PromeAI Consistent AI Characters with ONE Photo! NO training!

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10 Feb 202413:22

TLDRIn this video, the host dives into the creative possibilities of AI with a focus on the platform Promethean AI, which offers a suite of AI image and video tools. The host is particularly excited about the new AI headshot generator feature, which allows users to create consistent images based on a single headshot without any model training. The video demonstrates how to use the platform to generate images in various styles and scenes, including photography, character design, and different camera angles. The host also explores the nuances of the technology, noting that close-up shots tend to yield better results. Additionally, the video showcases other tools like outpainting, which allows users to expand the canvas of an image and add new elements, and the HD upscaler, which enhances image quality. The host emphasizes the usefulness of Promethean AI in their workflow, especially for quickly generating source images for projects and testing out new ideas.


  • 🎨 **PromeAI** is a favorite AI site for creative uses, offering integrated AI image and video tools.
  • 📈 PromeAI is frequently updated with new features, enhancing its utility in the creator's workflow.
  • 🖼️ The **AI headshot generator** allows for creating consistent images from a single headshot without model training.
  • 🌟 The platform provides a vast selection of styles and scenes to customize the generated images.
  • 📸 Close-up shots work best with the headshot generator for maintaining facial detail and accuracy.
  • 🏞️ The **out painting** feature allows for expanding images with additional context like scenarios and environments.
  • 🧩 The **erase and replace** tool can modify or add elements to an image, similar to an in-painting tool.
  • 🔍 The **HD upscaler** improves image quality, but may need adjustments for faces to avoid over-sharpening.
  • 🔄 The process of out painting can be iterative, building complex scenes by adding layers of context.
  • 🚀 PromeAI is used extensively for generating source images for projects, due to its quick and versatile image generation capabilities.
  • ⛰️ The tool works better with certain faces and close-up images, which are more conducive to detail retention.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The main focus of the video is to explore the new features added to the PromeAI platform, particularly the AI headshot generator, and demonstrate how to use these tools to create consistent AI-generated images based on a single photo without any model training.

  • How does the AI headshot generator work?

    -The AI headshot generator allows users to create consistent images based on a single headshot. It does not require training of a model and can generate images in various styles and scenes by using prompts and selections provided by the user.

  • What are some of the limitations of the AI headshot generator?

    -The AI headshot generator works best with close-up shots and may not maintain the same level of detail when the original image is a long shot or the face is not the primary focus. The technology may not always produce an exact face swap and can sometimes result in a less accurate representation of the face.

  • How can the out painting feature of PromeAI be used?

    -The out painting feature can be used to expand the original image by adding new elements or changing the background based on a user's prompt. It allows for creative manipulation of the image to fit a desired scenario or style.

  • What is the erase and replace tool in PromeAI?

    -The erase and replace tool is similar to an in-painting tool that allows users to remove or change specific segments of an image. It can be used to replace objects or colors within the image based on the user's input.

  • How does the HD upscaler feature work?

    -The HD upscaler feature enhances the quality and detail of an image. It uses different templates and creative options to upscale the image without losing the original details or introducing unwanted artifacts.

  • What is the significance of using a close-up shot when working with AI headshot generator?

    -Using a close-up shot ensures that the AI headshot generator has more facial details to work with, leading to a more accurate and detailed final image. It is generally more effective for maintaining the essence of the person's face when generating new images.

  • How does the video demonstrate the process of creating an AI-generated image?

    -The video demonstrates the process by first choosing a style and scene, generating an image of Albert Einstein, and then using the AI headshot generator to place the generated face in different scenarios, such as skiing or rock climbing in the Alps.

  • What are some of the creative uses of PromeAI showcased in the video?

    -The video showcases creative uses such as generating caricature images, animating images, and using the out painting feature to expand scenes or change elements within an image. It also shows how to combine multiple features like out painting and HD upscaling for enhanced results.

  • Why does the video mention the importance of using PromeAI for generating source images?

    -The video mentions the importance of using PromeAI for generating source images because it allows for quick and easy creation of images in specific styles without the need for extensive model training or using computational resources. This is particularly useful for workflows that require a large number of images.

  • How does the video encourage viewers to explore and experiment with PromeAI?

    -The video encourages viewers to explore and experiment with PromeAI by showcasing the various tools and their capabilities, providing a step-by-step demonstration of how to use them, and inviting viewers to try the platform themselves to see the results they can achieve.

  • What are the potential applications of the AI headshot generator in professional workflows?

    -The AI headshot generator can be used in professional workflows for quickly generating images for presentations, social media content, advertising, or any scenario where a consistent and styled image of a person is needed without the time-consuming process of traditional photography or model training.



🎨 AI Headshot Generator Overview

The video introduces the AI headshot generator, a tool for creating consistent images based on a single headshot without the need for model training. The presenter discusses the platform's various features, including style and scene selection, character design, and camera angles. The AI headshot generator is used to modify images, such as changing Albert Einstein's background to a snowy parka setting, and the process involves generating an image and then adjusting the scene or style to fit the desired outcome. The video also touches on the limitations of the technology, such as the quality of face approximation and the importance of starting with a close-up shot for better results.


