Canvaで使える画像生成AI「Mojo AI」をまだ知らないの?

24 Jan 202412:29

TLDRThe video script discusses the features and capabilities of an AI image generation platform called MOJO AI. It highlights the high-quality image output, less strict content restrictions compared to competitors, and the free usage with an initial 75 credits. The ease of use without complex setup and the ability to generate images suitable for commercial use are also emphasized. The platform offers different modes for various image styles, including anime and QR code art generation. The video includes a live demonstration of creating an image using the platform.


  • 😀 The video discusses a high-quality image generation AI called 'MojiAI', highlighting its notable features and utility.
  • 🎨 MojiAI is praised for its high-quality image output, making it comparable to other top-tier image generation AIs like Stable Diffusion and MidJourney.
  • 👙 The AI has less stringent restrictions on content generation compared to others like DALL-E 3, allowing for a wider range of images, including those with moderate exposure like swimsuits.
  • 💸 MojiAI offers free usage initially with 75 credits, which can create approximately 37 to 75 images depending on the credit cost per image.
  • 🚫 There are no complex setup requirements for MojiAI, enabling users to generate images directly on the Canva platform without additional configurations.
  • 📈 The AI's commercial use is permitted, making it a viable tool for designers and content creators looking to monetize their work.
  • ⏱ Image generation speed is average, not particularly fast, with a typical creation time of around one minute per image.
  • 👗 MojiAI offers various styles and themes for image generation, including anime and Asian influences, providing versatility in visual output.
  • 🔒 The AI integrates well with Canva, allowing seamless creation and manipulation of images within the design platform.
  • 📱 A unique feature of MojiAI is its ability to create stylish QR codes embedded with images, although this consumes more credits.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is an explanation and demonstration of the AI image generation platform called MOJO AI.

  • What are some of the notable features of MOJO AI mentioned in the script?

    -Some notable features of MOJO AI include high-quality image generation, less strict content restrictions compared to some other AI platforms, free usage with an initial 75 credits, no need for complicated environment setup, and the ability to be used for commercial purposes.

  • How does the speaker describe the quality of images generated by MOJO AI?

    -The speaker describes the quality of images generated by MOJO AI as quite high, mentioning that it is important for image generation AI to produce high-quality images to be useful.

  • What is the significance of the 75 credits given for free when using MOJO AI?

    -The 75 free credits allow users to generate approximately 37 to 75 images, depending on the mode used, which typically consumes 1 to 2 credits per image. This gives users a chance to experience the platform without immediate cost.

  • How does MOJO AI differ from other AI platforms in terms of content restrictions?

    -MOJO AI is described as being less restrictive than some other AI platforms, such as DALL-E 3, which have strict content restrictions and may not generate images with certain types of content, like revealing clothing.

  • What is the role of the 'Pro' version of the Camba platform in using MOJO AI?

    -To use MOJO AI, one must have a Camba Pro account, as the free version does not support it. This means users need to subscribe to Camba Pro to access and utilize MOJO AI's features.

  • What are the different modes available in MOJO AI for image generation?

    -MOJO AI offers three modes for image generation: InfinityArt, VisionArt, and QR Art. Each mode has its own characteristics and is suitable for different types of image creation.

  • How does the speaker demonstrate the practical use of MOJO AI in the script?

    -The speaker demonstrates the practical use of MOJO AI by generating various images, such as a photo of a woman looking at the camera, an anime-style image, and a QR code art, showcasing the different styles and options available within the platform.

  • What is the significance of the QR Art mode in MOJO AI?

    -The QR Art mode in MOJO AI allows users to create stylish QR codes that can be scanned to redirect to a specified URL. This feature is useful for creating visually appealing and functional QR codes for various purposes.

  • What advice does the speaker give to users interested in using AI for image generation?

    -The speaker advises users to consider using MOJO AI if they are interested in image generation without the need for complex environment setup. They also suggest that users should check the platform's content policy if they intend to create images with certain types of content.

  • How does the speaker describe the convenience of having AI image generation integrated within Camba?

    -The speaker compares the convenience of having AI image generation within Camba to having an integrated kitchen-counter, suggesting that being able to perform both design and image generation tasks on one platform is highly convenient and efficient.



🎨 Introduction to MOJO AI and its Features

This paragraph introduces MOJO AI, an image generation AI that gained attention about 34 months ago but was overshadowed by other AI-related news. The speaker plans to explain the features of MOJO AI, emphasizing its high quality, lack of strict restrictions, free usage with an initial 75 credits, no need for environment setup, commercial use capability, and average generation speed. The speaker also expresses a desire to demonstrate the AI's capabilities practically.


🖼️ Exploring MOJO AI's Image Generation Modes

The speaker discusses the different modes available in MOJO AI for image generation, including Infinity Art, Vision Art, and QR Art. They explain the credit system, where 1 credit is typically used per image, but the cost varies depending on the mode. The speaker also shares their thoughts on the practicality of each mode, mentioning that while some may not be as commonly used, they serve specific purposes. A practical demonstration of generating an image using the AI is also mentioned.


