 'creativity' setting, allowing the tool to add or modify details based on the user's input.


The ability to create or imagine new and original ideas or concepts. In the video, creativity is a setting within the upscaling tool that allows for the addition of hallucinated or imagined details beyond the original image, aiming to achieve greater realism or a more artistic result. Higher creativity settings can lead to more dramatic transformations of the input image.


High Dynamic Range, a technology that enhances the contrast between the lightest and darkest parts of an image. In the video, HDR is one of the settings in the upscaling tool that can be adjusted by the user to achieve a greater range of brightness levels and more lifelike, vivid colors in the upscaled images.


A concept that involves the repetition of a pattern or structure at different scales. In the context of the video, fractality is a setting in the upscaling tool that introduces fractal patterns or elements into the image, potentially adding complexity and detail to the upscaled result.


The amount of money required to purchase a product or service. In the video, pricing refers to the cost associated with using the upscaling tool. The speaker mentions that while the pricing is on the higher side, it is targeted towards professional users who can pass the cost onto their customers, justifying the expense for those who use the tool as part of their professional services.


The clarity or sharpness of an image, determined by the number of pixels in a given space. In the video, resolution is a critical aspect as the upscaling tool improves the resolution of images, particularly those with low initial resolution, by adding more pixels and details.

💡case sampler

A term used within the context of the upscaling tool to refer to a component or feature that processes the image. In the video, the case sampler is part of the workflows the speaker created, and it seems to play a role in determining the consistency and quality of the upscaled images.


The introduction of an upscaler tool that enhances images by up to 16 times their original scale.

The tool's ability to optimize for different types of images such as portraits, illustrations, film, and photography.

The option to write a prompt for the AI to generate more detailed and specific enhancements.

Adjustable settings for creativity, HDR, resemblance, fractality that allow for customization of the image output.

A warning about the potential for high creativity settings to produce strange results.

Pricing information for the upscaler, which is higher for professional use but can be offset by billing clients.

A demonstration of upscaling a portrait of a woman, showcasing the tool's ability to add intricate details.

The capability of the tool to transform a photo into a painting with artistic details.

An example of upscaling and reimagining images from the game Middle Journey, adding new details and creating a more immersive landscape.

The showcase of an upscaled image where the tool added a village, houses, and dramatic clouds, enhancing the original image significantly.

A comparison between the original and the upscaled image, highlighting the added details and improvements.

The presenter's creation of three different workflows for upscaling images, available for free download.

A detailed explanation of the first workflow, focusing on upscaling portrait photos with specific settings and models.

The use of a custom input for the prompt and D noise in the second workflow, aimed at creating a hallucinated image.

The third workflow, designed for low-resolution landscape images, and its focus on enhancing natural elements.

The presenter's conclusion, summarizing the capabilities of the upscaler and encouraging viewers to try it out.

An invitation for viewers to share their thoughts in the comments and a call to like the video if they enjoyed it.