Jasper.ai Art Illustrator (Illustrations For Books)

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1 Sept 202205:44

TLDRIn this engaging video, the presenter explores the versatility of Jasper.ai as an AI illustrator, perfect for creating illustrations for books, magazines, marketing, and more. The focus is on demonstrating Jasper.ai's capability through the creation of penguin-themed illustrations, showcasing different styles including hand sketches and cartoonish renditions akin to Dr. Seuss. The presenter highlights the software's ability to generate unlimited content variations, emphasizing the importance of style and continuity for various illustrative needs. Whether it's a penguin in a cave, driving a car, or walking on a sunny street, Jasper.ai proves to be a valuable tool for artists and marketers alike. The video invites viewers to try Jasper.ai through a free trial, promising more insightful tutorials on leveraging AI for creative endeavors.


  • 🐧 The video demonstrates how to use jasper.ai, an AI illustrator, for creating various illustrations, emphasizing its versatility for books and marketing.
  • 📱 A free trial for the main jasper software and its art feature is available through a link provided in the video description.
  • 💻 The video highlights the use of a free form tool within jasper.ai, which allows users to specify exactly what they want in their illustrations.
  • 🐒 Example illustrations involving penguins are used to showcase the range of artwork possible with jasper.ai, from penguins in caves to driving cars.
  • 📝 Illustrations can be fine-tuned for different purposes, such as books, magazines, or marketing materials, showcasing the tool's adaptability.
  • 📸 Several attempts might be needed to get the perfect illustration, highlighting the unlimited content creation capability of jasper.ai.
  • 📷 The video showcases different styles, including black and white, hand sketches, and Dr. Seuss-inspired illustrations, to demonstrate the flexibility of the AI.
  • 👨‍💻 The narrator, James, emphasizes experimenting with various themes and settings, like sunny days or roads, to achieve the desired artistic effect.
  • 🖊 James points out that AI sometimes produces unexpected results, encouraging viewers to adjust parameters for more accurate illustrations.
  • 📹 The video concludes by emphasizing the broad application of jasper.ai in creating art for various fields beyond just marketing, promising more instructional content in future videos.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of jasper.air as discussed in the video?

    -The primary purpose of jasper.air, as discussed in the video, is to serve as an AI illustrator for creating illustrations for books, magazines, marketing materials, and other similar uses.

  • How does the presenter suggest using the free form feature in jasper.air?

    -The presenter suggests using the free form feature in jasper.air to specify exactly what you want in your illustrations, which can be particularly useful when working on a project that requires a consistent style or theme.

  • What is the significance of considering the context when creating illustrations with jasper.air?

    -Considering the context is significant because it helps determine the style and content of the illustrations. The presenter mentions that the illustrations could be for a book, a magazine, marketing, or other purposes, each of which may require a different approach.

  • What was the specific theme chosen by the presenter for their demonstration?

    -The presenter chose penguins as the specific theme for their illustration demonstration.

  • How did the presenter utilize the unlimited content feature of jasper.air?

    -The presenter utilized the unlimited content feature by repeatedly clicking on 'create' to generate various penguin illustrations, allowing them to choose the ones that best fit their vision for the project.

  • What are some of the different styles the presenter explored with jasper.air?

    -The presenter explored various styles including a hand sketch, a cartoon route, and a Dr. Seuss aspect, showcasing the versatility of jasper.air for different artistic needs.

  • How did the presenter handle the issue of continuity in the illustrations?

    -The presenter acknowledged the potential issue of continuity and suggested that users may need to hit 'create' multiple times to fine-tune the illustrations to match the desired continuity and style.

  • What was the presenter's final selection for illustrating a penguin in a different scenario?

    -The presenter's final selection was an illustration of a penguin sleeping in bed, which they found to be a simple and fitting representation for the scenario they had in mind.

  • What additional value does the presenter hope viewers will gain from the video?

    -The presenter hopes that viewers will gain value from seeing the different possibilities and outputs of jasper.air, and they express excitement about the potential for future videos that will provide even more examples of its use in various applications.

