The Total Cost to Build my Dream YOUTUBE STUDIO

30 Jan 202321:08

TLDRIn this video, the creator provides an in-depth look at the costs involved in building his dream YouTube studio. The studio, spanning 132 square meters, was built from an empty warehouse and includes a kit room, green room, and an upstairs area. Major expenses included rent, moving costs, materials such as timber and plasterboard, labor for construction and plastering, and the purchase of various studio equipment like air conditioning units and lighting. The creator also invested in a photography cove, artificial greenery, and acoustic panels to enhance the studio's functionality and aesthetics. The total expenditure over six months was £85,232 and 91 Pence. The video also highlights the importance of diversifying revenue streams to fund such creative projects and gives a shout-out to the various professionals and viewers who contributed to the studio's realization.


  • 📊 The total cost of building the YouTube studio over six months was £85,232.91.
  • 🏗️ The studio is housed in a rented warehouse space of 132 square meters, costing £2,000 per month in rent.
  • 🚛 A large van was hired to move equipment from a previous studio, costing £648 for one day with two people.
  • 🛠️ The project involved significant purchases of building materials like timber (totaling £2,417.68) and plasterboard (£2,302.78).
  • 🚪 The cost of doors and associated hardware was £562.27, with a preference for solid, well-made doors.
  • 💡 Lighting for the studio, including hex lights and LED strips, was a substantial investment at £972.27.
  • 🎨 The photography Cove, a key feature, was built using fiberglass curved panels costing £5,941.20.
  • 🖼️ Artificial greenery and a foliage wall were used for aesthetics and cost £2,096.80 in total.
  • 🔨 Labor costs for various skilled workers over six months amounted to £35,379.38.
  • 🧹 Recurring costs include waste disposal (£15/week) and internet (£39/month), with electricity at £1,139 so far.
  • 📈 The investment in the studio has opened up new business opportunities and revenue streams, including public rentals.

Q & A

  • What was the total cost of building the YouTube studio over the past six months?

    -The total cost of building the YouTube studio over the past six months was £85,232 and 91 Pence.

  • How much did the monthly rent for the empty building amount to?

    -The monthly rent for the empty building was £2,000, which over six months, including one month free, amounted to £10,000.

  • What was the cost of moving equipment from the previous studio to the new one?

    -The cost of hiring a big van and two people for one day to move equipment was £648.

  • What was the total expenditure on timber for the entire project?

    -The total expenditure on timber for the entire project was £2,417 and 68 Pence.

  • How much was spent on plasterboard to cover the walls?

    -The total cost spent on plasterboard to cover the walls was £2,302 and 78 Pence.

  • What was the cost of constructing the stairs and handrail for the upstairs room?

    -The stairs were constructed as one piece and cost £269 and 38 Pence, while the handrail cost £60.

  • How much was spent on doors and their associated hardware for the studio?

    -The total spent on doors, including three basic fire doors and hardware like handles and brackets, was £562 and 27 Pence.

  • What was the total cost of labor for the six-month project?

    -The total cost for labor over the six-month project was £35,379 and 38 Pence.

  • How much was spent on painting the entire studio?

    -The total cost for painting the entire studio, including labor and paint, was £3,174 and 12 Pence.

  • What was the cost of the flooring in the studio?

    -The cost of self-leveling the floor was £2,350, and for the carpet tiles in The Green Room, it was £191 and 96 Pence.

  • What was the total cost for the artificial Greenery and the foliage wall?

    -The total cost for artificial Greenery, including the foliage wall, was £2,096 and 80 Pence.

  • How much was spent on the CCTV and security shutters for the studio?

    -The total cost for the CCTV system was £4,237, and for the security shutters, it was £2,256.



🏢 Studio Setup and Costs Overview

The video provides a detailed account of the expenses incurred in setting up a new YouTube studio. It covers the costs of building materials, labor, and other miscellaneous expenses. The speaker mentions a sponsorship from Squarespace and gives a tour of the empty warehouse before its transformation. An Excel spreadsheet is referenced for a detailed cost breakdown, and the total expenditure over six months is revealed at the end. The studio size is 132 square meters, and the rent costs £2,000 per month, totaling £12,000 for six months with one month free. The initial costs include moving expenses and material purchases, significantly affected by the recent surge in material prices.


🛠️ Construction and Design Details

This paragraph delves into the specifics of the construction process. It starts with the building of the kit room, which serves as a storage space, and includes the costs of timber, loft hatch, plasterboard, and labor for constructing walls, doorways, and access to the second floor. The studio's upstairs area and the costs associated with stairs, handrails, and doors are also discussed. There's a focus on the preference for quality doors over cheaper options and the costs of electrical components, window acquisition, insulation, and air conditioning units. The photography Cove's construction is highlighted, including the choice of fiberglass curved panels over a more expensive concrete option, and additional costs for the colorama holder and motorized equipment.


🎨 Aesthetic and Functional Upgrades

The speaker discusses the aesthetic enhancements made to the studio, including plastering, painting, and the installation of a custom fitted mirror and hex lights to improve the space's personality and functionality. The costs of painting, renting scaffolding, and the acquisition of artificial greenery for optimizing space are covered. Acoustic panels for sound control and self-leveled flooring are also mentioned, along with the installation of carpet tiles and laminate flooring. The paragraph concludes with details on storage solutions and the setup of a coffee corner, emphasizing the choice of quality over cost in various decisions.


