The Truth About Wombo: Your Must-Have Free Alternative for Midjourney!

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24 Jul 202309:13

TLDRThe video script introduces Lambo, a free AI art generator that can create a variety of images based on user prompts. It highlights the platform's ease of use, the limit of 350 characters for prompts, and the range of art styles available. The video demonstrates the process of generating images, emphasizing the importance of the prompt and the potential for iteration to refine results. It showcases the capabilities of Lambo with diverse prompts, including realistic and abstract styles, and encourages users to explore the tool for creative image generation.


  • 🎨 Introduction to Lambo, a free AI art generator that creates images from text prompts.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ The user is limited to 350 characters for the text prompt input.
  • 🌐 Access Lambo through the website or by searching for 'Womble AI art generator'.
  • 🎨 Art styles are selected based on the user's preference, influencing the final image.
  • πŸ“ˆ Comparison to Mid Journey, highlighting that Lambo may not have full capabilities but offers a fun and creative experience.
  • 🌹 'Floral V2' is recommended for creating earthy, floral type images.
  • 🎭 'Realistic V2' can generate highly realistic images, especially with suggested photos.
  • 😱 'Horror cut 2.1' is an example of the diverse art styles available for generating more abstract or specific themes.
  • πŸ“Έ Users can upload an image for the AI to use as a reference, with options for strong, weak, or medium influence.
  • πŸ”„ The AI improves its understanding and use of the prompt with successive image generations.
  • πŸ’‘ It is advised to saveε–œζ¬’ηš„ images for future reference and potential re-use with varying influence settings.

Q & A

  • What is the alternative AI art generator discussed in the transcript?

    -The alternative AI art generator discussed is called Lambo, which can be accessed through the website

  • What is the character limit for the prompts used in Lambo?

    -The character limit for prompts in Lambo is 350 characters or words.

  • How do the art styles in Lambo influence the generated images?

    -The art styles in Lambo guide the type of image generated based on the user's selection. The styles range from realistic to abstract and horror, shaping the output according to the chosen aesthetic.

  • What is the significance of the image upload feature in Lambo?

    -The image upload feature allows users to provide a reference image, which Lambo uses to create a new image with varying degrees of influence, from strong to weak.

  • How does Lambo handle repeated prompts?

    -Lambo understands and uses more of the prompt as more images are generated. It can reach a peak in understanding and then may diverge before improving again.

  • What is the benefit of saving and re-inputting images in Lambo?

    -Saving and re-inputting images allows users to refine the influence on the image recreation process until they achieve the desired result.

  • How does the prompt affect the final artwork in Lambo?

    -The input prompt has a significant effect on the final artwork. It's important to place the most crucial information at the beginning of the prompt for Lambo to effectively use it.

  • What are some of the art styles available in Lambo?

    -Lambo offers a variety of art styles including Floral V2 for earthy, plant-based images, Realistic V2 for more lifelike pictures, Horror Cut 2.1 for the absurd, and Steampunk V2 for a vintage aesthetic with gears and machinery.

  • How does the platform Lambo differ from other AI art generators like Mid-Journey?

    -While Lambo may not have the full capabilities of Mid-Journey, it offers a more fun and free experience for creating stunning images based on abstract prompts.

  • What is the recommended approach when using Lambo on a computer?

    -For computer users, Lambo should be accessed through a web browser on a laptop rather than the mobile app for the full range of features shown in the transcript.

  • How can businesses benefit from using Lambo?

    -Businesses can use Lambo to create unique and proprietary images for their projects without incurring costs, as the images generated are free.



🎨 Introduction to Lambo AI Art Generator

This paragraph introduces Lambo, a free AI art generator that can create intriguing images. Users begin by typing 'Womble AI art generator' or visiting the website The interface is user-friendly, and users start by entering a prompt limited to 350 characters. The art styles are selected based on a small image, and users can choose the degree of influence of their uploaded images on the generated art. The paragraph highlights that while Lambo may not have the full capabilities of mid-Journey, it is still a fun tool for creating stunning images from abstract prompts. It also mentions specific art styles like 'Floral V2' for earthy images and 'Realistic V2' for more polished looks. The importance of the prompt's influence on the final artwork is emphasized, and the process of refining the prompt to better match the desired outcome is discussed.