  • How can viewers access jasper.air for a free trial as mentioned in the video?

    -Viewers can access a free trial of jasper.air by checking the link provided in the video description, which also offers the additional feature of the art component.



🎨 Introduction to Jasper.AI for Illustrations

The paragraph introduces the use of Jasper.AI, an AI illustrator, for creating illustrations for various purposes such as books, magazines, and marketing materials. The speaker mentions a previous video and emphasizes the use of the free form feature to specify the desired content. The example given is creating illustrations of penguins in different scenarios, like a cave or driving a car, to demonstrate the versatility of Jasper.AI. The speaker also discusses the importance of considering the context and continuity of the illustrations when using the tool.


🤖 Exploring Jasper.AI's Output and Features

In this paragraph, the speaker delves into the different outputs and features of Jasper.AI. They discuss the unlimited content generation and the ability to refine the results by using the 'create' option multiple times. The speaker also explores various artistic styles, such as hand sketches and cartoonish Dr. Seuss-inspired illustrations, to show the range of possibilities. The paragraph concludes with the speaker sharing their thoughts on the different penguin illustrations and encouraging viewers to experiment with Jasper.AI.




jasper.air is an AI-powered tool that functions as an illustrator, capable of generating various types of illustrations for different purposes such as books, magazines, and marketing materials. In the video, the speaker uses jasper.air to create illustrations of penguins in diverse settings, demonstrating the versatility and creativity of the software.


Illustration refers to the art of providing visual form to ideas and concepts. In the context of the video, it is the primary method of content creation that the speaker is exploring with the help of jasper.air. The speaker discusses creating illustrative content for various scenarios, emphasizing the role of illustrations in enhancing storytelling and engaging audiences.

💡Free Trial

A free trial is a promotional offer that allows potential customers to use a product or service for a limited period without charge. In the video, the speaker mentions a free trial for the main jasper software and its additional art feature, providing an opportunity for viewers to test the capabilities of jasper.air before making a commitment.

💡Content Creation

Content creation involves the process of producing and sharing various forms of content, such as text, images, and videos, to engage and inform audiences. In the video, content creation is central to the discussion as the speaker demonstrates how jasper.air can be utilized to generate illustrative content for different purposes.

💡Art Style

Art style refers to the distinctive visual characteristics and techniques used by an artist or in a particular work of art. In the video, the speaker emphasizes the importance of selecting an appropriate art style for the intended use of the illustrations, such as books, magazines, or marketing materials.


In the context of the video, a penguin is the central subject of the illustrations being created with jasper.air. The speaker uses the penguin as an example to demonstrate the versatility of the AI tool in generating different scenes and settings, showcasing how it can be tailored to specific content creation needs.

💡Unlimited Content

Unlimited content refers to the ability to generate a vast and indefinite amount of content, without restrictions on quantity. In the video, the speaker highlights the unlimited content feature of jasper.air, emphasizing that users can create multiple variations of illustrations until they achieve the desired result.

💡Hand Sketch

A hand sketch is a rough, preliminary drawing typically done by hand as a quick visual representation of an idea or concept. In the video, the speaker selects the hand sketch style to create more organic and artistic illustrations, showcasing one of the many stylistic options available in jasper.air.


Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services, including research, advertising, and sales. In the video, marketing is mentioned as one of the potential applications for the illustrative content created with jasper.air, indicating its utility in generating visuals for promotional materials.

💡Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is a popular children's book author known for his distinctive artistic style and rhyming narratives. In the video, the speaker briefly explores the possibility of creating illustrations with a Dr. Seuss-inspired style using jasper.air, highlighting the tool's ability to produce content in a variety of artistic styles.


Continuity in the context of the video refers to the consistency and coherence of visual elements across a series of illustrations. The speaker mentions the importance of maintaining continuity when creating multiple illustrations for a single project, such as a book or a series of marketing materials, to ensure a unified visual narrative.


Introduction to using Jasper.air for creating illustrations.

Considering Jasper.air as an AI illustrator.