💡 Lighting, Security, and Recurring Costs

This section outlines the various lighting fixtures and costs associated with the studio, including LED lights and a lighting system for the entry walkway. The installation of a foliage wall for creating cool backdrops and the use of artificial plants for ease of maintenance are discussed. The costs of acoustic panels, flooring, and carpet tiles are detailed, along with the decision to forgo flooring in storage areas. The paragraph also covers the purchase of makeup mirrors, lighting equipment, and a coffee machine, along with the costs of a fridge and other small appliances. Desks, some of which were gifted, and other office furniture are also included in the summary. Additionally, the ongoing costs for internet, electricity, and waste disposal are mentioned, as well as the costs for security measures such as CCTV and security shutters.


📋 Total Costs and Project Reflection

The final paragraph reveals the total cost of the YouTube studio build, amounting to £85,232 and 91 Pence over six months. It emphasizes the value of quality workmanship and the importance of the project to the speaker's business ventures and revenue streams. The speaker expresses gratitude to all those involved in the construction and to the viewers for their support. There is a mention of upcoming content and a call to action for viewers to subscribe to the channel.



💡YouTube Studio

A YouTube Studio refers to a physical space designed and dedicated to creating content for YouTube. In the context of the video, it involves a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with setting up such a space, including building materials, labor, and other expenses. The video's creator shares his journey of transforming an empty warehouse into a fully functional YouTube Studio.


A sponsor is an individual, company, or organization that provides financial or other support for an event, activity, or in this case, a video production. In the script, Squarespace is mentioned as the sponsor of the video, which is a platform for building websites and is used by the creator to build his studio's website.

💡Building Materials

Building materials are the physical substances used to construct or renovate structures. The video script details the costs of various building materials such as timber, plasterboard, and doors, which were necessary for the construction of the YouTube Studio, highlighting the significant expenses involved in such a project.

💡Labor Costs

Labor costs refer to the expenses incurred for the work performed by the people involved in a project. The script mentions labor costs as a significant part of the total expenses, including the cost of skilled workers like decorators, painters, and builders who contributed to the completion of the YouTube Studio.


Rent is the fee paid for the use of a property that is owned by another party. In the video, the creator discusses the monthly rent for the empty building that was transformed into the YouTube Studio, which amounted to a considerable expense over the six-month period covered in the video.

💡Studio Equipment

Studio equipment encompasses all the gear and devices used in a studio for content creation, such as cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. The script mentions various pieces of equipment like air conditioning units, LED lights, and a motorized backdrop holder, which are essential for the functionality of the YouTube Studio.

💡Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are used to improve the sound quality within a room by reducing echoes and reverberations. In the context of the video, the creator installed 32 acoustic panels in the studio to enhance the audio for his video productions.

💡Artificial Greenery

Artificial greenery refers to man-made plants and foliage used for decorative purposes. The video script describes the use of artificial greenery to optimize the studio space and create visually appealing backdrops for filming without the maintenance required for real plants.

💡Self-Leveling Floor

A self-leveling floor is a type of flooring that creates an even, smooth surface when poured over an uneven substrate. The script mentions the process of self-leveling the floor in the studio, which was necessary due to its initial uneven and cracked condition.


CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television, a system used for surveillance to monitor a particular area. In the video, the creator discusses the installation of CCTV cameras and other security measures like security shutters and alarms to ensure the safety and security of the YouTube Studio.

💡Multi-Revenue Streams

Multi-revenue streams refer to the various sources of income that a business or individual has. The video's creator talks about multiple revenue streams, such as YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, and paid film jobs, which collectively fund the creation and maintenance of the YouTube Studio.


The video provides a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in building a new YouTube studio, including materials, labor, and other expenses.

The total cost of the YouTube studio build over six months is revealed at the end of the video.

The studio is housed in a 132 square meter rented warehouse space, costing £2,000 per month in rent.

The host received one month of free rent for adding value to the building during construction.

An Excel spreadsheet was used to track every cost involved in the project.

The initial room built was the kit room, serving as a storage space for filming equipment.

The total price of timber used for the project was £2,417.68.

The loft hatch for accessing the second floor cost £140.

Plasterboard was used to cover all walls and ceilings, with a total cost of £2,302.78.

The upstairs room was created by bridging two rooms together, providing additional floor space.

The cost of constructing stairs and a handrail was £329.38.

Doors for the studio, including special features like keypad locks, totaled £562.27.

Switches and sockets added a total of £151.93 to the expenses.

A free window from a skip and discounted glass windows were used for cost savings on the studio's windows.

Insulation was primarily used for soundproofing between walls, costing £112 in total.

Four air conditioning units were installed with a total cost of £7,015.27, including labor and condenser units.

The photography Cove is a 6x6 meter L-shaped space with a 3-meter height, constructed cost-effectively using fiberglass curved panels.

The total cost for the fiberglass panels for the Cove was £5,941.20.

A motorized electronic colorama holder and backdrop supports were purchased for the photography Cove, costing £329.99 and £240 respectively.

The total expenditure for plastering all rooms and the infinity Cove was £1,645.

Painting the entire studio, including labor and materials, amounted to £3,174.12.

The rental of a scaffolding tower for painters and plasterers totaled £874.26 over the build period.

The studio is available for public rental and has opened up new business opportunities for the host.

The host's multiple revenue streams, including YouTube revenue, sponsorships, and filming jobs, have contributed to funding the studio build.

A 14-day free trial and a 10% discount with the code 'Constantine' are offered for Squarespace, as part of their sponsorship of the video.

The grand total cost for building the YouTube studio is £85,232.91.