🖼️ Exploring Image Quality and Out Painting

This paragraph delves into the nuances of image quality when using the AI headshot generator. It highlights that the tool performs better with close-up shots and that wide shots tend to lose facial detail. The video demonstrates how the tool approximates the face, which may not always be accurate. The presenter also showcases the out painting feature, which allows for the expansion of an image's scene, such as changing the background to the Alps or adding elements like a broken car in a snowstorm. The out painting feature is shown to be effective for creating detailed and expansive scenes, although it may sometimes introduce artifacts or require manual adjustments.


🔍 HD Upscaling and Image Editing Techniques

The final paragraph discusses the use of HD upscaling and image editing tools to enhance the quality and detail of generated images. The presenter demonstrates how HD upscaling can sharpen images, although it may sometimes introduce unwanted noise or alter the face too much. The video also explores the erase and replace tool, which functions similarly to an in-painting tool, allowing for the replacement or addition of elements within an image. The presenter uses this tool to change a parka to a green sweater and to add a skunk to the road. Finally, the video emphasizes the presenter's reliance on the platform for generating source images for various projects, highlighting its efficiency and the ability to quickly produce images in specific styles.



💡AI Characters

AI Characters refer to the use of artificial intelligence to create and manipulate images or videos of characters that can be used in various creative projects. In the video, the host discusses how to use AI to generate consistent AI character images from a single photo without the need for model training, showcasing the capabilities of the AI platform 'Prome AI'.

💡Prome AI

Prome AI is an AI-driven platform that offers a suite of tools for image and video manipulation. It is highlighted in the video as a favorite site of the host for its integration of various AI tools that facilitate quick and efficient image generation and editing. The platform is used to create images in different styles and scenes, which are crucial for the host's workflow.

💡AI Headshot Generator

The AI Headshot Generator is a specific feature within Prome AI that allows users to create consistent character images based on a single headshot photo. It eliminates the need for model training and is demonstrated in the video by generating images of Albert Einstein in various scenarios, such as skiing and rock climbing in the Alps.

💡Out Painting

Out Painting is a feature of Prome AI that enables users to expand the canvas of an image and fill in the new areas with AI-generated content that matches the style and context of the original image. In the video, the host uses this feature to add details like a skunk and a car broken down on the side of the road to an image of a character.

💡HD Upscaler

The HD Upscaler is a tool within Prome AI that enhances the resolution and detail of an image, making it appear sharper and more defined. It is used in the video to improve the quality of an image after out painting, ensuring that the face and other details are maintained with high fidelity.

💡Erase and Replace

Erase and Replace is a tool that allows users to remove or alter specific parts of an image. It is akin to an in-painting tool and is used in the video to change the color of a parka in an image to a green sweater, demonstrating the flexibility of AI in image editing.

💡Image to Video

Image to Video is a feature that converts still images into animated videos. Although not explicitly detailed in the transcript, it is mentioned as a tool that the host uses to animate images that 'scream animate me,' suggesting its utility in creating dynamic content from static images.

💡Caricature Style

Caricature Style refers to an exaggerated and humorous representation of a person's features. In the context of the video, the host mentions using Prome AI to generate caricature images by selecting this style and providing a simple prompt, which can then be used as a basis for further creative work.

💡Compy UI

Compy UI seems to be a custom system or software used by the host for his AI art, animation, and video work. It is mentioned as a separate tool from Prome AI, where the host typically conducts more in-depth work, suggesting that Prome AI is used for quick image generation while Compy UI is for more complex projects.

💡Control Nets

Control Nets are a type of AI technology used in image manipulation that allows for fine-grained control over the transformation of images, such as changing facial expressions or body poses. The host mentions using Control Nets in conjunction with IP adapters for advanced image manipulation within Compy UI.

💡Digital Art

Digital Art refers to any artistic creation or practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. In the video, the host starts with a digital art image and uses Prome AI to generate new images in various styles and scenes, showcasing the versatility of digital art in creative workflows.


PromeAI allows for the creation of consistent AI characters from a single photo without the need for model training.

The platform integrates various AI image and video tools, making it an integral part of the user's workflow.

New features have been added to PromeAI, including the AI headshot generator.

The AI headshot generator creates images based on a single headshot with no training required.

Users can define the style, scene, character design, and camera angle for the generated images.

The tool works best with close-up shots and can approximate faces in different scenarios.

Out-painting feature allows users to expand the scene around the character.

The platform can generate images in various styles, such as photography, natural, and caricature.

The face detail is retained better in close-up shots when using the out-painting feature.

The erase and replace tool functions similarly to an in-painting tool, allowing for modifications within the image.

The HD upscaler can enhance image quality, though it may sometimes over-sharpen certain details.

Combining the upscaled image with the original in Photoshop can yield better results.

The platform is used by the user to generate source images for their own projects, such as caricatures.

PromeAI is a go-to site for generating quick images in specific styles without using the user's own CPU resources.

The image to video tool within PromeAI can animate images, making it a versatile all-in-one AI site.

The platform is highly favored for its consistent innovation and addition of new tools.

Users are encouraged to explore the site and experiment with the tools to understand their full potential.