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3 Feb 202404:26

TLDRJames Aler emphasizes the significant wealth-building potential of AI, particularly AI 2.0, predicting it will add $15.7 trillion to the US economy. He shares his expertise, stemming from decades of involvement in AI development and investment, and offers a free blueprint for investing in this transformative technology, urging viewers to seize the opportunity before the window closes.


  • 🚀 AI is considered the largest wealth-building opportunity in US history.
  • 🧐 James Aler, the speaker, has a history of making accurate predictions about technology trends, such as Facebook and Bitcoin.
  • 📈 AI is projected to add $15.7 trillion to the US economy, signifying a major shift in wealth distribution.
  • 🔍 The speaker distinguishes between AI 1.0 (investing in established tech companies) and AI 2.0 (the new wave of AI technologies).
  • 🌟 AI 2.0 represents the biggest wealth-building opportunity in over 150 years, according to the speaker.
  • 💡 The speaker emphasizes that the general public has a chance to benefit from AI 2.0, not just tech gurus or entrepreneurs.
  • 📚 James Aler has a long background in AI, dating back to 1987 when he wrote his first AI program.
  • 📈 The speaker has a successful track record with AI, including using it in his hedge fund to create an AI-powered investment tool.
  • 🎥 The speaker has interviewed numerous AI experts on his podcast, which has over 40 million downloads.
  • 📌 The speaker offers a blueprint for investing in AI 2.0, which he details in a free video presentation.
  • ⏰ The opportunity to invest in AI 2.0 is time-sensitive and should not be missed according to the speaker.

Q & A

  • What does James Aler believe AI represents in terms of wealth building opportunity?

    -James Aler believes that AI represents the biggest wealth building opportunity in US history.

  • What was James Aler's prediction about Facebook in 2007?

    -In 2007, James Aler predicted that Facebook, which was being valued at $1 billion, should be worth a hundred billion dollars.

  • How did others initially react to James Aler's prediction about Facebook?

    -Others initially laughed at James Aler's prediction and did not believe him.

  • What was the outcome of James Aler's Facebook prediction?

    -The outcome was that when Facebook went public (IPO) a few years later, it was indeed valued at 100 billion dollars.

  • What did James Aler predict about Bitcoin in 2013?

    -In 2013, James Aler predicted the success of Bitcoin when it was trading at just $114.

  • What is the estimated economic impact of AI according to James Aler?

    -According to James Aler, AI is estimated to add about $15.7 trillion to the US economy.

  • How does James Aler differentiate between AI 1.0 and AI 2.0?

    -AI 1.0 refers to investing in well-known tech companies like Microsoft or Nvidia, whereas AI 2.0 is about investing in the next generation of AI technologies that will create the biggest wealth building opportunity.

  • What is James Aler's background in AI?

    -James Aler has a background in AI since 1987 when he wrote his first AI program through a grant from the National Science Foundation. He has written academic papers on AI, interviewed AI experts on his podcast, and even programmed his own AI Quant investing tool as a hedge fund manager.

  • What does James Aler suggest as the best way for everyday people to benefit from the AI Super Boom?

    -James Aler suggests that everyday people can benefit from the AI Super Boom by investing in the right kind of AI 2.0 technologies.

  • How can one access James Aler's blueprint for investing in AI 2.0?

    -One can access James Aler's blueprint for investing in AI 2.0 by watching a free video presentation he released, which can be accessed by clicking a button provided in the transcript.

  • What is the time sensitivity of the opportunity James Aler is presenting?

    -The opportunity James Aler is presenting is time-sensitive and will only be open for a brief moment, urging viewers not to wait and to take action immediately.