πŸš€ Demonstrating Lambo's Capabilities with Various Prompts

The second paragraph showcases Lambo's capabilities by running through various prompts. The user starts with a prompt involving a black man in a spacesuit underwater near Atlantis, and discusses the impact of detailed information in the prompt. The paragraph compares the results from different art styles like 'Horror Cut 2.1' and 'Steampunk V2', highlighting the randomness and creativity of the tool. It also addresses the slight distortions that can occur with human images and suggests adjusting the prompt for better results. The paragraph concludes with a demonstration of the 'Floral V2' and 'Abstract' styles, emphasizing the diversity and range of art styles available in Lambo. The user encourages others to explore these options and reminds them to use a laptop or computer for the best experience.



πŸ’‘AI art generator

An AI art generator is an artificial intelligence system designed to create visual art based on user inputs. In the context of the video, it refers to the specific tool called Wombo, which is an alternative to mid-Journey and is used to generate images from textual prompts. The AI art generator is central to the video's theme, as it showcases how users can produce creative images by simply typing in prompts and selecting art styles.

πŸ’‘ is the website where the Wombo AI art generator can be accessed. It serves as the platform for users to input their prompts and generate AI-created images. The website is a key component in the video, as it is the gateway to the AI art generator's capabilities.


In the context of the AI art generator, a prompt is a brief text or phrase that describes the desired image. Users input prompts to guide the AI in creating an image that matches their vision. The prompt is crucial as it sets the foundation for what the AI will generate.

πŸ’‘Art styles

Art styles refer to the various visual themes or aesthetics that the AI art generator can produce based on the user's selection. These styles can range from realistic to abstract, and they influence the overall look and feel of the generated images.

πŸ’‘Image input

Image input is the process of uploading an existing image into the AI art generator to influence the resulting artwork. The AI uses the uploaded image as a reference, and the user can choose the level of influence this image has on the final creation, such as strong, weak, or medium.

πŸ’‘Advanced version

The advanced version refers to a premium or upgraded subscription tier of the AI art generator that offers additional features or capabilities compared to the free version. In the context of the video, it is mentioned in relation to generating more images at once.


Variations in this context refer to the different iterations or versions of an image that the AI art generator can produce based on the same prompt or input. These variations can showcase the AI's ability to create diverse outputs from a single input.

πŸ’‘Creative images

Creative images are the innovative and visually unique outputs produced by the AI art generator. These images are the result of the AI's interpretation of the user's prompts and selected art styles, demonstrating the AI's capacity for artistic expression.


In the context of the AI art generator, abstract refers to a style of art that does not depict a recognizable subject but instead focuses on shapes, colors, and forms to create a composition. The abstract style is one of the options users can choose to generate images that are less representational and more open to interpretation.

πŸ’‘Steampunk V2

Steampunk V2 is an art style within the AI art generator that emulates the aesthetic of steampunk, a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. This style is characterized by gears, vintage machinery, and a general retro-futuristic look.

πŸ’‘Floral V2

Floral V2 is an art style option in the AI art generator that focuses on creating images with a nature-oriented theme, emphasizing plant-based elements, flowers, and animals. This style is designed to produce visually appealing and lively images that capture the beauty of the natural world.


Introduction to Lambo, a free AI art generator.

Accessing the Womble AI art generator through the website

Limit of 350 characters for input prompts in Lambo.

Selection of art styles based on preferences and imagination of output.

Comparison of Lambo with mid Journey, emphasizing their respective strengths.

Floral V2 as a preferred choice for earthy, floral type images.

Realistic V2's potential for generating extremely realistic images with suggested photos.

Horror cut 2.1 for creating Absurd images.

Importance of input image on final artwork with options for strong, weak, or medium influence.

Method for generating multiple images without the advanced version by repeatedly hitting create.

Saving and re-inputting preferred images to refine the output.

Demonstration of prompt specificity and its impact on generated images.

Showcasing the capabilities of Wombo with various prompts and styles.

The effect of changing the subject in the prompt on the generated image.

Adjusting prompts for better results with Wombo's abstract art style.

Recommendation to use a laptop computer and browser for optimal experience with Wombo.