🌐 Utilizing MOJO AI for QR Code Art and Final Thoughts

In this paragraph, the speaker explores the QR Art feature of MOJO AI, which allows for the creation of stylish QR codes that can be used for various purposes. They demonstrate the process of creating a QR code that leads to their YouTube channel and discuss the potential applications of QR code art. The speaker concludes by reflecting on the convenience of MOJO AI, especially when used within the CANVA platform, and encourages viewers to consider subscribing to their channel and joining their AI community for the latest information and discussions on AI technology.



💡Image Generation AI

Image Generation AI refers to the technology capable of creating visual content based on textual descriptions. This is central to the video's theme as it discusses the capabilities, benefits, and functionalities of a specific image generation AI tool used in Canva. The script delves into how this AI generates high-quality images, supports less restrictive content creation compared to other tools, and can be utilized directly within Canva, simplifying the design process for users.


MOJO AI is presented in the video as an advanced image generation tool available on Canva. It's highlighted for its high-quality output, the ability to produce content with less restrictions (e.g., swimsuit images), and integration within Canva for ease of use. MOJO AI exemplifies the script's focus on accessible, high-quality image generation technology that enhances creative possibilities for users.


Quality, in the context of this video, refers to the high resolution and aesthetic appeal of the images generated by MOJO AI. The script emphasizes that for image generation AI to be valuable, it must produce outputs that are visually appealing and suitable for various applications, from personal projects to commercial use. The ability of MOJO AI to create such high-quality images is a key selling point discussed in the video.


Restrictions refer to the limitations imposed on the type of content that can be generated by AI. The video points out that unlike DALL-E 3, which has strict limitations (e.g., on creating images with moderate exposure like swimsuits), MOJO AI offers more freedom, allowing for a wider range of creative expression. This aspect is crucial for users who need to generate images that might be slightly more revealing.

💡Commercial Use

Commercial Use is mentioned in the video as a significant advantage of MOJO AI. The script highlights that images generated by MOJO AI can be used for business purposes, which is essential for professionals seeking to monetize the content they create. This flexibility opens up various opportunities for designers, marketers, and content creators.

💡Canva Integration

Canva Integration signifies MOJO AI's seamless functionality within the Canva platform. The video explains how this integration allows users to generate images directly in Canva, streamlining the design process. This feature eliminates the need for complex setups or switching between multiple platforms, enhancing user experience and efficiency.


Credits in the video refer to the currency system used by MOJO AI to generate images. New users are awarded a starting amount, which can be used to produce a specific number of images. The script clarifies how credits are consumed per image creation, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness and accessibility of the tool for both free and premium users.

💡Environment Setup

Environment Setup is discussed in terms of the unnecessary complexity it adds to using image generation AI. The video contrasts MOJO AI's ease of use directly in Canva, with no complex setup required, against other tools that demand technical configurations, making it a hassle-free option for users who value simplicity.

💡QR Art

QR Art is a unique feature of MOJO AI highlighted in the video. It allows users to generate QR codes embedded within artistic designs, making them not only functional but also visually appealing. This feature caters to users looking for innovative ways to blend technology with design, although it's noted that it may not have widespread practical applications.


Speed is discussed in the context of how quickly MOJO AI can generate images. The video mentions that while the speed isn't exceptionally fast, it's reasonable, with most images being generated within a minute. This balance of speed and quality is crucial for users who need quick results without compromising on the visual appeal of the generated images.


The introduction of a high-quality image generation AI called モジAI.

モジAI gained attention around the same time as other AI-related news, such as ChatGPT and DALL-E.

モジAI is particularly recommended for those interested in image generation AI.

The high quality of モジAI is emphasized, with the ability to generate images comparable to mid-journey levels.

モジAI's less strict content restrictions compared to other AI, allowing for more creative freedom.

The AI can generate images with some exposure, like swimsuits, without issue.

モジAI is free to use, with an initial 75 credits given to new users.

The cost-performance ratio of image generation AI has improved, with 1 credit now sufficient for generating an image.

No complicated environment setup is required to use モジAI, unlike other image generation AIs.

商用利用 (commercial use) of images generated by モジAI is allowed.

The speed of image generation is not very fast but has improved compared to a year ago.

Different modes are available in モジAI for various image generation styles, such as ビジョンアート (Vision Art).

The process of generating an image using モジAI is demonstrated, including selecting styles and prompts.

The ability to create QR codes with custom images using モジAI's QRアート (QR Art) mode.

The practicality and potential uses of the QR code feature in モジAI are discussed.

The convenience of モジAI for designers and its potential to streamline the design process.

The importance of subscribing to the channel for updates on the latest AI technologies and joining the AIラボ (AI Lab) community.

The AI Lab community has over 5800 members and offers a platform for sharing and discussing the latest AI information.

The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to subscribe to the channel and join the AI Lab community for free.