🚀 AI's Unprecedented Wealth Building Potential

James Aler introduces the concept that AI represents the largest wealth-building opportunity in US history. He shares his track record of accurate predictions, such as his 2007 assertion that Facebook would be worth $100 billion, which was met with skepticism but ultimately proven correct. Aler emphasizes that AI's impact on the economy will be substantial, estimating an addition of $15.7 trillion to the US economy. He differentiates between AI 1.0, which involves investing in well-known tech companies, and AI 2.0, which he believes will be the real driver of wealth creation. Aler warns against gurus who offer generic advice on leveraging AI for profit and instead urges viewers to take his prediction seriously, as he has a deep understanding of AI from his experience writing, investing, and managing funds with AI tools.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is positioned as a transformative technology with the potential to create significant wealth-building opportunities, particularly through AI 2.0, which is described as the next generation of AI technologies.

💡Wealth Building

Wealth building refers to the process of accumulating wealth through various means, such as investments, entrepreneurship, or innovation. In the video, the speaker emphasizes AI as a key driver for wealth creation, suggesting that the technology will enable individuals to benefit from the economic growth it brings.

💡AI 2.0

AI 2.0 is a term used in the video to describe the next generation of artificial intelligence technologies that are distinct from earlier AI developments. It implies a more advanced and potentially more disruptive phase of AI applications, which will have a significant impact on the economy and investment opportunities.


The economy refers to the system of production, consumption, and trade of goods and services in a region or country. In the video, the speaker predicts that AI will have a substantial effect on the economy, contributing to its growth and creating new wealth-building opportunities for individuals.


Predictions are statements about what will happen in the future based on current trends, analysis, or foresight. In the context of the video, the speaker discusses his track record of making accurate predictions about the success of Facebook and Bitcoin, and now he is making a prediction about the future of AI and its economic impact.


Investing refers to the act of allocating resources, usually money, with the expectation of generating an income or profit over time. In the video, the concept of investing is central to the discussion, with the speaker providing a blueprint for investing in AI 2.0 to capitalize on the predicted economic boom.


A blueprint is a detailed plan or guide that outlines the steps or actions needed to achieve a particular goal. In the video, the speaker offers a blueprint for investing in AI 2.0, which is meant to serve as a strategic guide for individuals interested in taking advantage of the AI-driven economic growth.

💡Quant Investing

Quantitative investing, or quant investing, is an investment strategy that uses mathematical models, algorithms, and data analysis to make informed decisions, often with the aim of removing emotional bias from the investment process. In the video, the speaker mentions programming his own AI-based quant investing tool to assist in stock selection.

💡National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is a United States government agency that supports fundamental research and education in non-medical fields of science and engineering. In the video, the speaker references a grant from the NSF as the means by which he wrote his first AI program, highlighting the role of government support in technological innovation.


A podcast is a digital audio platform on which individuals or organizations publish a series of episodes, often covering specific topics or themes. In the video, the speaker refers to his podcast, which has had over 40 million downloads, as a medium through which he has engaged with AI experts, entrepreneurs, and other individuals in the field.


Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that uses cryptography for security and operates on a peer-to-peer network without a central authority. In the video, the speaker recounts his prediction of Bitcoin's success when it was valued at just $114, demonstrating his ability to foresee the potential of emerging technologies.


AI is the biggest wealth building opportunity in US history.

James Aler predicts the valuation of Facebook and Bitcoin accurately in the past.

AI is expected to add $15.7 trillion to the US economy.

The distinction between AI 1.0 and AI 2.0 investments is crucial for wealth building.

James Aler's unique approach to AI investments differs from common advice.

AI 2.0 represents the next generation of wealth-building opportunities.

James Aler's extensive experience and knowledge in AI since 1987.

AI has been a significant part of James Aler's career, including his hedge fund management.

James Aler's podcast has featured many AI experts and entrepreneurs.

The next generation of AI will create unprecedented wealth-building opportunities.

AI 2.0 is developing rapidly and it's important to understand its potential.

James Aler provides a blueprint for investing in AI 2.0.

James Aler's writing and community building around investment ideas.

A free video presentation outlines the three best strategies for investing in AI 2.0.

The AI Super Boom is a rare opportunity for everyday people to benefit.

The window of opportunity for AI investment is open for a brief moment.